Maintaining Your Local Area Network

by Administrator 28. September 2011 18:44

Local Area Networks are generally built when interconnectivity between multiple computer systems is required within a particular area. They are required in many fields like schools, hospitals and at the workplace so as to maintain sufficient connectivity for work purposes. At the workplace, installing a Local Area Network connection can be extremely useful as it helps in easy communication and interchange of information from one department to another apart from minimizing costs of communicating. Also, you will require lesser investment in machinery like printers, fax, etc. as all the computers in your office can be linked with a single printer or any other such device thus reducing the need to install a different piece of equipment for each system. This turns out to be quite cost effective and helps in making savings.

There are some specialized companies that can manage and control your Local Area Networks apart from providing installation help in the initial stages. Folkerson Communications is one such Texas based company that fulfills these functions at reasonable prices. We are well-known in the market and use the highest technologies to install and manage your Local Area Network. Our constant efforts and supervision can help ensure that your work is not hindered by failing networks or delayed by other technical glitches. Our staff is well qualified, can detect the minutest of problems in Local Area Networks and subsequently provide eliminate them completely. We have been in this business for many years and have gained enough experience in the field to manage your networks effectively and efficiently.

We are able to provide management of both large scale LAN systems as well as medium or smaller sized ones. Apart from detecting existing issues, we also provide free upgrades to our customers from time to time so that they can continue to use the best and latest technologies in the market. We can provide Local Area Network systems to our clients exactly as per their individual needs and set up these networks depending on the requirements of a particular customer. Our specialization is in customized solutions and tailor made networks for each of our customers to ensure their maximum satisfaction.

To know more about our services, call us at our various locations – Austin: (512) 977-0055, Temple:  (254) 742-0064, Killeen: (254) 698-0016 and Waco: (254) 662-2255.

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Successful Business Operations With Efficient Phone Systems

by Administrator 23. September 2011 03:38

In order to ensure successful business operations, an effective and efficient business telephone system is required. In today’s business scenario it is very important that messages are conveyed to colleagues, business associates, vendors, partners etc at a lightning speed and at the same time in a cost effective way.  This makes efficient business phone systems a must for a progressive business.

Traditional phone systems were not up to the mark to cope with fast and well-organized transmissions. However with the emergence of advanced phone systems, the business communication has become quite simple, easy and convenient. The advanced phone systems are believed to offer a wide range of features that makes them very fitting, easy to use and handle. Modern phone systems with advanced features are best suited for businesses who want to go an extra mile to make sure their business associates and customers are attended and communicated with in an effective manner.
However the best part about these advanced phone systems is that they are not as expensive as everyone thinks of them to be. Some of the features of these phones are dial by extension or name, fax, VoIP, bluetooth connectivity, call conferencing, Wi-Fi etc. While selecting a particular phone system, you should check out the features offered by it. It is always advisable to keep future business demand in mind while finalizing the phone system. It is also advised to check for the after-sale service provided by the company besides cost and features of phone system.

These modern phone systems not only help reduce overhead costs of phone lines but also offer network connectivity. They help avert delays on receiving incoming calls and also route the calls to the desired extension. Modern business phone systems are capable of having automated call attendant to make sure all your customer’s calls are attended to in prompt and professional manner.

Folkerson Communications LTD provides state-of-the-art business phone systems suitable for small, medium and large business enterprises. For more information on our various solutions and products call us at Austin: (512) 977-0055, Temple: (254) 742-0064, Killeen: (254) 698-0016 and Waco: (254) 662-2255.

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Telephone Systems in Austin by Folkerson Communications

by Administrator 14. September 2011 23:30

Telephone systems are an essential part of any business and help fulfill many needs at the workplace. They are an essential element for inter office as well as intra office communication. Efficient and well established telephone networks help make your business function more smoothly and cheaply. You simply have to make a one-off investment in a good telephone system network and can reap the benefits of the low rates of phone calls for a long time period. There are several companies in Austin Texas that offer to equip your workplace with the best telephone systems that are available in the market. Folkerson Communications probably stands out from the rest because of the effective phone systems that we provide at reasonable prices.

The telephone systems provided by Folkerson Communications are equally viable for both small scale as well as large scale business organizations. They can be used to equip an office space built over thousands of square feet as well as one that is relatively small. There are different types of systems that are offered by Folkerson Communications that are generally tailor made to the kind of business that you run. For small sized businesses, Folkerson Communications provide telephone systems that consist of one to fifty phones. The exact number can be chosen by you depending on your particular requirements. A medium sized business is provided an option of installing fifty to two hundred phones while a large business can even get one thousand phones installed.

Apart from variations and several alternatives in terms of the number of phone systems that you require, you can also make several other choices with regard to whether you have a single location office or a multi location one or whether you require Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP )Services or not. There are also separate types of systems for call centre businesses that may be chosen for installation. Folkerson Communications is one of the most well reputed businesses in communication technologies in the state of Texas and offers competitive prices along with high quality services. We also provide great after sales services that may be required in case there are any technical problems with your systems afterwards.

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Common VOIP Issues

by Administrator 6. September 2011 20:28

VOIP is fast replacing other methods of calling especially in large organizations that need to make frequent international phone calls. The great degree of reduction in bills that is a direct result of switching to VOIP from traditional phone systems is a major factor in kick starting this change. Although most companies using VOIP services are satisfied with this method of communication, others may feel frustrated due to the low quality of voice calls that they may be suffering from. In such a case, the VOIP service is seldom to blame. There can be various factors that may be responsible for the drop in quality. They may be directly or indirectly related to the speed and service provided by your internet service provider and other hardware and technical issues. Some of the issues that people using VOIP may face have been specified below along with ways in which they can be successfully eliminated. Tackling these issues can help provide a clear, effective and efficient method of communicating and holding conversations through VOIP services.

Sometimes, the Internet Service Provider that you are using for browsing the internet may be at fault. The level of speed required for a VOIP service may be completely absent thus causing a significant drop in voice quality. This can also lead to a lot of dropped calls and other frustrating problems that hamper conversation. The circuitry that has been done to facilitate the use of the internet may not be appropriate for the web to run smoothly and efficiently. Although other aspects of internet surfing may not be affected by this, the VOIP services may show certain glitches that do not seem to go away.

The wiring or cabling present in your office or workspace may also be a reason for problems in your VOIP services. There can be faulty DSL cabling or the location of the wiring may be such so that it is frequently affected by weather changes like windy or stormy weather. There can be a lot of interference that can cause deterioration in the quality of voice over internet services.
There can be a problem present anywhere throughout the cabling that has been laid down in your office. The exact location of any such glitch can only be figured out by an expert who is called to identify the area posing problems.

VOIP software may be faulty and might not work properly. It can result in call dropping or other faults resulting in inefficient operations.

It is advised to get your VOIP connection from a reputed VOIP service provider.  For further details on best VOIP business phone solutions, call Folkerson Communications LTD - Austin: (512) 977-0055, Temple: (254) 742-0064, Killeen: (254) 698-0016, Waco (254) 662-2255.

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