Why Should You Choose VoIP Over Standard Telephony

by Administrator 18. June 2014 18:43

VoIP is one of the decisive innovations in the field of telecommunications that has reached immense heights of popularity over the last few years, owing to its simplicity, features and cost-effectiveness. With a number of marked advantages over standard means of telephone that has been in use for many decades, VoIP is a great alternative for businesses that can make the full use of its generous feature set and incredible cost-effectiveness. Overall, VoIP is a marked improvement upon older technologies like standard telephony, using the power of the internet to offer a flexible, scalable and efficient mode of communication for businesses. It is no wonder that several businesses are making an active effort to switch to VoIP from standard telephony, and here are a few important reasons why.

  • Easy to use – VoIP is extremely easy to set up and use. There is no need to install elaborate hardware or structured cabling systems. Anybody can set up a VoIP system, even with little or no technical knowhow. There is no scope for cable clutter, and adding further units to the system is a breeze. Maintenance is also easier, thanks to the fact that VoIP systems use software and not hardware for management.
  • Better Productivity – VoIP greatly increases the scope for productivity with its added range of features which cannot be found with standard telephony. Since it uses the internet to facilitate communication, instead of just sticking to voice calls, VoIP also offers features like video calls, conferencing, file and document sharing along with collaborative workspaces. This allow business employees more leeway to multitask and complete communication efforts, while cutting costs for the company.
  • More Flexibility – For business communications, VoIP brings a world of flexibility. Due to its rich feature set, employees can use VoIP for a number of different purposes. Features like remote conferencing, electronic fax and email integrated with the phone system really elevate its scope and reach. Also, VoIP can be used on the go, which means that employees who are on the move only need a place with internet connectivity to stay in touch.
  • Affordable – Compared to standard telephony, VoIP systems cost significantly less to set up and maintain. Without the need for expensive hardware and cabling, VoIP gives businesses the opportunity to revamp their communication system at a fraction of the cost. Also, calls to other countries through VoIP are much cheaper, which is a blessing for businesses which need frequent international communication.

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Who Can Make Best Use Of VoIP

by Administrator 11. June 2014 18:40

VoIP or Voice over IP is one of the most intriguing and popular telecommunication technologies of this day and age. It benefits thousands of businesses all over the world, enabling them to have a solid, reliable telecommunication solution which is rich with great features and is cost-effective. In principle, VoIP brings to the table the same functionality as wired telephones and PBX systems, with the difference that instead of relying on dedicated hardware and cables, VoIP takes advantage of the internet and its capabilities to facilitate communication. As a result, a number of different, exciting features can be used with VoIP, which makes it a great choice for many industries. There are some businesses which can make full use of the entire feature set a VoIP provides and these are the businesses that can best utilize the full potential of this technological marvel.


For retailers, VoIP presents a unique opportunity. It is a really affordable way to organize and execute all important communication within the company and externally, with clients and customers. Retailers usually experience heavy call volumes, handling product enquiries, business enquiries, customer calls and after-sales service calls. For such a large call volume, VoIP is the perfect mode of communication, as it takes away the need to install elaborate hardware and cabling, and presents the company with an easy to install and easy to use alternative that does not take much time or resources to set up. Also, retailers employ servicemen who are usually on the move, and VoIP makes it extremely easy for them to maintain communication while on the go, using internet connectivity and a device like a laptop or smartphone.


Hospitals usually consist of a lot of different sections and departments and seamless communication is a crucial requirement. VoIP can come in extremely handy in these situations as it provides a way for an extremely mobile hospital staff to communicate internally. Since VoIP does not depend on elaborate hardware and cabling, it is a much more reliable mode of communication and much needed in a place where any delay or disruption of communication might mean the difference between life and death.

Call Centers

Calls centers are also prime businesses for VoIP. VoIP features enable call center employees to route calls to assigned workers, and team leaders can use VoIP to listen in on conversations for performance assessment. Calls can also be recorded for further assessment, and senior managers have the power to take over a conversation at any time if the need be.

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Business Phone System Features

by Administrator 4. June 2014 18:08

For businesses, it is extremely important to have a phone system which allows for effective communication between personal, departments, clients and outside resources. Business phone systems also need to be easy to use, easy to maintain, scalable and full of features which have the potential to make the business process easier and more intuitive. VoIP is a system which fulfills all these requirements while remaining extremely cost-effective and really simple to set up. The immense flexibility offered by a VoIP system is something that businesses can use productively in their own context to further improve their processes and incorporate new degrees of efficiency in their communications.

Here are a few features of VoIP systems that make them a perfect fit for all business requirements –

  • VoIP systems are extremely easy to setup. There is no need for structured cabling or elaborate hardware to be installed and configured. A centralized server equipped with special VoIP software handles all communications and can be tweaked to accommodate particular business communication needs. Since there is no cabling and the maintenance required is very little, VoIP comes across as an easy transformation.
  • VoIP systems are full of great features that can be put to good use in a business context. Since communication through VoIP is essentially Internet-based, a number of different modes of communication and data transfers can be implemented very easily. Apart from voice calls there is support for features like voicemail, video calls, videoconferencing, call conferencing, electronic fax, email, file transfer, and collaboration tools for projects. Used correctly, these can prove to be an asset for your business.
  • VoIP systems are extremely flexible and scalable. Adding new units to a VoIP system is a breeze and Folkerson Communications Ltd installs VoIP phone systems for businesses in Austin without having to work a lot on the infrastructure. The flexibility offered by VoIP systems is also an important advantage in a business context. Since VoIP uses the Internet, business VoIP systems can be used even from remote locations where Internet access is readily available. For people who need to travel, this is a perfect way to stay in touch with their co-workers.
  • VoIP systems are extremely cost-effective. Since there is no need to install cabling or expensive hardware, initial costs are low. Call rates are usually cheaper than those of wired telephones, particularly when you are making a large number of international calls for business purposes. VoIP systems also do not need as much maintenance or repair as wired phone systems.

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