The Growing Trend Of VoIP Telephony

by Administrator 24. January 2013 18:08

VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol is the latest advancement in the world of telephonic communication and is rapidly becoming the phone system of choice among small and medium business enterprises. The reasons why VoIP is out-phasing traditional landline phones are multiple, the major one being reduction in costs. While most companies experience a reduction of at least 20% in their phone bills, for some, which involve a lot of long-distance calling, this reduction can be as high as 80%.

By choosing to opt for a hosted VoIP system, you can save yourself from the initial expense involved in switching to VoIP. This is because you do not need to invest in any equipment, apart from the basics like a computer with an Internet connection and speakers. This is also beneficial when you are actually using this system, since troubleshooting can be done by the hosted provider, using remote access. In addition to this, if you decide to downscale or upscale your phone system at any point, this can be easily done without any additional costs. Hosted VoIP systems also offer the benefit of automatic upgrades.

A major reason why most businesses are switching to VoIP is the flexibility and set of features that the system offers. VoIP has many attractive features for business owners, which include the ability to communicate with remote employees through office extensions. This makes it possible to achieve more effective monitoring of employees, while also making communication easier, resulting in an overall boost to efficiency. Moreover, by using VoIP, you can make and receive calls from your office number even when you are not physically present at your office. It is just as easy as sending and receiving e-mails.

Almost all VoIP phone systems designed for businesses come with a feature set, which includes functionalities like caller ID, call transfer, call conferencing, automated response, voice mail- email integration, etc. You can choose from  these features depending on the nature of your business, and can enjoy all the benefits of a professional telephone system, at a minimal cost. Best of all, with a VoIP calling system, you will have complete control over your office, as you can monitor everything, right from your incoming and outgoing calls, to the next month’s phone bill, all in a single click!

We at Folkerson Communication, LTD specialize in providing complete VoIP solutions to small and medium sized businesses in Central Texas. For more details, call us at Austin: (512) 977-0055, Temple: (254) 742-0064, Killeen: (254) 698-0016 and Waco: (254) 662-2255.

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How You Can Save Money With VoIP?

by Administrator 10. January 2013 17:15

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is increasingly becoming a more popular choice of communication than the traditional phone line such as PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).  Especially in the harsh economic times when everyone is trying cost cutting in all spheres of life, VoIP has proved to be a boon. Using VoIP technology you can make calls over the Internet by changing analog signals into digital signals. These can travel through the Internet. It costs less, or is almost free, and services provide a better functionality when compared to the other available methods. You will need either a VoIP phone or an ATA (Analog Terminal Adapter) device and an Internet connection of sufficient bandwidth to get started. Let us understand how you can save money on the calls you make using VoIP.

VoIP services providers offer plans to suit affordability and usage of every individual, at home and in business. Depending on your usage you can make a choice. People travelling frequently can use VoIP on their mobile phones to save money. At home, you can either set ATA between your phone line and Internet router or use a separate VoIP instrument for calls. Using a separate VoIP instrument is always better since it eliminates dependency of taking calls near PC. The services require a monthly rental. Some plans even offer unlimited calling facility within the US for the complete month at one-time competitive monthly rental. There are special plans for operating business that require constant international communication. Monthly rentals may range between $10- $25 dollars or even less depending on the plan you choose. Some consider these calls as almost free when comparing the usage against the monthly rentals.

One of the biggest advantage of using VoIP is that it allows you to make and take calls from anywhere in the world where there is access to the Internet. If you are someone who travels abroad more than rarely you must be aware of the high prices of international calls and roaming. VoIP technology helps keep costs of international telecommunication to the minimum. A VoIP phone provides mobility and lets you communicate without your laptop or PC while you are on the go.

While simple devices are needed for home use, you may want to deploy a fully functional business VoIP system for maximum saving and efficient services. A VoIP service provider takes complete care of providing necessary hardware and also installing it so that you can enjoy a hassle free service.  

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