Phone Systems Provided By Folkerson Communications

by Administrator 16. September 2013 16:09

Folkerson communications is a one-stop destination for all your office communication needs. No project is too small or too big for us. Right from small telephone systems consisting of 1-500 telephones, to large ones with over 1000 phones, we can cater to all your needs. Our specialties include single office, multi-location office, call centers, wireless phones, VoIP, etc. Our experience of over 30 years in the telecommunication industry helps us to deliver that competitive edge to your business. Our aim remains to offer reliable solutions within a budget.

If you are looking to switch to a VoIP phone system for your Waco business, we can help you to choose the right package to meet your business needs. We shall provide you with services

at every stage of the process, including the initial consultation, design specifications, peripherals, phone services, installation, implementation, and sales. The phone system brands that we deal in include:

  • NEC: An increasing number of Central Texas businesses are opting for NEC phone systems, which offer a wide range of cutting-edge applications. A branch of the UNIVERGE family of desktop phones, NEC’s office communication solutions include desktop phones, wireless LAN phones, DECT phones, and softphones. The advanced features and customizable options such as attendant consoles and voice conferencing, make them ideal for small and medium businesses.
  • ESI: When it comes to ESI, the name itself is enough to speak volumes of the quality that this brand offers. The easy-to-use features in our ESI integrated phone systems fulfill all the communication needs of your business, while saving both time and money. These phone systems deliver a wide range of advanced options, including video and call logging, access control, presence management, and unified communications.
  • MITEL: Folkerson communucations also deals in telephone systems from MITEL communications solutions. MITEL offers a high level of technology innovation in the world of business phone systems, with its interoperability giving you the freedom to choose the features that you want. This brand understands the changing needs of business communication, making it possible to overcome challenges like managing a remote workforce, or seamlessly shifting between mobile devices and desktop computers.

Contact our service representatives at Folkerson communications to know more about the phone systems that we provide, and to help us choose the best one for you. Our industry leading experience makes us a reliable provider for your communication needs, and a name that you can trust.

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Business Phones Waco TX: The Basics

by Administrator 4. September 2013 13:48

The basic factors to consider when buying a phone system for your business are the size of your business, your budget, and your requirements from such a system. Having the right business phone system can go a long way in establishing a positive line of communication with your customers, important business contacts, suppliers, etc. In addition to this, it can also boost efficiency at your workplace, by facilitating streamlined communication between employees. The following list describes some of the key features that you should look for in a business phone system:

  • Auto attendant: This feature serves the purpose of a receptionist, helping to route incoming calls to the right station. It gives a big-business feel to the business, while also saving time and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Conferencing: Almost all business phone systems in Waco TX are incorporating this feature, owing to its immense relevance in the present-day scenario of long-distance communication and data sharing. Conferencing helps to save on the expense incurred in making long-distance calls, along with helping multiple parties to participate in virtual meetings.
  • Voice mail to email integration: While voice mail has been around for decades, its integration with email comes as a new and welcome feature in modern telephone systems. You can view transcripts of all your voicemail through your home computer, hand-held device, or even shared computer, on your email.
  • Backup power: The last thing you want is a power outage causing an important conversation with a client to get disrupted. Ensuring that your phone system comes with sufficient power back-up is a simple step to avoid such glitches.
  • Remote location: This is an exciting new feature that Waco TX businesses with a remote workforce can employ to keep their employees connected. All that you need to do to reach a remote or offsite employee, is dial an internet extension that will directly connect to him.
  • Find me/ Follow me: This is becoming a ubiquitous feature in business phone systems, for its application in making employees reachable despite their location. Just because an employee is not at his office desk does not mean that a customer must keep waiting or leave a voicemail. This feature will automatically locate the employee through their last login, and forward the call to the next available number.
  • Computer Telephone Integration: Despite being costly, this option is great for businesses that rely on computer data for customer service. The number displayed on the caller ID is automatically transmitted to the computer screen, causing all the data related to the caller to display on the screen.

We, at Folkerson Communications, LTD can walk you through your choices and make sure that you get reliable and cost effective business phone system in Austin, TX. We also assist you with any features that you do not understand and that you might require. Contact us at 512-977-0055 to avail our first class services.

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