Maintenance Of Internet And Data Networks

by Administrator 27. December 2011 18:17

Maintaining uninterrupted communication with customers and employees is imperative for any successful business. The internet and data networks that are used for maintaining a constant connection with different groups of people have replaced traditional phone networks that were used by companies earlier. The economy of operations and the efficiency that can be enjoyed by switching over to internet based data networks for efficient communication have made them quite popular among business organizations. Folkerson Communications specializes in installation as well as maintenance of such internet and data networks that are required for smooth business operations.

We not only help in proper installation of the products that we provide but also offer round the clock after sales services by fixing and maintaining your networks whenever required. We help ensure that your business runs uninterrupted by providing continuous internet connectivity for your business. We have been offering our services to all kinds of corporate offices for a period of around thirty years and have gained a lot of useful knowledge regarding the needs of our customers.

Some of the services that we offer to our clients include the following:

  1. Whenever you purchase a product from us, we provide well trained employees and technicians to complete the installation process for your office. We can also provide training for your employees so that they can learn how to work the systems installed by us. We also offer a guarantee for all the products and services that we provide to customers.
  2. When working with our systems, you can also contact us for fixing any kind of technical problems that may occur in the hardware or software provided by us. We provide effective solutions for all telecommunication products that you may have bought from us. We can also help enhance your network depending on the growing needs of your business.

Folkerson Communications can provide customized products for customers depending on their budgets. We offer our services for different kinds of offices including a single location as well as a multi location office. For further details contact us at Austin: (512) 977-0055, Temple: (254) 742-0064, Killeen: (254) 698-0016 and Waco: (254) 662-2255.

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Paid Vs Free VOIP services

by Administrator 21. December 2011 17:36

VOIP services form an essential part of business organizations that need multiple channels of interaction to keep in touch with their clients and customers. They offer a variety of advantages to a company in the form of reduced phone bills and thus cost effective means of communication.

There are two kinds of VOIP services that can be availed nowadays. You can either opt for free VOIP services that may be downloaded as software from the web and use your own hardware devices to establish a connection between the two or you may wish to set up paid VOIP services at your office.

Although you may be required to shell out a certain amount of upfront payment for installation of paid VOIP services, the benefits of this type far outweigh the costs involved. Some of the elements that present paid VOIP services in a more favorable light than free ones are mentioned below:

  • In the case of free VOIP services, you will not be able to get any help for the setting up of the telephone networks. You will be forced to do everything on your own which may not only be time consuming but can also turn out to be quite difficult. On the other hand, paid VOIP services generally include installation charges. The company providing these services is likely to send their own technical staff to help out with the set up process.
  • When you start to use your VOIP services on a regular basis and incorporate them into your business, you may experience certain technical glitches or problems from time to time. If you have purchased paid VOIP services, you are sure to find help to troubleshoot such problems as a part of the follow up process. The company that has sold the VOIP services can offer useful tips and ways of eliminating any problems that may arise. However, in the case of free VOIP services, this may not be possible and you may be left completely stranded whenever such issues arise.
  • Another significant advantage of paid VOIP services is that they tend to offer better quality and better connections than free ones that may showcase poor connection quality and more frequent dropped calls.

To purchase business VoIP phone system, don’t forget to choose only Folkerson Communications, LTD. You can call us at Austin: (512) 977-0055.

Telephone Systems Austin - VOIP Phone System Austin

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Tips On Getting The Best Phone Systems For Your Business

by Administrator 15. December 2011 17:31

Efficient Phone Systems are essential for conducting proper office communication as well as for enhancing business productivity. It is important to select the best phone system for your organization that not only enable effective communication within and outside the office premises, but can also be modified according to the specific business needs. A competent business phone system helps in building a good-will for your business among the clients and further brings more work to the organization.

You can choose from different types of business phone systems that are available in the market. Some tips on getting the best phone systems specifically suitable for your business are given below as:

  • You should always keep in mind the needs and requirements of your business and choose from the PBX phone system, VoIP phone system and hybrid phone system accordingly.
  • You should also look for specific features that can be modified according to the various business requirements and check whether it can fulfill your future business needs as well.
  • Also, you should check whether the system can be upgraded further and whether it accommodates the existing equipment in use.
  • Take note of the installation and the maintenance services provided by the business phone system provider and the respective training that would be given to the employees for its use.
  • You should always research well before you decide to buy the business phone systems for your company, as it should not cost you unnecessarily and should benefit you in the long run.
  • Always ensure to see the demonstrations given by the service providers before you think of purchasing the business phone systems for your company and verify whether these satisfy the present and the future needs of the business.  

Folkerson Communications LTD provides you with state-of-the-art business phone systems suitable for small, medium and large business enterprises as well. For any further information or query, call us at (512) 977-0055. We are also available at other locations across Central Texas and can be contacted at Temple: (254) 742-0064, Killeen: (254) 698-0016 and Waco: (254) 662-2255.

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Cheap Calling By VOIP Phone Systems

by Administrator 5. December 2011 13:31

VOIP services have become indispensable for all kinds of businesses that need to maintain and efficient network of communication with different groups of people that they deal with on a daily basis. Effective communication is the key to business success in today’s world of increased competition. Maintaining communication channels that are open and able to transmit the required information from one location to another are inherent for any growing business. In such a scenario, traditional methods like using landline based telephones is not deemed feasible as they not only result in huge costs but are also becoming obsolete as most people switch to internet based communication.

Folkerson Communications is a company based in Texas that specializes in providing VOIP services to its clients. It manages data and voice communication of several large companies and corporate offices and possesses valuable experience in this field. It not only helps set up a VOIP network in any location and any size of office but also provides communication solutions after the installation process has been completed. The technical staff available at our company helps to troubleshoot possible problems and snags that may arise thus disrupting your communication network that may hamper business operations.

We have a highly responsive customer services team that is able to provide instantaneous solutions to such problems thus ensuring that your business is able to run in a smooth manner at all times. We not only provide the hardware required for setting up VOIP services but also provide the necessary software to use this hardware. Thus our customers do not have to use different companies for their hardware and software needs that are both essential components of establishing a VOIP network. Most businesses these days are switching to VOIP services because of the huge economy in costs that can be made by doing so. This is because in the case of VOIP, call charges are not exorbitant for international and long distance calls. On the other hand, you are only charged as per your internet usage costs that turn out to be extremely cost-effective in the long run.

We at Folkerson Communications Ltd provides cost effective VOIP solutions to individuals and corporate in and around Central Texas. For more information, contact us at Austin: (512) 977-0055, Temple: (254) 742-0064, Killeen: (254) 698-0016 and Waco (254) 662-2255.

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