VOIP: A Boon For Multi-National Businesses

by Administrator 26. March 2012 17:55

Businesses making use of VOIP services for communication purposes can greatly benefit from this technology. Voice Over Internet Protocol allows large corporations to maintain efficient and effective communication channels within their organization as well as outside it in a cost effective manner. VOIP not only allows inter departmental communication, communication with clients and customers but also makes it possible to stay in touch with suppliers and business partners that may be located overseas. VOIP services help bring down communication costs of multinational corporations to a significant extent as such organizations due to their very nature need to maintain international communication at all times in order to facilitate smooth operations.

Multinational organizations tend to have their operations spread out at several places on the continent and even overseas in other parts of the world. They have a diverse workforce coming from different countries and varied cultural backgrounds. Thus, it becomes important to maintain proper control and supervision over the branches located overseas so as to ensure the efficient functioning of the company. Other means of communication like making use of traditional landline based or mobile communication systems can prove to be quite costly and can lead to huge expenses for the company. VOIP services help minimize such costs and make it possible for the head office to remain in touch with all the branches at all times at negligible costs.

Using VOIP services, it becomes possible for such organizations to hold online meetings as well with employees and managers situated overseas. VOIP services allow the exchange of video as well as audio data without any interruptions. Different VOIP solutions available can be used to make tele-conferencing possible. Thus, all activities of an overseas branch can be properly regulated thus enhancing the efficiency in operations apart from significantly increasing transparency in the working of the organization. The funds that are saved in terms of considerable reductions in communication costs can be routed elsewhere and help in advertisement campaigns or in research and development purposes that can in turn help develop new and innovative product lines.

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VOIP: A Boon For Customer Support Centers

by Administrator 19. March 2012 15:17

Voice Over Internet Protocol is a much faster and cheaper way to maintain communication with clients as well as business partners for companies that rely on networking to enhance their sales. Maintenance of continued interaction is a very important part of running any successful business. It is important to ensure that there is a high degree of connectivity between the business management and outside parties that your company has dealings with. The channels of communication must always be open and suited to your business needs. The use of traditional phone lines to maintain communication can be quite an expensive proposition that leads to huge bills at the end of the month. It is thus much more preferable to shift to a communication model that helps fulfill all your communication needs with the least possible costs. 

VOIP uses your existing internet related infrastructure to fulfill communication requirements. For multinational companies that need to remain in touch with customers and suppliers all over the world, VOIP is a great option as it is the cheapest method of overseas communication. Customer support centers tend to benefit the most from VOIP services as they are required to make and receive phone calls to customers throughout the day. VOIP can help them do this and much more at reduced prices that are useful in making huge cost savings in operations. 

VOIP based phones offer many other useful features that help enhance customer experience and raise the communication levels in your organization. These phones are equipped with features like call transfer, automatic voice support for certain services, caller ID s along with the storage of data specific to a particular customer and a provision to attend multiple phone calls by customer care executives. All these features help serve a larger number of customers than would have been possible using a traditional phone line. This in turn significantly enhances the customer experience and raises your brand image and market standing. Customer support centers benefit by being able to handle a much larger number of queries due to the feature of automatic responses and a more efficient way of handling incoming calls.

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Mobile VOIP – All You Need To Know

by Administrator 12. March 2012 14:03

VOIP refers to Voiceover Internet Protocol and can be used to make real time voice calls using an internet broadband connection. Certain pieces of equipment are required to be able to make such phone calls. These may be in the form of a computer system, a special VOIP phone or a mobile phone on which the appropriate VOIP software required to make calls has been installed. 

There are several different types of software that can be used for making local as well as international phone calls. Mobile VOIP can be used over a normal mobile phone to make phone calls even when you are not at a conventional office or home environment. This is one of the best ways to make cheaper long distance phone calls when you are travelling using a minimal amount of equipment. Some regular phones may even require a VOIP adapter to be able to function. The features that are present in your phone must be kept in mind and the required additions should be made before you start making VOIP phone calls.

Mobile VOIP is being used by corporates and other business people that need to frequently leave their place of work and travel to different cities. Mobile VOIP helps them stay in touch with their employees while also helping them to look over various operations and supervise the activities taking place at the workplace. As VOIP can be used for video conferencing as well, keeping in touch becomes quite easy. Most mobile phones these days are able to handle different kinds of sophisticated VOIP software and also allow tele conferencing facilities after the installation of a few basic elements. 

An internet connection is a must to be able to use Voice Over Internet Protocol services and this may be obtained from your phone server or by setting up a wifi connection and connecting to an internet connection active in the area. Many public places like hotel lobbies, malls, libraries, etc. are wifi enabled thus providing mobile users the chance to be able to use VOIP for making phone calls at all times at a much more economical cost than regular phone calls.

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Advantages Of Fax Over IP

by Administrator 2. March 2012 16:30

Most organizations these days have shifted Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) systems from the traditional landline based ones due to the immense advantages offered by such a transition. There are not only huge cost benefits that accrue from such a transition but also other benefits in terms of increased efficiency in operations and higher quality of communication resulting in better customer services. There are several companies that may be faced with the problem of how to continue to use Fax systems without having traditional phone lines in place. VoIP systems, apart from supporting the transmission of voice packets also support fax communications thus eliminating the need to maintain a separate, high cost line for sending or receiving faxes. This technology is popularly known as FoIP and allows integration between VoIP and Fax. A network fax server is necessary to be able to send and receive faxes with your existing VoIP infrastructure. 

The best part about using Fax over IP is that you can cut costs in a significant manner as a single LAN based network can now be used to meet all your communication needs. The VoIP system is the only investment that you need to make in order to enjoy cheap phone calls as well as fax transmissions. The T.38 technology is used to convert the conventional fax data into a format that is supported by Internet Protocol. These T.38 packets are converted into the required digital format and then sent over the VoIP network to any location across the world. There is a complete elimination of expenses related to setting up and maintaining a traditional phone line for operating Fax related communication. Another significant advantage of switch to Fax Over Internet Protocol is that it makes central control of all communication taking place in the company thus leading to better regulation and supervision.

Modern VOIP fax system does not even require a separate modem or a fax card to be able to send and receive files. The hardware requirements are substantially reduced thus doing away with the need to periodical repairs and replacements of various components. 

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