Things To Consider While Selecting A Phone System For Your Office

by Administrator 14. September 2015 18:10

Phone systems are an essential part of any business’ daily operations. Therefore, it is essential to choose the one that facilitates and streamlines your telecommunication requirements. Nowadays, a wide range of phone systems are available which offer different features suitable for both small and large businesses. Opting for the right one can save you time, efforts and financial resources.

Given below are few considerations that you should keep in mind before selecting a phone system for your office:

  • Budget: You should have a clear idea about the number of phone lines you require for your office. Assess the number of employees you have at present and those that you plan to hire in future. Accordingly, decide how many of them need a phone system to work efficiently.
  • Internet: Many VoIP phone systems allow you to make local and international calls through the internet. You should ensure that you have all the necessary hardware and software required for the phone system. A high speed internet connection is also important for high quality voice and video calls.
  • Network: The type of network available also determines the phone system to be installed in your office. The new phones may require a separate network or can be combined with the existing one. Depending on the availability, you can choose a phone system accordingly.
  • Plans for Growth:  Any plans for growth should be considered before purchasing a phone system for your office. If you have 20 employees at present but planning to expand your company up to 50 members in the near future, you must look for a phone system that allows easy addition of extensions without much cost. 
  • Features: VoIP phones offer many features such as call forwarding, call waiting, speed dialing, voicemail to email transcription, caller ID, automated attendant etc. you can choose the features according to your company’s requirements. For instance, call waiting and caller ID are a good option for businesses that handle a large volume of inbound calls.

We, at Folkerson Communications, Ltd, offer hosted phone systems for business firms in Central Texas. We provide advanced and feature rich phone systems customizable according to the needs of your company. For more information, you can call us at (254) 662 – 2255 or visit our office at 1412 S Robinson Dr, Waco, TX 76706.

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Grow Your Company With Hosted Phone Systems

by Administrator 7. September 2015 18:31

A reliable communication system is the backbone of any successful business. Traditional phone systems pose many limitations as the scale of the business increases. In the age of Internet, when everything is becoming smarter, switching to hosted telephony brings in efficiency and speed which is required in a fast growing scenario. This system allows you to make calls via internet and thus doesn’t depend on the traditional telephone network lines, which when get faulty, can affect your business activities.

Listed below are some benefits of a hosted phone system:

  • Control: It provides for greater real time control over your telephony as it can be managed from your laptop or smart phone. This brings in efficiency and transparency.
  • Back up service: Companies that offer this service have well laid out service network systems which are a great relief as issues are resolved promptly.
  • Image builder: It is professional to avail hosted phone services as it uses latest technology to operate. For new businesses where first impressions are important, installation of this system may help a great deal.
  • Lower costs: There is no need for heavy investments to start telephony through this system. The rates are also competitive and there are many plans available from which one can choose the best suited to their budgets and requirements.
  • Better connects employees: Hosted telephone services allows for a distributed workforce. It is easy to stay connected for scattered employees, sales force or remote staff as they are virtually connected faster than traditional methods through features like call conferencing, video calls etc.
  • Scalable: As the need for more phone connections and extensions rises, upon growth in business, adding more lines is very simple. One can say that this system grows with your business.
  • Add on services: Other benefits like integration of voice mail with email, sync with mobile devices, call waiting, music on hold, call transferring etc. are some of the features which are must have for a business.
  • Business continuity: If the business changes location, like shifting to a new address or a city, this system can be easily shifted and installed in the new location.

Improved reliability and flexibility are definitely an added advantage for any business. Hosted phone system is a technology which smoothens out processes by keeping communication simple and productive. The best part is that it brings the costs down, which is beneficial for a growing business so it can allocate savings into improving other arms of the organisation.

Folkerson Communications, Ltd, provides efficient hosted phone systems for business firms in Central Texas. For more information, you can call us at (512) 977 – 0055.

