VoIP Voicemail Benefits For Businesses In Killeen, TX

by Administrator 17. April 2015 15:25

VoIP technology provides a wide range of benefits to businesses. Aside from streamlining communication and improving efficiency, voicemail feature is another advantage that this technology has to offer. The voicemail feature integrated in the VoIP phones goes a long way in improving your organization’s productivity and customer service capacities.. Without voicemail, businesses are likely to lose out on a number of potential clients and customers. Voicemail allows employees to conveniently leave the phone unattended for a few minutes without having to miss important calls.

Given here are some of the benefits that VoIP voicemail can provide for your business:

  • VoIP voicemail allows for a more relaxed work environment as the employees do not have to be desk bound to attend calls. Even if they miss a call or two, they can easily get back to the caller within a matter of few minutes.
  • The VoIP system shows up above the traditional business phone systems in terms of the enhanced functionality it offers. With visual voicemail, the employees get a visual interface to access their voicemail just by logging into their account, regardless of their present location.
  • The employees also get a chance to enable customized messages on their voicemail. Thus, they can set up a busy message for the time they will not be available to attend the call. These professionally recorded messages will ensure an optimum experience to the customers till their call is directed to the concerned division. 
  • Another important benefit of VoIP voicemail is that it comes with integration to the employee’s email. This implies that you do not need to always be at your office to listen the voicemails. You get an alert in your email inbox every time a voicemail message is received, making it easy to sort them based on priority.
  • Some VoIP phones also provide the option to choose between receiving actual voicemail message as email attachment and its complete text transcription on the employee’s email id.

If you want to capitalize on the voicemail feature of VoIP, feel free to contact Folkerson Communications, Ltd. We provide feature rich and affordable VoIP solutions to the businesses in Killeen, TX. For more information, you can call us at (254) 698 – 0016 or visit our office at 701 Sun Meadows Dr, Harker Heights, TX 76548.

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VoIP Phone Systems For Cheap International Calling

by Administrator 10. April 2015 18:07

Phone calls and emails have long been a preferred mode of communication for the businesses. However, there are a lot of important matters that cannot be discussed over emails and phone calls are very expensive, particularly if you have international clients.

VoIP, Voice Over Internet Protocol, phone systems are a perfect solution to this problem. As the name suggests, this technology enables you to conduct voice or video calls over a well-established data connection. The biggest reason why most businesses are switching to VoIP over their traditional landline phones is the reduced calling rates. Due to the increased globalization and modern work culture, international calling has become a part and parcel of most business operations and these can consume a large part of your total expenses. Thus, it is essential that you employ VoIP phone systems to cut down on the phone bills and streamline your occupational tasks.

Besides reduced costs, given here are some other reasons why VoIP phones are the best suited option for international calls:

  • Video Calls: Through VoIP, you can very conveniently conduct video calls with your international customers or clients. This allows for more efficient conversation, thus, enhancing the functionality of your business.
  • Call Conference: If you want to hold an important meeting with your employees or team members, this can also be done once you have installed a VoIP system. You can either make a voice or video call depending upon your needs. It also offers the feature of adding or removing any participant anytime throughout the call.
  • Call Recording: VoIP phone systems also offer the feature to record call conversations so that they can be used later. If you record an international call, you can easily recall the important points discussed with the other party.
  • Distant Communication: In today’s work from home culture, VoIP system allows to stay in touch with business activities regardless of your location. Even if you are in another part of the world, you can still stay updated about your business processes.

We, at Folkerson Communications, Ltd, provide VoIP solutions for businesses in Killeen, TX. We offer highly customized phone systems tailored to the individual needs of our clients. For more details about our services, you can call at (254) 698 - 0016 or visit us at 701 Sun Meadows Dr, Harker Heights, TX 76548.

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Business Conference Calls With VoIP

by Administrator 3. April 2015 13:17

With the introduction of VoIP technology and feature loaded phone systems, it has become much easier to streamline business communications across the world. Regardless of the physical location of your clients or the size of your business, you can reap huge benefits from VoIP conference calls. It can help you increase efficiency as well as make huge savings on your phone bills.

Businesses conduct conference calls for important meetings, team consultations and employee training, performance reports, announcements and updates, project meeting, sales presentations and webinars. Integration with the World Wide Web and option for video conferencing also make VoIP a cost effective option for businesses that need to deal with people in various locations.

Here are some benefits that you can expect by switching to VoIP for your business conference call:

  • Cost Savings: VoIP conference calls provide you a great opportunity to save money on your international calling needs. Whether you need to contact the head office, a different branch or a client in some other country, you can do it a very affordable cost. In addition to helping you reduce the phone bill, VoIP can also cut down on the travel expenses that you might have to incur to meet the client in person.
  • Real-Time Collaboration: VoIP conference calls allow you to discuss business targets, conduct team meetings without requiring everyone to be present in the same room. Even if all the members are in different states or countries, you can still hold an interactive session with them through the audio/video conference calls.
  • Security: VoIP phone systems ensure your security while you conduct conference calls over the internet. It allows you to set passwords in order to restrict anyone from joining your business conference call.

VoIP Features Useful For Business Conference Calls

Most VoIP phone systems offer the following features in order to make your business conference calls more efficient and smooth:

  • Call Recording: The entire conversation in a conference call can be automatically or manually recorded. It can also be downloaded for later use.
  • Moderator Controls: The conference mediator has the control to add, mute or remove any member from the call.  
  • Question And Answer: The participants can raise their hands in a video conference call whenever they have any questions or want to speak anything. This will reduce chaos with several people speaking at the same time.

We, at Folkerson Communications, Ltd, offer cutting-edge VoIP phone systems for the businesses in Killeen, TX. For more information, you can call us at (254) 698 – 0016.

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