VoIP Benefits For Call Centers

by Administrator 19. June 2013 18:13

With most companies having invested in a VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone system, and having experienced its benefits, business owners are now looking for ways to make more of this cost-efficient setup. The VoIP platform’s ability to connect a voice to data-based chatting is a key factor that makes enterprises view VoIP as an application with immense potential. Companies looking to invest in costly CRM software are considering VoIP as an affordable, yet equally effective substitute. 

Once the basic voice infrastructure of the VoIP phone system is in place, it is easy for enterprises to enhance its applicability by adding certain sophisticated features like interactive live chat support, intelligent dialer systems, or unified calling, all of which are key elements of an efficient call center. This makes it possible for companies to be able to offer real-time assistance to customers facing trouble in navigating the webpage. 

While the biggest advantage that business owners in Austin are experiencing from this automated unification of voice and data communication is a drop in telecommunication costs, there are several other benefits that VoIP renders for call centers, as listed below:

  • Increased flexibility- A VoIP setup makes it possible to install CRM systems at more remote locations, since the cost-per-port of the speech engines is significantly low, and the servers are also a lot cheaper than the traditional hardware-based ACDs. These factors also make it possible for companies to outsource their call centers, leading to cost-saving to the tune of thousands of dollars. 
  • Advanced features- By employing VoIP in the call center, there are various appealing features that the company can add to the basic infrastructure, to boost its efficiency. For instance, the quick connect function makes the experience of incoming sales calls a lot more customer-friendly, by eliminating lengthy pauses like in case of traditional business phone systems, hence reducing abandon rates. 100 percent recording of calls is another useful feature that several Austin-based businesses are adopting to streamline business functions and effectively resolve disputes. 
  • Better frontline supervisor productivity- The automation of the internal processes of the call center through VoIP makes it easier for frontline supervisors to monitor service quality, hence leading to better customer service, and more refined sales initiatives. 
  • Coming-of-age features- A number of additional features, such as video calling, speech engines, presence features, etc. are rapidly gaining popularity in VoIP-based call centers, and are expected to change the face of customer service in the near future. 

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VoIP For SMEs In Austin TX - The Benefits

by Administrator 5. June 2013 15:26

Most companies in Austin TX are looking for ways to shift from the traditional PBX phone systems to VoIP calling. This switch is easy to make, and offers a wide number of benefits, especially for companies that have a workforce divided between mobile and remote workers. It enhances communication at the workplace in several ways. Here’s a look at the key benefits of a VoIP phone system for SMEs-

  • The number one benefit of such a phone system is the huge amount of cost savings involved. This starts right at the installation stage, with hosted VoIP costing extremely low to set up! The on-line going rentals for VoIP are also unbelievably low. With low call tariffs, free video conferencing, and local call rates for international calls, you have appreciable cost savings.
  • The flexibility in the telecom structure of VoIP phone systems lead to a significance increase in productivity. This is because such a business phone solution makes it easier to incorporate remote workers, after-hours customer support, call diversions, multiple-line calling, etc. into the phone system. 
  • VoIP business phone systems are being favored by several Austin-based companies, for the reason that the changes brought about by such a system are easy to incorporate into the existing telecom structure. The process of VoIP generation and installation takes no longer than five working days, after which it is possible for companies to adapt quickly to the change.
  • Technical support for VoIP phone systems is not just cheaper, but a lot easier than a conventional phone network. This is because both the core system as well as the phone lines can be monitored through remote access, much as one would do for a PC or server. This makes it possible to modify or fix the system without an actual site visit.
  • It is also easy to increase or decrease the number of phone lines, carry out employee moves without changing extension numbers, upgrade software, and bring about several other modifications in a VoIP phone system.
  • Best of all, you can maintain a high level of professionalism, answering calls on your work line, no matter where you are. Add to this additional service like auto-attendant and voice-mail that can be configured into the system and you have an ideal phone system for your SME.

For affordable and reliable VOIP phone systems for your business, kindly visit us at Folkerson Communication, LTD. We can be contacted at Austin: (512) 977-0055, Temple: (254) 742-0064, Killeen: (254) 698-0016 and Waco: (254) 662-2255.

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