Hosted VoIP Solutions For Call Centers

by Administrator 18. February 2014 04:18

Many establishments have problems in finding an advanced but cost-effective calling solution to meet the demand of a growing business. Hosted VoIP solutions for calling are very efficient and provide good flexibility in their plans and services. Using hosted VoIP services can dramatically reduce calling costs; improve the deployment speed and efficiency of your business; and help you manage business communication even on the move.

A hosted VoIP provider allows making a move to automatic contact distribution easily and economically, seamlessly extending the work and creating a virtual call center or an office where an employee can work from home, or any offshore place.

Following are the key Call Center solution components with a hosted VoIP provider: -

  • Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) – ACD helps in performing call forwarding and routing as well as call queuing in a hassle free manner.
  • Auto Attendant – Auto attendant provides interactive voice responses, which are pre recorded and deliver a positive response to a caller.
  • Agent and Supervisor Clients – It provides effortless communication and interaction between the agent and the supervisor so as to run the business smoothly and efficiently.
  • The hosted services help in methodical conducting of work without any interruptions because of lack of connectivity.
  • It also provides all basic functions like call recording, automatic responses; call conferencing and video calling on attractive and competitive prices.

Some of the major benefits of a hosted VoIP solution: -

  • It helps in improving customer service and achieving high customer satisfaction.
  • It helps in establishing virtual call centers anywhere in the world with just a personal computer and a broadband connection. No investment is needed for hardware installations or making and maintaining an office and the hassles that come with it.
  • It minimizes costs as hosted VOIP service providers provide the calling solutions at cheap rates all over the country and not in any one particular city or state.
  • You can get usage plans where you need to pay for only the services you use.

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Save Money, Use VoIP

by Administrator 11. February 2014 01:26

In today’s age where mobility is the prime component of life, VoIP comes in as a very handy and economically viable solution for all those who just can’t get off the phone. The VOIP phone instead of using the existing analog phone lines, just push all the calls, voice conferencing and video calls through Internet. This is a great way of saving money for heavy mobile users as the call cost involved is as low as internet costs. Not only that, VoIP provides voice quality almost as good as any analog phone lines and sometimes-even better.

For global companies who need to communicate with their international partners and clients, VOIP phone systems are one of the best bets. They not only allow a person to make international calls at a fraction of cost but also allow you to use multiple advanced facilities like conference calls, video conferencing etc. A typical VOIP calling would cost you around 9 to 10 dollars a month.

Benefits of VOIP Phone System:

  • In today’s age of smart phones, VoIP services are also available over mobile phones and the VOIP applications can be downloaded on the phones of employees so that you can stay in touch even when they are away from office.
  • VOIP phone system plans include features that normal phone line phone offers at very high costs.
  • VoIP saves you from ever having to install new analog telephone lines or buying new connections for all the employees.
  • VoIP can also be made very secure by getting it encrypted through a VPN connection. This way other people cannot abuse your service.
  • Overall cost of using VOIP is very low as compared to normal phone connections.

VoIP is the technology of the era. If you have any business that needs to grow and is limited by resources, save on your phone bills by using VoIP phone systems.

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Top Five Features Of A VoIP Business Phone System

by Administrator 22. January 2014 18:40

VoIP phone systems have nearly out-phased traditional wired telephone systems, enabling businesses to enjoy the benefits of feature-rich and cost-effective communication. Here is a look at the top five features that VoIP business phone systems have to offer for your Austin business:

  • Affordability: This is a particularly beneficial feature for businesses that involve a lot of long-distance calling, as it can help to significantly bring down your communication costs. In addition to the direct cost-cutting on long-distance calls, you can also save money through the use of general purpose computers instead of special software or proprietary hardware.
  • Remote connectivity: VoIP is highly beneficial for businesses with multiple locations. With a VoIP phone system, it is possible to transfer voice calls instantly, no matter where across the country you are located.
  • Conference calling: VoIP enables smooth conference calls, which can go a long way to enhance connectivity between coworkers and business associates. Nearly every VoIP phone system is capable of allowing conference calling involving at least three parties, with some business VoIP phone systems even supporting as many as 99 calls in a single conference.
  • Find Me-Follow Me: This has gone on to become one of the most popular features offered by VoIP phone systems. It enhances connectivity, making it possible to reach an employee even when he is not available at his extension. For instance, if you do not pick a call that is made to your desk phone, the call will be automatically transferred to your cell phone. If you still do not pick it, it can be transferred to an alternate cell phone or extension. This feature boosts customer satisfaction by eliminating the need for customers to keep track of multiple numbers to reach employees.
  • Auto Attendant: Auto attendant can help to give a big-business feel to your company, ensuring complete customer satisfaction when calls need to be routed. This software is included in the package of most vendors.