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Tips To Select The Right Phone System In Waco

by Administrator 19. August 2015 21:04

When it comes to business telecommunications, it can be quite difficult to figure out which type of phone system will best facilitate your needs. Choosing between the hundreds of features available, different types of phones and service providers, all these require a lot of planning as well as insight about the company’s future requirements. The phone system you select should be able to simplify communication within your office and with your clients or customers. 

Here are some of the tips that can help you choose the right phone system for your business:

  • Draw Up A Staffing Plan: First and foremost, you must lay out your business plan in order to determine the number of phone lines you will require at present as well as a few years later. This will depend upon the number of employees in your company as well as the nature of operations, i.e. whether the calls are mainly incoming or outgoing.
  • Choose The Features: You may consider call routing if you want your office calls to be directed to your mobile phone. For companies having a work-from-home culture, features such as call conferencing, video conferencing, voicemail etc. would be advantageous. You can also consider a phone with an automated attendant feature.
  • Type Of Phone System: Depending upon your company’s telecommunication requirements, you should decide if you want to choose a hosted PBX or a VoIP phone system. Carefully analyze the feature offered by both to determine which of them would best suitable for your business. For instance, if your company has more than one physical location, dealings with international clients or employees working from home, a VoIP phone system will be the best solution for you.
  • Scalability: You must make sure that the phone system facilitates easy addition of features, without the need to install any new hardware. In case you hire more employees in the future, it should not be difficult to add extensions to the already existing phone lines. The features offered must be able to increase your business’ efficiency, lower telecommunication costs and the system should not require specialized IT staff to be managed effectively.   

We, at Folkerson Communications, Ltd., are a leading provider of high quality phone systems in Waco, TX. We offer both VoIP and hosted solutions that can be customized according to the requirements of your company. For more information, you can call us at (254) 662 – 2255 or visit our office at 1412 S Robinson Dr, Waco, TX 76706.

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Essential Phone System Features Every Business Needs

by Administrator 12. August 2015 11:40

Phone systems are a critical component for the smooth and efficient functioning of every business. It is imperative to pick the right one that perfectly suits your organization’s needs and finances. However, with a large number of innovative phone systems offering a host of advanced features, it can be quite easy to get confused. Knowing about the uses of each feature and how it can deliver better customer services is the key to choosing the right phone system.

Here are some of the features that must be incorporated in your business phone system:

  • Call Forwarding: With this feature, employees who are routinely out for field visits or working from home can stay connected to their office. It allows them to automatically transfer the calls on the office phones to their mobile numbers. Some business phones also offer a hunt group feature, in which the calls are directed to a chain of phone numbers and finally to voicemail, if not answered.
  • Automated Attendant: The automated attendant feature will ensure that your inbound calls will always be responded to, even when your staff is not available. It serves as an alternate receptionist and is essential to present a professional first impression before the clients or potential customers. Automated attendant comes with several customization options which help to efficiently deal with large call volumes.
  • Call Conferencing: This feature allows multiple extensions of the phone line to join the same discussion. With call conferencing you can easily conduct meetings or discuss targets with all the employees at the same time, regardless of their physical location. 
  • Call Recording: This feature is essential to assure quality and improved services to the customers. Businesses even record calls to train new employees and improve accuracy in conversation with the clients. Recording also helps to review important topics discussed or orders received through phone calls. 
  • Voicemail To Email Transcription: Some phone systems allow you to transcribe your voicemail messages and send them to your email Id as text files. This way, you can easily and quickly view, delete, search or sort all your voicemails. You can also access your voicemails from any location across the world.  
  • Music On Hold: If you need to handle several inbound calls or require to put your callers on hold, this feature is a must have. Music on hold will let your callers listen to a soothing tone while waiting for someone to answer their query.

We, at Folkerson Communications, Ltd., provide advanced business phone systems in Killeen, TX. For more information, you can call us at (254) 698 – 0016 or visit our office at 701 Sun Meadows Dr, Harker Heights, TX 76548.

