Hosted VoIP Solutions For Call Centers

by Administrator 18. February 2014 04:18

Many establishments have problems in finding an advanced but cost-effective calling solution to meet the demand of a growing business. Hosted VoIP solutions for calling are very efficient and provide good flexibility in their plans and services. Using hosted VoIP services can dramatically reduce calling costs; improve the deployment speed and efficiency of your business; and help you manage business communication even on the move.

A hosted VoIP provider allows making a move to automatic contact distribution easily and economically, seamlessly extending the work and creating a virtual call center or an office where an employee can work from home, or any offshore place.

Following are the key Call Center solution components with a hosted VoIP provider: -

  • Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) – ACD helps in performing call forwarding and routing as well as call queuing in a hassle free manner.
  • Auto Attendant – Auto attendant provides interactive voice responses, which are pre recorded and deliver a positive response to a caller.
  • Agent and Supervisor Clients – It provides effortless communication and interaction between the agent and the supervisor so as to run the business smoothly and efficiently.
  • The hosted services help in methodical conducting of work without any interruptions because of lack of connectivity.
  • It also provides all basic functions like call recording, automatic responses; call conferencing and video calling on attractive and competitive prices.

Some of the major benefits of a hosted VoIP solution: -

  • It helps in improving customer service and achieving high customer satisfaction.
  • It helps in establishing virtual call centers anywhere in the world with just a personal computer and a broadband connection. No investment is needed for hardware installations or making and maintaining an office and the hassles that come with it.
  • It minimizes costs as hosted VOIP service providers provide the calling solutions at cheap rates all over the country and not in any one particular city or state.
  • You can get usage plans where you need to pay for only the services you use.

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Save Money, Use VoIP

by Administrator 11. February 2014 01:26

In today’s age where mobility is the prime component of life, VoIP comes in as a very handy and economically viable solution for all those who just can’t get off the phone. The VOIP phone instead of using the existing analog phone lines, just push all the calls, voice conferencing and video calls through Internet. This is a great way of saving money for heavy mobile users as the call cost involved is as low as internet costs. Not only that, VoIP provides voice quality almost as good as any analog phone lines and sometimes-even better.

For global companies who need to communicate with their international partners and clients, VOIP phone systems are one of the best bets. They not only allow a person to make international calls at a fraction of cost but also allow you to use multiple advanced facilities like conference calls, video conferencing etc. A typical VOIP calling would cost you around 9 to 10 dollars a month.

Benefits of VOIP Phone System:

  • In today’s age of smart phones, VoIP services are also available over mobile phones and the VOIP applications can be downloaded on the phones of employees so that you can stay in touch even when they are away from office.
  • VOIP phone system plans include features that normal phone line phone offers at very high costs.
  • VoIP saves you from ever having to install new analog telephone lines or buying new connections for all the employees.
  • VoIP can also be made very secure by getting it encrypted through a VPN connection. This way other people cannot abuse your service.
  • Overall cost of using VOIP is very low as compared to normal phone connections.

VoIP is the technology of the era. If you have any business that needs to grow and is limited by resources, save on your phone bills by using VoIP phone systems.

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Benefits Of VOIP Phone System For Travelers

by Administrator 4. February 2014 05:21

One of the primary considerations while travelling, is how to keep communications going while in transit and at your travel destination. A VoIP phone system makes for a ready solution, allowing travelers to make long-distance calls at reduced call rates. This makes it possible to keep in touch with your family, friends, and acquaintances back home, without having to worry about your phone bill breaking the bank.

Here is a look at how this cost-effective and reliable communication option can help you to make cheap international calls while abroad:

  • A key benefit that VoIP telephone systems offer is increased flexibility and portability, which enables users to carry their communication system wherever they go.
  • VoIP is particularly useful for business owners across Austin, as it helps you to keep a single phone number and maintain active communication with your clients and customers even while travelling.
  • All that you need to make cheap calls from your VoIP phone numbers is a reliable internet connection. You can easily make calls from a Wi-Fi hotspot, or using any other available internet network.
  • The call forwarding feature in VoIP phones is also highly beneficial for travelers, as they can forward incoming calls on their regular number to a local phone number, or to an additional number back home.
  • Another useful feature that VoIP offers to travelers is IP faxing, using which business travelers can send or receive important documents on the go. Since the faxes are sent over an IP network, the cost incurred is much lower than that of a regular fax or a fax sent over international phone lines.
  • Travelers can also use VoIP for having a video chat with their loved ones back home. The only requirement for carrying out such a video chat is that the VoIP user as well as the person they are talking to should have a high-speed internet connection.
  • VoIP services are specially useful for travelers since VoIP providers allow online management of calling plans, which allows you to tweak your preferences on the go. You can change your plan before setting off on vacation, and can keep making changes as required once you arrive at your destination.

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