If you are looking for a VoIP phone system for your Austin business, Folkerson Communications LTD can help you with a hosted VoIP solution. We provide phone systems with a customizable feature set to meet the individual needs of your business. Our experience of more than 17 years in the telecommunication industry helps us to deliver the very best to all our customers. Contact us today at (512) 977- 0055 to learn more about our VoIP phone systems.

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Business Phone Systems Austin

by Administrator 11. December 2013 02:16

VoIP is definitely the next big thing when it comes to business phone systems, which is evident from the large number of Austin-based businesses deciding to switch from their conventional telephone systems to VoIP. If you are looking for a hosted VoIP provider in Austin, Folkerson Communications Ltd can provide you with a cost-effective solution for your business. We have an experience of more than thirty years in providing businesses across Central Texas with the best telecommunication services to meet their needs. This vast experience is what makes us one of the most trusted providers in the region, giving you the assurance that we shall provide you with the right service to meet your needs.

Over the years, we have helped a large number of businesses to effectively switch to VoIP, and significantly cut down on their monthly communication costs, without compromising on the quality of service. We firmly believe in customer education before all else, and ensure that you are involved at each stage of designing a phone system for your business. Our highly knowledgeable and friendly staff shall provide you with all the information you need regarding product knowledge, manufacturer resources, network configurations, and phone system applications, ensuring that you make a well-informed decision.

In addition to that, the associates at Folkerson Communications Ltd shall also carry out a detailed analysis of your current communication costs, so as to be able to give you a clear idea of what you can expect in terms of cost-cutting, once you switch to VoIP. Our experience of providing VoIP phone services ranges from small, single-location businesses, to large businesses with multiple branches. No matter how small or big your communication needs, we have the right solution for you. We provide you with a large set of features to choose from, which can go a long way in improving the efficiency of communication for your business, leading to increased customer satisfaction, as well as employee productivity.

The phone system brands that we deal in include Mitel, ESI, and NEC, all of which are leading business phone systems, which ensure an unprecedented quality of communication for your business. In addition to this, we also cater to any ancillary services that you might need, which includes data networking, structured cabling, consultation, design, implementation, and service of your phone system as well as peripherals. Contact us at (512) 977-0055 for an initial consultation on a VoIP phone system for your business, and for an estimate of the communication costs.

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The Pros Of Hosted Phone Systems

by Administrator 4. December 2013 19:44

VoIP phone systems are of two types- premises-based solutions, and hosted PBX solutions. In the former, the hardware appliance for the phone system is kept on-site, while in the latter hosted solutions, your internet connection helps to connect to your provider, which maintains the equipment off-site in a cloud data center. A large number of businesses have made the switch to hosted VoIP, owing to the numerous benefits that such a system has to offer.

Here is a look at the major benefits offered by hosted telephone systems, and how Austin-based SMEs can benefit from them:

  • The most obvious benefit that such a system offers is the decreased cost of ownership. You can start saving right from the moment you install such a phone system, since all that you need are VoIP-compatible handsets and a data connection. With a hosted phone system, you do not need to invest in any expensive hardware.
  • The IT support required to run a hosted VoIP phone system is minimal, which is a sharp contrast to complex traditional phone systems. You can easily operate the system and customize it as per your needs, with little or no training.
  • With a hosted VoIP solution, you do not need to worry about capital expenditures that will depreciate over time. Instead, all that you have is an affordable monthly service, which will significantly boost the productivity of your business.
  • A hosted VoIP solution makes it possible for you to enjoy seamless communication at the workplace, even in the event of natural calamities, fires, and other crises. This is because you do not have any physical equipment on the premises, and hence there is no question of damage or interruption to services.
  • Hosted VoIP offers a great degree of flexibility. You can scale up, scale down, provide remote communications, and even open a new office branch, all without causing any disruption to the ongoing communication at your office.
  • The advanced features and functionality offered by hosted VoIP business phone systems can have a significant impact on your Austin business, helping to increase productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • With a hosted VoIP phone system, you do not have to worry about keeping a tab on the latest upgrades and constantly carrying out updates on your phone system. Your hosted provider shall offer automatic upgrades for the phone system, ensuring that you keep up with the changing technology.

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VoIP Solutions For Small And Medium Businesses In Austin Texas

by Administrator 18. November 2013 18:19

Folkerson Communications, LTD is a business phone systems and communications solutions provider with multiple locations across Texas, including Austin, Temple, Killeen, and Waco. If you are considering switching to a VoIP phone system for your small or medium business in Austin Texas, we can help you consider your options, and get the right phone system for your needs. We are committed to providing business owners with cost-effective communication solutions that provide world-class service in a feature-rich interface. By opting for our VoIP solutions for your business, you can cut down significantly on your communication costs, without jeopardizing service or stability.