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Hosted Phone Systems In Austin

by Administrator 5. August 2015 20:00

Businesses, whether small or large, are constantly on the lookout for ways to increase their efficiency and reduce overheads. One of such ways is to use hosted phone systems for their telecommunication needs. Unlike the traditional phones, a hosted system utilizes an outsource service provider install and sustain the company’s communications. As most of these phone systems work on the VoIP technology, they unfetter the companies from getting into the hassles of maintaining or repairing large equipment. Thus, businesses can focus on expanding their arena with the help of advanced features as well as lowered phone bills. 

Here are some of the benefits you can have by installing hosted phone systems at your office: 

Does Not Require Large Infrastructure: The main benefit of choosing a hosted phone over a traditional system is that the former one does not require you to install large infrastructure within the office premises. You just require a phone and a working Internet connection to operate the system. All other equipment is put up in a separate location. Your employees simply need to learn the basic working of the system such as making and receiving calls, retrieve messages, record conversations and other such operations.  

Easy To Maintain: Being off-premise these phone systems are quite easy to install and maintain. You do not need to hire specialized IT staff to operate the hosted VoIP system. Each employee can easily learn to handle the phone system, add or remove features, as per their requirements. Your service provider will also offer regular maintenance programs to keep the equipment up and running as well as boost your employees’ efficiency. 

Offer Flexibility: Hosted VoIP phone systems offer a considerable level of flexibility to the users. You can easily expand or cut down functionality, enable remote communications and even open up or relocate to another office branch without disrupting the present communication system at your office. 

Advanced Features: Hosted phones typically offer certain key features that are not present in the convectional systems. These may include call waiting, call recording, voicemail, video calling, call conferencing, automated attendant, voicemail to email transcription etc.  

We, at Folkerson Communications, Ltd, offer affordable hosted phone systems for business houses in Austin, TX. We offer high quality phone systems from some of the leading brand names in the industry, such as NEC and ESI. The phone plans and equipment can be easily customized according to your company’s telecommunications requirements. For more information, you can call us at (512) 977 – 0055

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Types Of Business Phone Systems Available

by Administrator 21. July 2015 18:51

Buying the right phone system is crucial for the proper execution of your business activities. It is your primary link to stay in touch with your customers, clients, employees as well as business partners. The phone system you choose has a great impact on the way you deal with your customers and the level of services you are able to deliver. While there are a number of phone systems offering different set of features, the key lies in choosing in one that perfectly suits your business needs.

Given here are some of the common types of business phone systems available in the market:

PBX System

The PBX (private branch exchange) phone system is suitable to meet the requirements for an organization with 35 to 40 employees. It is flexible enough to integrate with the existing hardware in the office setting such as computer modems, fax machines and phone extensions. A PBX phone system offers many advanced features such as include call waiting, automatic call back, call conferencing, auto dialing and call transfer.

Key System

These phones are widely used in small sized companies, with approximately 5 to 30 employees. A key system is requires not as much of investment as a PBX phone, but also offers lesser features. These phone systems are operated through a central key system unit (KSU) and can be upgraded according to the requirements of your business.

VoIP Phones

These phones represent the latest advancement in the telecommunications technology. A VoIP system allows for an easy communication between different organizations situated across the globe. Unlike the traditional landline phones, these systems transmit voice calls in the form of data packets over an internet connection. The basic highlight of a VoIP phone is that it can help you stay connected to your business from any part of the world. All you need is a working internet connection, a compatible phone system and an account with your VoIP service provider. These can efficiently work in organizations of varied sizes, whether small or large.

The main advantages of using VoIP phone system for your business include:

  • Inexpensive local and international calls
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Increased productivity and employee efficiency
  • Simple user interface
  • Phone portability
  • Seamless communication
  • Advanced features
  • Ability to add phone lines

We, at Folkerson Communications, Ltd, are a leading provider of business phone systems in Killeen, TX. We also offer cost-effective and feature loaded VoIP phones customized to the needs of your organization. For more information, you can call us at (254) 698 – 0016 or visit our office at 701 Sun Meadows Dr, Harker Heights, TX 76548.

