VoIP Phone Systems For Medical Centers In Austin TX

by Administrator 18. March 2014 20:27

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is gaining considerable acceptance across a host of organizations as a means for fast and reliable communication. There is a diverse spectrum of industries where VoIP is finding applications right from Information Technology to scientific research and exploration, telecommunications, and many more. With VoIP touching so many important sectors, it is quite obvious that it is suitable for the healthcare industry as well.

At Folkerson Communications Ltd, we provide reliable and extensive VoIP phone systems that can be implemented in medical centers in Austin.  We constantly endeavor to help our clients leverage the powerful tool of VoIP to facilitate communication within their organization, and save significantly on the costs.

Read on to know some of the salient features of a VoIP system when it comes to medical centers.

  • The dynamics of the medical industry are ever-changing. With the growing number of patients and increase in medical prowess of our physicians through new breakthroughs, it is imperative to have in place a robust and scalable VoIP system. We help you in implementing the same, at very economical prices.
  • When you choose us for a VoIP telephone system in Austin, you can be assured of a secured network that is in compliance with all the norms and regulations. The VoIP systems also help you to track the various calls for security reasons, if needed.
  • The medical profession is something where a missed call could be the difference between life and death. With our VoIP systems, you can be rest assured that you will not miss any critical call from your patients. Our systems come with a provision to redirect calls to another medical office in case they are not received in the first place. This helps patients to reach out to doctors in times of emergency.
  • A VoIP system also offers a lot of flexibility to the medical employees- doctors, nurses, and support staff. Employee mobility becomes easy; a physician could move to any desk or floor in the hospital premises, and use the same number and extension irrespective of the location.

The medical industry is making rapid strides and growing like never before. With a VoIP system, all communication needs- telephone calls, Internet, and fax, can be integrated into one. Moreover, you can save a lot of money by using our cost-effective solutions. Thus, a VoIP system is ideal for the healthcare sector, and both the doctors and the patients can benefit out of it.

Contact us today at (512) 977-0055 to learn more about our VoIP phone systems.

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Advantages Of Using VoIP For Your Business

by Administrator 11. March 2014 13:19

Whether you own a small or a large business in Texas, your most important priority is increasing your efficiency as well as savings. You constantly need to devise strategies that can help you perform better and have an edge over your competitors. To enhance your business communication, you can consider hosted VOIP phone systems, which involve engaging an outside provider to manage business communications. By using highly advanced VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology, you can ease your burden and focus on core issues of your business.

Due to numerous benefits of hosted VoIP phone system, more and more businesses in Texas are embracing the technology and flourishing in their businesses. Some of the benefits of VoIP phone System that make it crucial for the businesses include:

  • Easy Installation: The biggest benefit of using VoIP hosted phone system is that the equipment is not only easy to install, but also cost effective. By choosing an economical plan offered by your hosted business phone system provider in Texas, you can substantially lower your communication expenses.
  • Easy Transition from traditional system to hosted VoIP system: Once you decide to install VoIP, you can easily make transition from your traditional hard line phone system to advanced VoIP system, which offers convenient access to your important phone numbers and addresses.
  • Amazing calling features: The hosted VoIP system offers an array of calling features, which are not present in traditional hard line system. This helps you work easily as well as make better plans for your day. You can get personalized numbers and personal extensions, using this feature, customers can directly contact required departments and persons.
  • Voice mailing systems and auto respondent: Another advantage of using hosted VoIP phone system is that you can choose auto respondent facility and voice mailing system. Both these features ease your work pressure and streamline your calls. The provider can provide group telephony systems to make your work more productive.
  • Screen unnecessary calls: An effective VoIP phone system not only screens the calls to eliminate unnecessary calls, but also allows you to prioritize the calls and attend them accordingly. Various features present in VoIP system makes business processes quite easy. You can choose to receive call based on preferences.
  • Customize your voicemail: Hosted VoIP systems help you customize your voice mails by using personalized greetings, playing music, which ultimately improves the communication and make it more effective.
  • Link various numbers: Mobile businesses draw great benefits from the attractive feature of VoIP system that includes linking employees’ numbers with the office number. This allows all the numbers to ring when someone calls until any of these is answered.

Using hosted VoIP system not only boosts your business image and reputation, but also help you deal with your clients and suppliers in a better way. Sound communication leads to better business relationships and more productivity.

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Benefits Of VoIP For Hospitality Industry

by Administrator 4. March 2014 13:15

VoIP - Voice over Internet Protocol, also known as Internet telephony is a system through which one can establish a voice communication system over the internet. Today, VoIP has become a common medium of communication and almost every industry is availing the benefits from it. Specialized VOIP solutions for hospitality sector catering to specific telephony needs of the industry have found wide acceptance in hotels, restaurants, holiday resorts etc.

Benefits of VoIP for hospitality industry:-

  • Enhances Productivity and Efficiency: First of all, VoIP is cheap at less than half the price of normal phone line. It also provides additional features like call waiting, call forwarding, conference calls which enhances the level of productivity and help reduce labor costs.
  • Digitized Record: VOIP phone systems allow information and call conversations to be stored digitally. Such information storage about guest bookings can save time and increase staff efficiency.
  • Relatively Convenient: Unlike traditional landlines, VoIP offers portability option. This gives ease to the administration staff as they can communicate from any place at any time at affordable costs.
  • File Record: Another advantage of VoIP is that it automatically keeps the backup of the data. A VoIP handset keeps record of all incoming and outgoing calls information in a database on server. In this way, you can have report of every call, which apparently improves customer service.
  • Additional Features: Facilities like Video Conferencing and call bridging are a cut above as they help the hotel administrators organize internal and international conferences. These facilities are not much expensive and can help in the expansion of your business.
  • Virtual receptionist: VoIP system can work as a virtual receptionist. It may attend multiple calls simultaneously along with having the feature of auto attendant.

We, at Folkerson Communication, LTD provide affordable and efficient hosted VoIP services to businesses across the Central Texas area. For more details, call us at Austin: (512) 977-0055, Temple: (254) 742-0064, Killeen: (254) 698-0016 and Waco: (254) 662-2255.

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