Since our establishment in 1996, we have helped several businesses across Texas to make the switch to VoIP, and benefit from the cutting-edge technology that underlies this exciting communication system. With a VoIP phone system in place, you can benefit from a wide range of features, right from cheap long-distance calls, to video conferencing, voicemail-email integration, call transfer, etc. Not only does such a system help to improve the bottom line of your organization, but it also boosts employee efficiency, makes it easier to manage a remote workforce, and helps to improve customer satisfaction through smooth and efficient communication.

Folkerson Communications, LTD provides hosted VoIP services, which helps to further increase savings, by eliminating the need to invest in an initial setup for the phone system. In addition to this, you can also benefit from remote troubleshooting, which means that you do not have to have a dedicated IT staff for the management of your phone system. This scalable solution is ideal for small and medium businesses, with the process of adding new phone lines to the existing phone system being as easy as inserting new cable leads, without the need to refurbish the entire system.

The VoIP phone system for small and medium businesses at Folkerson Communications, LTD makes it possible for you to centralize all your business communications through features like centralized voicemail, centralized answering, centralized trunking, and a unified dialing plan. All our systems are implemented through the use of minimum hardware, to ensure a sustainable solution with ease of maintenance for your business. We put our experience and knowledge to use to design an ideal phone system for your company that scores high on design, implementation, and service. Call our Austin office today, at (512) 977-0055 to get a quote for a VoIP phone system for your business. 

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How To Evaluate VoIP Phone System In Waco TX

by Administrator 16. October 2013 20:20

A vast majority of Texas-based businesses have switched to VoIP phone systems, thanks to the range of benefits offered by this modern communication system, including lower costs and extensive features. Before you invest in a VoIP phone system for your business, it is important to evaluate the system, and have a realistic view of the benefits that your Waco business is getting the benefits that were expected from it. The following checklist guides you on how to carry out this evaluation:

  • Cost evaluation: As attractive as a VoIP phone system might seem from a cost perspective, it is important to evaluate all components in the cost evaluation. This should include required IT upgrades including switchers and routers, cabling costs, cost of increased internet bandwidth, and a dedicated fax line if required.
  • Quality of service: Since VoIP business phone systems essentially depend on internet services, there is a scope of dropped calls and downtime caused by variances in these services, such as viruses, regional disturbances, service attacks, etc. You need to consider this while evaluating the benefits of a VoIP phone system for your Waco-based business.
  • Scalability: What might be a great move for your business today, could end up costing you highly in the future, if you do not plan ahead. The same stands true for VoIP, in which scalability should be a top priority.
  • Customer service: When it comes to VoIP, customer service is more important than ever, because if anything goes wrong with your phone system, the last thing you want is to keep waiting for prolonged periods. You can call the customer care number to see how long the wait times are, or contact previous customers to ask about their experience.

The benefits offered by VoIP for business communication cannot be denied. However, like any other critical business decision, it is important to adopt due diligence before adopting VoIP for your business. If you are looking for an experienced and reliable VoIP service provider for your business in Waco, TX, you can visit us at Folkerson Communications Ltd. You can call us at (254) 662-2255.

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Telecommunications Solutions In Waco TX

by Administrator 4. October 2013 16:08

Folkerson Communications, LTD is a telecommunications company with branches across the Central Texas area. Since its establishment in 1996, we have been dedicated to providing coming-of-age and cost-effective services to our clients. Our industry-leading experience makes us a name that you can trust while looking for business phone systems in Waco TX. No project is too big or too small for us. Right from small offices with 1-50 phones, to large establishments with more than 1000 phones, we have expertise in meeting all sorts of telecommunication needs.

Our specialties include VoIP, Wireless, Voice Mail and other contemporary communication features for single offices as well as multi-location setups. We provide a comprehensive solution for the communication requirements of your company, starting from the initial phases of consultation and installation, going on to the implementation and service of these systems. We specialize in the design as well as sales of phone systems, peripherals and specialty applications for offices of all sizes. Our VoIP phone system services for small to large businesses are the best in the industry in Waco, laden with features that will make a true difference to the productivity of your workplace.

By choosing Folkerson Communications, LTD as your telecommunications provider, you shall be gaining access to the best-of-breed manufacture resources and support, as well as a wide-reaching resource of product knowledge. Whether it is network configurations or call center applications, you can be sure to get the most superior service in all respects. We lay special emphasis in providing this high level of professional service to each of our customers, ensuring an unmatchable experience. You can contact us online or via telephone at (254) 662-2255 to access this abundant resource of knowledge. We shall be glad to assist you with any questions that you might have regarding your current vendor, as well as guide you on your best options if you are considering switching to a better service.

