Things To Consider While Selecting Your Voip Service Provider

by Administrator 25. August 2011 16:47

VOIP services are fast replacing traditional landline and cellular phones due to the ease in usage and the reduced tariffs at which they are available. Every year, thousands of people switch to VOIP services while getting rid of their existing phone connections. One should not take the plunge without understanding the factors that help discern a competitive VOIP plan. There are many companies providing VOIP phones and connections that are entering the market these days. You can consider the following points before you make a decision regarding the same:

  • All VOIP services providers are likely to charge a certain fixed rate irrespective of your usage. These tend to be quite nominal and can be different for different companies. You can make the best choice regarding this by scouting the market for good deals and then going in for one that best suits your budget. New companies that are in the market usually charge lesser rates while providing world class services. Some of these companies may also have promotional offers that you should keep track of to avail huge discounts in tariffs.
  • Apart from the cost factor, you must also consider the kind of features that a particular company offers. Some companies may provide VOIP phone systems with a multitude of features that can be of great help especially for office purposes while others may only offer the most basic ones that are adequate for home use. You need to decide what kind of features you require and make a decision accordingly after much deliberation.
  • Apart from the charges for local calls, companies may have different pricing schemes when it comes to calling different nations. If you are purchasing a VOIP connection only to be able to talk to someone in a particular country at reduced rates, you can also look for country-specific or region-specific plans that will reduce your bills significantly.

We at Folkerson Communication, LTD provide VOIP phone systems to individuals and corporate in and around Central Texas. For more information, contact us at Austin: (512) 977-0055, Temple: (254) 742-0064, Killeen: (254) 698-0016 and Waco: (254) 662-2255.

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Communication Essentials For Small Businesses

by Administrator 17. August 2011 17:42

A small business is that whose area of operation or capital is moderately sized. In any industry, it is essential for a small business to establish a proper interaction with its customers. Without adequate communication channels, no business can hope to succeed in the long run. Communication needs to be established for achieving the following purposes:

  • The first reason why communication is vital for a small business is that it may not have a large amount of funds or resources in place to conduct a massive advertisement campaign. So, if any information is to be provided to the potential buyers about any new product needs to be communicated by the company’s employees or automated systems. This makes it important to install a good phone system that is able to take care of all such needs.
  • Another communication essential for a small business is the requirement of a separate department that is in charge of handling all kinds of complaints and queries of customers. Maintaining a good relationship with customers helps in making the business a successful one by generating word of mouth publicity. As mentioned above, if the business is a small scaled one, this kind of promotion can prove to be quite beneficial to the business as it may not be able to advertise enough because of limited availability of funds.
  • There also needs to be an excellent communication system in place for the placement of orders for new inventory. The small business needs to communicate efficiently with everyone it does business with.
  • A small business can gain a lot by installing a Voice Over Internet Protocol system of phone lines. Folkerson Communications LTD provides VOIP Phone System facility especially for small businesses. We can provide one to fifty phones for your business or even a larger number to suit your particular requirements. The best thing about setting up this kind of communication system is that there is very little cost incurred for making phone calls and generating automated messages for customers. This is ideally suited to the needs of a small business that cannot afford to make heavy investments.

We at Folkerson Communication, LTD provide cost effective telecommunication solutions to individuals and corporate in and around Central Texas. For more information, contact us at Austin: (512) 977-0055, Temple: (254) 742-0064, Killeen: (254) 698-0016 and Waco: (254) 662-2255.

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Sub Systems Of Structured Cabling

by Administrator 10. August 2011 17:11

Structured cabling system installed in a residential building or company caters to its need for Ethernet network cable, telephones, imaging systems, paging systems and many more. These systems are efficient to meet the demands of multi vendor and multi product systems and are capable to many years. This foundation wiring includes different kinds of communication cables, building spaces, cable corridors and bonding system.

If you are planning to get the job of structured cabling done at your office or home, you must know about all the details about it so as to have the perfect infrastructure of network cabling.

Sub systems
The establishment of a communication system using networking and structured cable is a task that involves the setting up of various sub systems that work in parallel of each other as a cohesive unit. All the sub systems are intended and established separately from each other. Then all of them are interconnected to function together as one cabling system.

Work area sub system
This system involves the cable as well as the devices that connect the computer system of the user to wall plate. The components included in this sub system are computer, adapter, cat cable, data terminal, fax machine, adapter cable, modular cord and high speed cable.

Horizontal sub system
These sub systems work inside the work area of the user and they connect the wall plate to the wiring closet. It includes wall outlets, patch cords and cables that connect all cables to the equipment. This sub system can efficiently support an array of communication services including LAN, data communication and telephone.

Backbone sub system
It is also known as vertical cabling as they connect the wiring closet to the equipment room. This system interconnects the entrance equipment, equipment room and wiring closet.

We at Folkerson Communication, LTD endow you with premium quality and cost effective telecommunication solutions to individuals and corporate in and around Central Texas. For more information, contact us at Austin: (512) 977-0055, Temple: (254) 742-0064, Killeen: (254) 698-0016 and Waco: (254) 662-2255.

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Wireless Voip Phone Systems

by Administrator 3. August 2011 21:46

The business phone systems that have brought about a revolution in the way people make calls from their home or small business are the wireless VoIP phone systems. In the present times, the use of the VoIP phones by the small businesses is constantly increasing. The next step in this field is to merge the wireless networks with these IP phones. The wireless VoIP phone systems have numerous advantages that are not present in other services. Also, the implementation of the wireless VoIP phone systems in a small business is easier than installing any other phone system.

Depending upon the system, the wireless VoIP system can work either in a home or a small business. VoIP phone systems make use of SIP (session initiated protocol) to receive and place calls through the internet. Wireless router can be used to make calls within a certain range. These phone systems also help you to save money by avoiding the need for a separate phone line.
Wireless VoIP phone systems put forward many services that are not available in any other phone system. Some of the features that are offered in a wireless VoIP phone system are given below.

  • Larger LCD display to navigate phone options and for video conferencing
  • Built in web browser
  • Instant messenger
  • Access to secure wireless networks
  • Caller ID, address book, call history, speed dial, three way conferencing, call forward, call transfer
  • Customizability
  • Flip style phones

Wireless VoIP systems provide you the mobility associated with a wireless network. Users can very easily access the internet no matter wherever they are. Most of the VoIP systems do not even require a computer to be used. You can place or attend calls from almost anywhere through the internet, reducing the charges for local and local distance calls. Wireless VoIP phone systems allow for data and voice support using the same wireless arrangement. These phone systems and the data networks and helping the small businesses to grow and develop.

To obtain cost effective solutions to all your telecommunication needs, contact Folkerson Communications, LTD at Austin: (512) 917- 0055.

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