Types Of VoIP Phones

by Administrator 20. May 2013 14:04

VoIP phones are a relatively new introduction to the world of business communication, which is why most business owners still are not quite sure about how to make the most of them. With the various types of VoIP phone systems available, it is important for business owners in Austin TX to understand the significance of each of these phones, and which one is the best one to meet their needs. The following list enumerates the various types of VoIP phones and their basic use-

  • Desktop phone- This is a standard business phone system, that looks just like a traditional landline telephone, but actually operates as a VoIP phone. This is great for making and receiving calls in a regular office environment. A regular phone handset can be converted into a desktop VoIP phone simply by using an ATA device that plugs the handset into the VoIP box.
  • USB- A USB phone is basically a small device that can be plugged into the USB jack of your computer, and is used to make VoIP calls over desktop or laptop computers. In general, such a phone is best used if calls are to be made via software applications.
  •  Soft phone- A soft phone basically refers to a software application installed in your computer for making VoIP phone calls. Such a phone does not have any physical extension, and is best used on the go or by business owners on a budget. A microphone is needed for input sound in such a system, while speakers are needed for output sound.
  • Conference phone- This is a VoIP phone system specially designed for making conference calls. It is much like a regular conference telephone, except it transmits digital signals and not analog ones. Business owners in Austin Texas can use such a phone to make phone calls all over the world at minimal costs.
  • Video phone- Video phones are rapidly gaining popularity as they enable video calling through a small camera attached to the phone. This a great option for business owners who need to hold video conferences on a regular basis.
  • Wireless phone- Such a VoIP phone is a lot like a regular cell phone, except it makes calls through VoIP. These phones have an in-build Wi-Fi or DECT transceiver unit, making it possible to make calls from your office number on the go, anywhere where there is a wireless internet connection.


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Tips To Use VoIP Services Efficiently

by Administrator 6. May 2013 13:47

VoIP, also commonly referred to as internet phoning is becoming increasingly popular among business owners as well as domestic users. The advantages of such a phone system over conventional landline telephony are undisputable. While most business owners in Austin now have VoIP installed at their work places, just a few of them actually utilize this modern telephone system to its maximum potential. The following tips guide you on how to make the most of VoIP for your business-

  • The first and most important requirement for efficient VoIP calling is a reliable internet connection. It is advisable to have a broadband connection. A slow internet connection could have a negative effect on even the best quality of VoIP calling, by affecting the voice quality of calls. Moreover, most VoIP providers do not even support slow internet connections.
  • It is advisable to invest in the basic equipment like headsets with microphones for all employees who shall be using the VoIP phone system. This greatly enhances voice quality and makes communication a lot easier by reducing echo and increasing privacy.
  • You can save a lot of money by choosing a hosted VoIP provider, who shall provide you with all the equipment you need for the initial set up of this phone system. You can simplify things greatly by choosing to get the VoIP adapter integrated into the internet modem.
  • With VoIP rapidly out-phasing traditional business phone systems, there is a bloom of providers in
    Phone System Waco
    Austin, making it important to shop around for the most affordable package. You can choose between flat rates and cost per minute depending on your expected usage. In addition, you also need to enquire whether you shall be charged extra for any additional features that you wish to use.
  • You might want to get a service that includes features like voicemail-email integration and call forwarding, which are useful from a business point of view.
  • It is advisable to turn off additional programs like email, messengers, radios, etc, while making VoIP calls, as these could slow down your internet connection, hence affecting voice quality.


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