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Business Phone Systems In Killeen, TX

by Administrator 14. July 2015 17:08

Effective communication plays an important role in the success of any business, regardless of its size. Every employee of an organization must have effective means to communicate with co-workers, clients as well as prospective customers. Therefore, it is critical to choose the right phone system that can be efficiently relied upon for a long time. Additionally, the phone system should also be versatile enough to accommodate to your business expansion needs and other technological upgrades. It should provide the flexibility of working away from office and divert calls along with recording feature for training and quality control.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing the right phone system for your business:

  • Lower Cost: This is a major concern for majority of the small scale and start-up businesses. Communication costs can be quite high if you have client across international borders. An efficient phone system provides a practical way out to curtail your business’ telecommunication expenses.
  • Easy To Maintain: The installation and maintenance costs of VoIP phone system are lesser as compared to the traditional equipment. You can easily review your monthly bills and detect any unauthorized calling patterns, such as an employee making personal calls during working hours.
  • Easy Expansion: Business phone systems are designed to be scalable according to the requirements of your company. As your business expands, you can easily add up new phone lines and advanced features to the existing system.
  • Varied Features: With an integrated telephone system, you can gain access to a number of features that can increase the efficiency of your business operations. These may include caller ID, call recording, voicemail, call forwarding, call waiting, auto attendant etc. All these features will help you improve your customer service and professionally represent your business before the callers.
  • Increased Employee Efficiency: Working with an advanced phone system can also help you increase the efficiency and productivity of your employees. They can always respond to official calls regardless of their physical presence. With the call routing feature, the inbound calls to the business phone can be redirected to their personal contact number. Thus, you do not miss a single potential customer and are able to provide excellent customer service. 

Folkerson Communications, Ltd. is a leading provider of affordable and feature-rich business phone systems in Killeen, TX. For more information, you can call us at (254) 698 – 0016 or visit our office at 701 Sun Meadows Dr, Harker Heights, TX 76548.

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Top Reasons Hosted VoIP Phone Systems Cut Costs

by Administrator 6. July 2015 21:15

Hosted VoIP phone systems have brought about a complete revolution in the way business communications are carried out. They provide a cost-effective alternative to the traditional business phones along with several advanced features that can help to streamline your company’s operations. Installing VoIP phone in your workplace can benefit the business in numerous ways.

Here are some ways in which a VoIP phone can help to cut the telecommunication costs of your business:

  • Lower Call Charges: One of the biggest benefits that a VoIP system provides for your business is by reducing your monthly phone bills. As all the calls are placed through Internet in the form of data packets, it does not charge high per minute rates. With a VoIP phone, you can conveniently communicate with your international clients at the rate of local calls.
  • Reduced Hardware Expenses: When you opt for a VoIP phone system, you can make huge savings on the hardware and installation costs. You just need a working Internet connection and a phone system. There is also no complicated cabling or space occupying equipment to be set up. Once the VoIP software has been installed, you can easily access your account from any location across the world.
  • Scalable Extensions: Hosted VoIP systems also allow businesses to add or remove phone lines, any time, according to their requirements. As your company expands, you may need to hire more staff and require additional phone lines. With VoIP technology, extensions can be easily added without having to call specialized IT personnel or disrupt existing phone systems.
  • Customized Plans: Another important benefit of VoIP is that there are a variety of calling plans available and you can choose one according to your requirements. Thus, you do not need to pay for the services that you are not going to use. The monthly rental and call rates may vary depending upon the plan you choose.
  • Promotes Work-From-Home Culture: As VoIP allows connectivity from any part of the world, employees can conveniently work from home. This will help your business downsize its utility costs in the end. It will also give employees an increased sense of autonomy, thus, increasing business productivity.

We, at Folkerson Communications, Ltd, provide affordable VoIP solutions in Killeen, TX. For more information, feel free to call us at (254) 698 – 0016 or visit our office at 701 Sun Meadows Dr, Harker Heights, TX 76548.

