VoIP: Save Money When You Talk

by Administrator 17. April 2013 14:29

The two principal aims of any business should be- maximum efficiency and minimum cost. A VoIP phone system helps you achieve both these aims by not just streamlining the communication system at your workplace, but also cutting down on your phone bills. Most Austin-based businesses are opting for a VoIP phone system for the same reasons. With numerous hosted providers of this service in the region, VoIP services can be installed without the need for any major investment.

The most evident benefit of VoIP calling from the cost perspective is the economical long-distance calling. If your business involves making long-distance calls on a regular basis, you can achieve a reduction of up to 80% on your current monthly phone bill. This is because, as its name suggests, VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol makes use of the Internet for transmitting the analog signals of these phone calls in a digital format. These phone calls are then finally transmitted through a cable much like a conventional phone system. These business phone systems make it possible to make long-distance calls at the same rate as local phone calls.

By choosing an Austin-based hosted VoIP provider, companies enjoy the additional benefit of not having to spend money on the installation of the communication system. This is because the basic infrastructure that is needed is provided by the VoIP host, resulting in substantial saving for the company. In addition to this, these providers also offer the benefit of remote troubleshooting, which eliminates the need of having a full-time technician at the workplace. Such a system is also beneficial in case of up-scaling, as additional phone lines can be added to the existing system without adding any additional equipment.

VoIP phone systems also help cut down on costs and increase profit for your company by boosting employee efficiency as well as customer satisfaction. Employees are able to communicate more effectively within the company as well as with customers, thanks to the wide range of practical features that the system offers. Effective communication plays undeniably an important role in the functioning of any company and this contributes immensely to the improved functioning of the company as well as its reputation.  If you wish to see these changes in your company, you can take the first step right away by contacting a local hosted VoIP provider.

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Signs That Your Business Needs A VoIP Hosted Phone System

by Administrator 5. April 2013 17:53

To switch or not to switch to a VoIP phone system from a conventional one is a decision that most business owners are faced with. With all the evident benefits of VoIP calling, it is obvious why this breakthrough calling system is rapidly emerging as the most preferred form of calling for business owners in Austin. The best part about a hosted VoIP phone system is that it eliminates the need for a lofty initial investment, while also having several long-term benefits, such as scalability and remote troubleshooting to mention a few.

If you are debating over whether or not VoIP is right for your business, the following signs are worth looking out for-

  • Call dropping- Call dropping is a major problem faced by business owners relying on a traditional phone system. However, with reliable VoIP providers, this problem is taken care of by eliminating its two major causes- limited phone lines and disrupted connections. The result is that your business can handle an unlimited amount of calling without having to worry about dropped calls.
  • Limitation on remote calling- In the modern world of increased mobility, having a phone system that you can use on the go is a much-appreciated convenience. If you find your work coming to a halt when you are outside your office premise, VoIP is just what you need. With a VoIP phone system, you can use your office phone number and be available round the clock, much as if you were right there in your office. This is also an excellent option for business owners who have employees working remotely and would like to be connected with them.
  • Obsolete phone system- If the phone system that you are currently using for your office has been around for years, chances are that it does not offer many of the modern features that VoIP phone systems have to offer. Right from call transfer and video conferencing to call forwarding and voicemail-email integration, the options that can be explored with a VoIP phone system are countless. These features contribute greatly to the efficiency of your business, contributing to the bottom line in the long run. By sticking to such a phone system you risk decreased productivity as well as a poor impression of your business on potential clients and customers.

To purchase business VoIP phone system, don’t forget to choose only Folkerson Communications, LTD. Call us at Austin: (512) 977-0055.

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