Security Tips To Protect Your VoIP Phone System

by Administrator 19. December 2014 21:04

It is a known fact that VoIP phone systems are fast gaining popularity among business owners. They are an efficient and cost-effective option over the traditional phone systems. However, most business owners might not be aware of the fact that frail VoIP security makes it susceptible to various threats from hackers. Cybercriminals exploit any loop hole in a VoIP network to use the business phone systems without authorization, infect the entire network with a virus or gain access to confidential data.If you have a VoIP phone system installed at your business, here are some important security tips to protect your network from malicious attacks.

  • Strengthen Password: Although this is not a new tip, yet many people fail to adhere to the simple password security guidelines. Always make sure that you change the default PIN or password provided by the VoIP service provider. Many phone systems do not allow small or simple passwords to be set. Also, there may be a feature to deny access if a user has entered the wrong password a certain number of times.
  • Encrypt Data: In VoIP phone systems, data travels over the network and is susceptible to attacks. Encrypting helps to increase its security by transforming the data into a format that cannot be deciphered easily. Thus, even if the data gets hijacked by a hacker, he won’t be able to decode it.
  • Install Firewall: Having a firewall will help you to establish a barrier between the impending threats and your network. You can even configure the firewall settings to increase or decrease your VoIP network’s security. Bear in mind that these settings must be altered from time to time to support the needs of your phone system.
  • Implement Authentication: This is also an important way to control calls made through VoIP phones. All the communicating VoIP devices need to authenticate one another before starting the conversation. This will minimize the chances that any unauthorized user will have access to the conversation.
  • Frequently Test and Update: Getting your VoIP phone’s security system verified by a professional can help you identity and fix the weaknesses before they are misused by a hacker.

For more tips about how to keep your VoIP phone system secure, you can contact Folkerson Communications, Ltd at (254) 698-0016. You can also visit our office at 701 Sun Meadows Dr, Harker Heights, TX 76548.

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Choosing The Right VoIP Plan For Your Business

by Administrator 12. December 2014 20:02

VoIP phone systems have numerous benefits regardless of the size and type of the industry. The wide range of features offered by the business phone systems is capable to accommodate all  telecommunication needs. Some of the features it provides include call forwarding, call monitoring, conferencing, automatic answering and many more. However, in order to get the most out of your VoIP phone system, it is important that you select the appropriate plan according to the needs of your business.

Here are the two main plans offered by VoIP phone system providers

Flat Rate Plans

Although these plans may vary from one company to another, this is usually the perfect option for businesses that require using phones frequently. Companies opting for a flat rate plan are usually able to make a lot of savings by having a clear idea of their approximate monthly phone bill. Also, it is very useful for the employees working either in the office or home office with broadband internet connection. As it offers unlimited free usage, a typical flat rate plan is also ideal for making long international calls. You can also have your important business phone calls forwarded to any other phone.

Usage Based Plans

Usage based plans are a good option for small business who do not need to use phones very often. These plans usually have a minimal and restricted monthly usage with a low starting rate. After you have consumed the allotted data, the calls made are charged with the standard rates applicable. As a small business owner, you can greatly benefit from usage based plans by paying according to your needs and budget.

Thus, before switching to VoIP phone system you should make sure that you evaluate your business needs properly and find out what will be beneficial for you in the long run. You must conduct a market research to find a VoIP service provider that provides you with the most benefits at an affordable price.

We, at Folkerson Communications, Ltd offer efficient and cost-effective VoIP solutions for the businesses in Harker Heights. We provide phone systems with customizable featuresin order to fulfill the individual needs of your business. To know more about our services, feel free to call at (254) 698-0016. You can also visit our office at 701 Sun Meadows Dr, Harker Heights, TX 76548.

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Your Business Phone Should Have These Features

by Administrator 5. December 2014 17:38

If you are looking for a new VoIP phone system for your business, then you must invest in the business phone that can offer the maximum value for your money. With a variety of VoIP systems available in the market, often choosing the best is an uphill task. Here are some of the features that you must look for in a business phone:

  • Auto Attendant: Irrespective of the size of your company, you can greatly benefit from the auto attendant feature. Auto attendant or IVR, is an extension of call forwarding and voicemail features. An auto attendant is an attractive feature, as it greets the callers with a personalized message and uses the prompts to connect the call to the right person. It routes the calls easily and can also play music or a pre-recorded message to the clients on hold.
  • Call Recording: Call recording is one of the most desired features that you must have in your business phone. This feature allows you to record the calls and assure good quality. This helps in monitoring the performance of your customer service executive and giving the feedback based on their previous calls.
  • Call Forwarding: The call forwarding feature allows you to get your calls diverted to any device such as mobile phone, landline or VoIP phone that you want. TThis helps you attend every call regardless of if you are out of office or busy in a meeting. This feature allows the employees to move around within the office or outside it while still being approachable.
  • Conferencing: A VoIP feature that you cannot afford to miss is thew conferencing facility that allows both audio and video conferencing. This helps multiple persons to participate in a conversation from different regions. Using this feature, the participants can even exchange files, share presentations, synchronize calendars, and even see each other’s computer screens.
  • Convergence: It is always good to invest in a VoIP phone system that supports convergence of different technologies. Your phone should be able to handle calls, voice mails, instant messages, e-mails, faxes, video conferences and other types of communications.
  • Fax/voicemail to email: This exclusive feature makes your VoIP phone system greatly beneficial. This feature allows you to receive your faxes and voicemails in your email. So, you will never miss an important message while you are on the go. You will remain connected even when you are away or holidaying.

For business phone systems in Harker Heights, TX, consider Folkerson Communications, Ltd. We are located at 701 Sun Meadows Dr, Harker Heights, TX 76548. You can also call us at (254) 698-0016.

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