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VoIP Features That Can Benefit Your Small Business

by Administrator 18. June 2015 17:01

VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol system, offers various features for small businesses that can increase business efficiency. Implementing VoIP helps improve productivity and reduce overheads of your organization. It is easy to install, reduces costs, expandable and is manageable by the employees.

Here are some of the VoIP features that can significantly benefit your small business:

  • Find Me/ Follow Me Call Routing: This is a very beneficial feature for employees who are always on the go or on the field. With find me/follow me call routing, the user can specify a certain set of numbers where the office calls can be transferred, before being directed to the voicemail. For instance, if you are not available to attend the office phone, the call can be transmitted to your home phone on the third ring and your mobile phone on the fifth. This assures better customer service and increases productivity as you answer most calls.
  • Voicemail To Email Transcription: This feature converts your voicemail messages into text files and sends them directly to your registered Email-Id. It allows you to arrange, prioritize, search or delete any of your voicemails in a much easier and efficient way. Thus, you can access the important voicemails regardless of your physical location.
  • Music On Hold: If your company undertakes various customer or client calls and often needs to put them on hold, this VoIP feature is necessary for your business. The music on hold feature allows you to set a soothing tone that your callers can listen to as they await your response. This promotes a better relationship and gives a professional approach to your business.
  • Auto Attendant: This feature can help your business appear more professional and impressive to the clients. Having a preset menu can assist your callers in directing themselves to the concerned department, just by choosing the appropriate extension. This eliminates the need of a receptionist to be always present to attend incoming calls.
  • Call Conferencing: With VoIP phone systems, you can conduct interrupted conference calls with your clients across the globe. You can efficiently hold meetings, discuss targets, share reports and finalize deals from any location. This improves business relations and reduces costs in visiting the clients or customers in person.

For more information on how VoIP phone systems can benefit your small business, you can contact Folkerson Communications, Ltd at (254) 698 – 0016.

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Hosted VoIP Solutions In Killeen, TX

by Administrator 11. June 2015 20:24

The decision to implement the type of business phone system depends on many important factors. The end goal should be to implement a phone system that reduces your company’s overheads while increasing employee efficiency. With a hosted VoIP solution, you can achieve this target and boost your business productivity.

Benefits Of Hosted VoIP For Businesses:

  • Cost Savings: Hosted VoIP is the perfect telecommunication solution for businesses that need to conduct frequent international calls. These systems allow you to do voice calls at local rates anywhere across the globe. Thus, you can save a considerable amount in your company’s phone bills.
  • Easy Installation: In contrast to your conventional phone system, hosted VoIP does not require any complex hardware to be installed in your office premises. The service is handled through a remote server by your VoIP service provider.
  • Telecommuting: A hosted VoIP system makes it convenient for you to unite your office’s multiple locations with a single manageable phone network. Employees can easily place, receive and redirect calls without being physically present in the same location.
  • Increased Productivity: The easy to use interface of a VoIP phone makes it simple for the employees to make the most out of this advanced technology. Features such as call transferring, voicemail, automated dialing, call recording, auto attendant etc. provide for streamlined business operations and increase employee productivity.
  • Flexibility: VoIP phones are capable of integrating your business calls to other means of communication such as emails, video conference, electronic fax etc. If used competently, these can completely transform the way your business activities are carried out. Employees can multitask and access their account from any location, which increases employee productivity.
  • Scalability: When you switch to VoIP, you do not need to worry about adding costly hardware to meet the expanding needs of your business. You can easily add or remove phone lines any time from the network, without having to deal with cabling issues. VoIP phone systems work on integrated software and do not have any hardware components to maintain.

We, at Folkerson Communications, Ltd, offer complete hosted VoIP solutions to businesses in Killeen, TX. Our phone systems are customizable according to your organization’s telecommunication requirements. For more information, you can call at (254) 698 – 0016 or visit our office at 701 Sun Meadows Dr, Harker Heights, TX 76548.  

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