Role Of Bandwidth For VOIP Communication

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Voice Over Internet Protocol is a method of voice communication using bandwidth at particular frequencies. Bandwidth plays an important role in VOIP communication due to the fact that voice data can be transmitted over the internet only at certain specified frequencies. This works on similar lines as those used in television and radio transmission. When there is a greater range of bandwidth available for VOIP services, an increased volume of data can be sent over the connection. Greater bandwidth also allows the voice data to be transmitted at increased speeds thus enhancing communication. Bandwidth is usually measured in MegaHertz or Hertz. It can also be denoted by using the commonly used terms like kbps or mbps as used by most service providers. 

As the kind of data that needs to be sent through VOIP is entirely different from regular data, it required an increased bandwidth so that there are no call drops or frequent loss of connections hampering business operations and causing a variety of problems. Voice data generally constitutes more volume than conventional data and thus requires an increased connection speed to be transmitted in real time. The service providers of today provide speeds of around 1Mbps for most internet connections. This speed is said to be appropriate for transferring voice data through VOIP services. Any speed that is lower than this cannot accommodate voice services and causes disruptions in voice communication. A broadband connection is a must in order to use VOIP services for business related or personal communication.

LAN or Ethernet or cable technologies are said to be even better than a regular broadband connection and should be preferred if your budget suits such an investment. The costs related to these can be relatively higher as they offer high speeds ranging from 1 to 8 mbps. However, one drawback of using cable is that it makes VOIP services completely immobile as the entire cabling will need to be shifted in case you need to change your location. For most business offices, ADSL technologies are enough to serve their purposes as they provide a decent bandwidth for the transmission of voice data.

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Critical Issues In Cabling Design

by Administrator 17. February 2012 18:56

The cabling design and the equipment used are vital to ensure proper and uninterrupted flow of information across organizational communication channels. The manner in which the cabling has been laid down determines to a large extent the efficiency of communication channels and the quality of the data that is exchanged at different levels. If there is any discrepancy or technical error in the cabling design, it can lead to a failure of data flow that in turn can disrupt business operations.

Cable design forms an important part of infrastructural development for all types of companies and can help create a smooth and effective network of data exchange. Several types of innovative applications that require network support can be operated on a properly established cabling system. Certain issues that need to be tackled in cabling design have been enumerated below:

  • The first element that needs to be taken care of is choosing an appropriate service provider for laying down the cabling system. The service provider must be able to lay down a well structured cabling network and troubleshoot the problems that show up in its working as and when they occur without any delays. Different types of optical networks may be laid down by different companies. Your business needs must be kept in mind before you decide to go with a particular kind of cabling structure.
  • Any cabling design that you choose must have room for improvement with changing technologies and the development of new applications. The cabling system must have enough capacity to be able to absorb such technological changes without requiring a complete overhaul or replacement. New pieces of equipment should also be able to be added easily so as to improve your business operations.
  • The infrastructure that is set up for cabling networks must be able to provide high levels of performance. It should be able to allow different applications concerning the transfer of data, videos, voice, etc.

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Comparing VOIP and Traditional Landline Phones

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VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol and is the touted to be the next big revolution in phone systems just like the cell phone around two decades ago. VOIP phone services allow you to make calls anywhere in the world at a nominal cost. There are no huge phone bills associated with these services as is the case with landline and mobile phones. The best thing about VOIP services is that no matter what part of the world you are calling, the charges for each such type of call tend to be the same. Users are only required to pay a very nominal amount in order to use VOIP services for making calls. There are several companies that are fast replacing traditional landline based systems with VOIP phone systems due to the immense cost savings that become possible due to this.

VOIP services are easy to set up and use and even an average person without any prior technical knowledge can begin to use VOIP services for making regular calls easily. The transition from landline phone systems to VOIP based ones is quite a simple one and requires a certain amount of initial investment after which the cost advantages are huge. A significant advantage offered by VOIP services over traditional landline based ones is that it is possible to carry your VOIP services anywhere with you provided there is a WiFi or an internet connection around you. You can simply use local internet services anywhere in the world to start making calls through Voice Over Internet Protocol technology. There are several mobile phones these days that support VOIP technology and can help you make both local as well as long distance calls using an internet connection no matter where you are.

Apart from allowing you to make calls, VOIP services offer several other benefits in the form of allowing you to transfer data as well. This can prove to be highly useful in cases where you are away from your office and need to send or receive important files but lack a system to do so. There are several other additional applications too that are supported by VOIP services and can be accessed depending on your particular needs.

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Importance of Immediate Technical Support for Business Phone Systems

by Administrator 6. February 2012 17:14

Employing phone systems for maintenance of customer services has become an imperative element for businesses these days as companies seek to establish more comprehensive and personal relationships with their customers. While setting up a business phone system, it is essential to have the proper technical support to keep it functioning smoothly at all times. Lack of a support system can lead to frequent disruptions that may ultimately end in a disaster of customer relations. There must be the appropriate back-ups in place to allow you to take customer calls even when there is a glitch or error in your primary phone system. 

Most business phone systems these days tend to be automatic ones that do not require the employment of a huge workforce to handle routine problems faced by customers. It is only for the more complicated aspects of a problem that you need to call in live persons to receive customer calls. It is best to set up a technical department for troubleshooting all phone system related problems as soon as they occur so that your services are not disrupted. When customers are unable to gain access to your company and need to suffer long delays before they are able to talk to your customer care executives, it can lead to a certain lack of trust in your company that may also lead to loss of clients in the long run. Thus it becomes vital to ensure that customers are always able to contact you through well-established and always functioning phone lines. 

Technological innovations in the field of communication can be employed to your advantage and also help you build strong customer relations. Computer telephony integration can be used to make it possible for the data in your phone systems to interact with customers that are calling in. In such a case, the phone systems are fitted with caller ID s that display information related to the customer. This information can be used to automatically showcase all purchase transactions and profile of the caller before the customer care executive actually starts interacting with him/her. This in turn leads to better chances of being able to address customers’ problems successfully.

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