 Apart from office phone systems and VoIP, our areas of expertise also include data networks and structured cabling. We provide LAN and WAN installation and services, handling upgrades of existing networks, as well as new installations. Our certified technicians can also fulfill all your structured cabling requirements, right from adding an extension to setting up the entire voice and data infrastructure for your office building. The list of telecommunications brands that we specialize in includes NEC, SAMSUNG, LUCENT, ESI, WIN, MITEL, NORSTAR, PARTNERS, PANASONIC, and TOSHIBA. Contact us on our 24X7 helpline right away to know how we can help you enhance your office telecommunications.

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Business Phones Waco TX: The Basics

by Administrator 4. September 2013 13:48

The basic factors to consider when buying a phone system for your business are the size of your business, your budget, and your requirements from such a system. Having the right business phone system can go a long way in establishing a positive line of communication with your customers, important business contacts, suppliers, etc. In addition to this, it can also boost efficiency at your workplace, by facilitating streamlined communication between employees. The following list describes some of the key features that you should look for in a business phone system:

  • Auto attendant: This feature serves the purpose of a receptionist, helping to route incoming calls to the right station. It gives a big-business feel to the business, while also saving time and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Conferencing: Almost all business phone systems in Waco TX are incorporating this feature, owing to its immense relevance in the present-day scenario of long-distance communication and data sharing. Conferencing helps to save on the expense incurred in making long-distance calls, along with helping multiple parties to participate in virtual meetings.
  • Voice mail to email integration: While voice mail has been around for decades, its integration with email comes as a new and welcome feature in modern telephone systems. You can view transcripts of all your voicemail through your home computer, hand-held device, or even shared computer, on your email.
  • Backup power: The last thing you want is a power outage causing an important conversation with a client to get disrupted. Ensuring that your phone system comes with sufficient power back-up is a simple step to avoid such glitches.
  • Remote location: This is an exciting new feature that Waco TX businesses with a remote workforce can employ to keep their employees connected. All that you need to do to reach a remote or offsite employee, is dial an internet extension that will directly connect to him.
  • Find me/ Follow me: This is becoming a ubiquitous feature in business phone systems, for its application in making employees reachable despite their location. Just because an employee is not at his office desk does not mean that a customer must keep waiting or leave a voicemail. This feature will automatically locate the employee through their last login, and forward the call to the next available number.
  • Computer Telephone Integration: Despite being costly, this option is great for businesses that rely on computer data for customer service. The number displayed on the caller ID is automatically transmitted to the computer screen, causing all the data related to the caller to display on the screen.

We, at Folkerson Communications, LTD can walk you through your choices and make sure that you get reliable and cost effective business phone system in Austin, TX. We also assist you with any features that you do not understand and that you might require. Contact us at 512-977-0055 to avail our first class services.

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VoIP Voicemail Can Benefit Businesses In Austin- How?

by Administrator 5. August 2013 19:15

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) voicemail is an integral feature in most business phone systems, which can go a long way in retaining customers and boosting productivity. Deciding to skip on the voicemail feature could end up with a heavy price for your Austin business, since customers and clients are not likely to call back if their call was missed. With VoIP voicemail, you can move about freely, and even leave your desk for a short break, knowing that any important callers will leave a voicemail. VoIP voicemail incorporates certain additional features, which offer a significant edge to the business, when compared with the voicemail in a traditional phone system.

No wonder, most Austin businesses have switched to VoIP calling systems, equipped with the pro-business voicemail feature. One of the most appealing features of VoIPvoicemail, is that it comes with an option for voicemail-email integration. This means that you do not have to wait for until when you are back to your office desk to access the voicemails. You can get them directly in your email inbox, making it easy to sort them out based on their priority, and also maintain a record of important voicemails. You can choose between getting a full text transcription of the voicemail, and getting the original voicemail as an attachment in your email.

Another useful feature that VoIP voicemail has to offer is visual voicemail. This offers an interesting merge between voicemail and video conferencing, allowing you to see the person leaving the message. This feature is becoming increasingly common among small and medium businesses, because it leaves a striking impression on the caller, working well for the business’ image. Using VoIP voicemail for your business also allows you to customize greetings, making sure that callers do not always here the same pre-recorded message whe

n they are not able to reach you. For instance, if you are away from your desk for just ten minutes, you can let your callers know that, from an instantly-recorded message.

In addition to this, such customized greetings are also perhaps the easiest way for a business run from home, or a small business to strike a “big-business” impression on callers. All in all, VoIP voicemail helps callers to have a seamless experience, while also ensuring that no important calls go missed. This feature is easily accessible to employees at all times, and highly customizable, hence making it a favorable addition to any business phone system.

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