Revolutionize Your Hospital Communications With VoIP Phone System

by Administrator 19. August 2013 20:30

The popularity of VoIP communication systems among healthcare systems is on the rise, with the mobility offered by such a system to the hospital staff being a major advantage in a hospital setting. The increase in communication and collaboration that is made possible by VoIP calling helps to reduce costs while also increasing employee productivity and the quality of patient care.

The key advantage of VoIP calling in a hospital is the communication-on-the-go that is achieved through such a phone system. This is especially significant for medical personnel, for which it is not practical to remain seated at a single desk all day long. Traditional phone systems end up being no better than voice message box, with two-way communication being a rarity using them.

In addition to encouraging mobile communication, a VoIP phone system is also being used to streamline communication in the healthcare environment in several hospitals in Austin, by integrating data, voice, and video requirements in a single infrastructure. By employing such a system, the entire patient records in the hospital can be digitalized, making retrieval of this data a lot easier and quicker.

Patients can also benefit from the feature of videoconferencing, which makes instant specialist consultations possible, encouraging collaborative treatment approaches. The use of advanced healthcare IT applications like Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Positive Patient Identification (PPID), Picture Archiving And Communication Systems (PACS), Computerized Practitioner Order Entry (CPOE), etc. have a significant positive impact on the quality of care offered.

VoIP can also help in cost-cutting, through technological convergence, as well as cheap long-distance communication and video conferencing. In addition to wireless IP phones, VoIP telephone systems are also being used for a variety of other voice and data systems in Austin hospitals. These include- wearable badges, IP phones for nursing stations, teleconferencing phones, etc. These phone systems also make it possible to communicate in different languages through in-build translation features, which is a valuable benefit in hospitals catering to diverse communities.

Such a system is also a lot easier to manage and protect as compared to a conventional telephone system. The I.T. staff can manage the phone system through a centralized network, which reduces the complexity of the system significantly, making it possible to deploy the I.T. staff to more advanced projects. With the total payback period for a VoIP phone system in a healthcare organization averaging around 18-24 months, this is being viewed as a worthwhile investment by most hospitals.

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VoIP Voicemail Can Benefit Businesses In Austin- How?

by Administrator 5. August 2013 19:15

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) voicemail is an integral feature in most business phone systems, which can go a long way in retaining customers and boosting productivity. Deciding to skip on the voicemail feature could end up with a heavy price for your Austin business, since customers and clients are not likely to call back if their call was missed. With VoIP voicemail, you can move about freely, and even leave your desk for a short break, knowing that any important callers will leave a voicemail. VoIP voicemail incorporates certain additional features, which offer a significant edge to the business, when compared with the voicemail in a traditional phone system.

No wonder, most Austin businesses have switched to VoIP calling systems, equipped with the pro-business voicemail feature. One of the most appealing features of VoIPvoicemail, is that it comes with an option for voicemail-email integration. This means that you do not have to wait for until when you are back to your office desk to access the voicemails. You can get them directly in your email inbox, making it easy to sort them out based on their priority, and also maintain a record of important voicemails. You can choose between getting a full text transcription of the voicemail, and getting the original voicemail as an attachment in your email.

Another useful feature that VoIP voicemail has to offer is visual voicemail. This offers an interesting merge between voicemail and video conferencing, allowing you to see the person leaving the message. This feature is becoming increasingly common among small and medium businesses, because it leaves a striking impression on the caller, working well for the business’ image. Using VoIP voicemail for your business also allows you to customize greetings, making sure that callers do not always here the same pre-recorded message whe

n they are not able to reach you. For instance, if you are away from your desk for just ten minutes, you can let your callers know that, from an instantly-recorded message.

In addition to this, such customized greetings are also perhaps the easiest way for a business run from home, or a small business to strike a “big-business” impression on callers. All in all, VoIP voicemail helps callers to have a seamless experience, while also ensuring that no important calls go missed. This feature is easily accessible to employees at all times, and highly customizable, hence making it a favorable addition to any business phone system.

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