Reasons Why Structured Cabling Is Important For Your Business

by Administrator 18. November 2014 20:15

Structured cabling is a wired infrastructure, which transmits the data required for networking in the entire office building so that everyone can connect easily. The structured cabling system offers maximum return on the investment whereas poor cabling can cause network failures, which can prove to be harmful for the business. Therefore, it is crucial to have proper structured cabling in the company and many businesses are relying on structured cabling for frequent communication with customers and optimal functioning of the network.

Here are some reasons why structured cabling is important for your business:

Quick transmission

In order to offer satisfactory customer services and quickly open the record of a customer a business needs quick data transmission. Using cables that do not support the speed that you require can lead to losses and poor performance. A business ideally needs structured cabling to increase the data transmission for optimum performance.

Noise Resistance

Structured cabling is superior to other forms of cabling because of noise resistance and smooth operation. The fiber optic cables reduce noise to a large extent as noise in cables often leads to poor c

ommunications during phone calls and corrupts data. It also slows down the network as the corrupt data is resent repeatedly until it gets through. Hence structured cabling is essential as it reduces noise and improves the communication.

Longer Runs

By using high quality cables that offers longer runs you can support your business phone system in a better way. The fiber optic cables run longer without causing errors and offer superior noise resistance without any limitation due to the length of the fiber optic cable. As these cables support longer runs you need not install a number of repeaters or data hubs. This further makes the network more reliable and decreases the investment required for equipment.

Affordable Maintenance

Structured cabling does not need heavy maintenance if installed carefully and properly. It is easy to identify the problem and replace the cables which help in minimizing the downtime and increasi

ng the productivity of any business.

Leads to Business Growth

Installing structured cabling is an investment that helps one secure the future and improve the communication. By having a system that supports both the digital phone system and the data at the same time, you can have an error free and fast transmission of data, and voice. This helps you strengthen your position and have reliable infrastructure. With superior cabling systems and better voice qualities you can reduce expenses in the long run.

You can consult Folkerson Communications Ltd for installing the best-structured cabling infrastructure that support company’s current and future requirements.

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Why Businesses Are Switching To Hosted VoIP

by Administrator 11. November 2014 16:18

VoIP has enormously transformed the way businesses are communicating in the present times. Many medium to large businesses have switched their traditional phone systems with hosted VoIP due to the tremendous benefits that it offers. Besides empowering business to streamline their telecommunication system and reduce costs considerably, hosted VoIP offers a lot more benefits that are profitably manipulated by organizations. Some of these benefits are:

  • Work from anywhere: In contrast to the traditional phone systems, VoIP gives the employees mobility by allowing them to access the business phones from any place in the world. They just need an internet connection and a compatible device. With such efficient services, you can always stay connected to your office work, regardless of where you are.
  • Efficient client services: Hosted VoIP comes with numerous features that allow you to offer better services to your clients.  For instance, if you get a call from a customer, your phone system will immediately sort the client’s detailed information from your office records. Thus, you can answer their queries much quickly and efficiently.
  • Work together with your colleagues, from anywhere: Besides phone calls, VOIP also offers features such as IMs and video conferencing that helps you work in collaboration with other team members, even when you are thousand miles away. This is particularly helpful for businesses that have offices in different countries.
  • Never miss important phone calls: The features in VoIP phone systems such as caller ID and call waiting helps you to track every incoming call. If your company gets huge call traffic, you can re-route simultaneous calls to ring at different numbers at the same time.
  • Easy to modify: You can add or alter the features of your hosted VoIP phone system anytime without the need of having any IT skill or knowledge. Users have direct access to manage the phone features and service settings.
  • No hardware problems: Traditional phone systems are likely to get damaged in case of a crisis at your workplace.  However, the hardware for VoIP is stored securely in an offsite location. You just have to redirect the calls to an alternate location and employees can even take the calls from their home or another location.

If you also want your business to expand and flourish you should consider making the switch to hosted VoIP phone systems. For more information, feel free to contact Folkerson Communications, Ltd at (254) 698 – 0016.

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Hosted VoIP Solutions In Central Texas

by Administrator 4. November 2014 20:05

Voice over IP (VoIP) is being increasingly used by businesses as a method of communication. It is mainly used by the sales-oriented business firms and has proved to be an economical method of communication in Central Texas. Buying a Voice over IP (VoIP) phone system involves critical decisions to be taken which would affect the business in a positive way.

Tips for choosing a hosted VoIP Solution:

Choosing a hosted VoIP provider could also be a difficult task but a little planning can be very helpful for delivering a correct VoIP business phone system solution.

Here are a few considerations that can help:

  • Check the features:  A complete inspection of the features should be done before choosing a hosted VoIP solution. The business firms should try to compile the necessary features required by them and the compare them with the features available with the service provider.
  • Ask about the equipments required:  There are many hardware or network infrastructure equipments required in addition to the IP phones, which is dependent on the size of the company and the number of connections required. Confirming about these from the service provider is a must for an effective VoIP solution.
  • Enquire about cancellation policy: Confirm about the cancellation fees, in case of cancellation of the contract and also ask about the time taken to subject the termination procedure. Inquiring about the costs occurred while cancelling and the requirements can also be a part of decision taking.
  • How to change the number of phone lines: As the business keeps on growing, therefore there can be chances of an increase or decrease in the number of phone lines. The users should confirm about the procedure of the change and its effect on the contract. Some of the contractors charge a per line fee, therefore asking about these could be helpful in taking a decision.
  • Support provided:  A very important consideration for any customer is the support being provided to them by the service provided. Therefore a proper check of the support facilities should be done. The customers can confirm about these from the service providers and the market or by contacting the customers using the similar services. Support includes installation, complete set up of call treatments and support after the services.
  • Porting process: One of the most important business considerations is the porting process, as the business owners cannot change their numbers frequently. Therefore asking about the time required for the porting is also beneficial in estimating the completion time of the whole procedure.

VoIP’s are very beneficial for lowering the costs of the business as it offers toll-free calls, reduces the wiring costs, is easy to relocate and provides easy access facilities. We at Folkerson Communications Ltd. provide VoIP solutions to our clients in Central Texas. We provide the latest solutions and applications to you. For more information call us at (254) 662-2255.

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