Benefits Of Hosted VoIP For Startups

by Administrator 13. October 2015 15:41

An efficient telecommunication solution is crucial for a business that is yet to establish its entity in the industry. The phone system should not only be cost-effective, but also be able to meet the requirements of the company. Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology is one such tool that offers economical services with considerable functionalities.

Here are some of the benefits offered by a hosted VoIP phone system for start-up businesses:

  • Save money: When you initiate a new business, you need to save money from all quarters and avoid unnecessary expenditure. VoIP systems work well in such a scenario due to their affordable installation and maintenance costs. You can choose calling plans according to your needs and upgrade it as you expand your business. International calls are also much cheaper through VoIP.
  • Increased flexibility: VoIP systems are very flexible and can be easily scaled according to your business requirements. You can easily add or remove extensions in your office phone. Integrating software programs such as remote conferencing, media messenger, automatic call distribution, voicemail solutions etc. is also very easy.
  • Interesting features: VoIP phone systems offer a wide range of advanced features that can be beneficial for start-up companies. Some of them are call forwarding, voicemail, auto attendant, voice mail to email transfer, caller ID, find me/ follow me and a lot more. Incorporating these features can significantly improve your credibility and present you as a professional business to the clients.
  • Increased mobility: If your business currently does not have a physical location or manages employees who work from home, VoIP is certainly the best solution for you. You can carry the adapter and hold telephonic conversations from any location. All you need is an Internet connection and a VoIP phone system.
  • Enhanced productivity: Since VoIP systems allow multitasking; it can significantly increase the productivity of employees. You can conduct virtual conferences, share important data, make and receive video calls etc. This saves a lot of time and enhances the efficiency of employees. The voice clarity is also quite good, making it the number one option for start-ups.
  • Easy installation: Installing a VoIP system does not require high level of technical expertise. The installation process is quite easy and you do not require any separate cabling or wires for this purpose.

We, at Folkerson Communications, Ltd, offer cost-effective VoIP phone systems for businesses in Waco, TX. For more information, you can call us at (254) 662 – 2255 or visit our office at 1412 S Robinson Dr, Waco, TX 76706.

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Tips To Select The Right Phone System In Waco

by Administrator 19. August 2015 21:04

When it comes to business telecommunications, it can be quite difficult to figure out which type of phone system will best facilitate your needs. Choosing between the hundreds of features available, different types of phones and service providers, all these require a lot of planning as well as insight about the company’s future requirements. The phone system you select should be able to simplify communication within your office and with your clients or customers. 

Here are some of the tips that can help you choose the right phone system for your business:

  • Draw Up A Staffing Plan: First and foremost, you must lay out your business plan in order to determine the number of phone lines you will require at present as well as a few years later. This will depend upon the number of employees in your company as well as the nature of operations, i.e. whether the calls are mainly incoming or outgoing.
  • Choose The Features: You may consider call routing if you want your office calls to be directed to your mobile phone. For companies having a work-from-home culture, features such as call conferencing, video conferencing, voicemail etc. would be advantageous. You can also consider a phone with an automated attendant feature.
  • Type Of Phone System: Depending upon your company’s telecommunication requirements, you should decide if you want to choose a hosted PBX or a VoIP phone system. Carefully analyze the feature offered by both to determine which of them would best suitable for your business. For instance, if your company has more than one physical location, dealings with international clients or employees working from home, a VoIP phone system will be the best solution for you.
  • Scalability: You must make sure that the phone system facilitates easy addition of features, without the need to install any new hardware. In case you hire more employees in the future, it should not be difficult to add extensions to the already existing phone lines. The features offered must be able to increase your business’ efficiency, lower telecommunication costs and the system should not require specialized IT staff to be managed effectively.   

We, at Folkerson Communications, Ltd., are a leading provider of high quality phone systems in Waco, TX. We offer both VoIP and hosted solutions that can be customized according to the requirements of your company. For more information, you can call us at (254) 662 – 2255 or visit our office at 1412 S Robinson Dr, Waco, TX 76706.

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Why Should You Choose VoIP Over Standard Telephony

by Administrator 18. June 2014 18:43

VoIP is one of the decisive innovations in the field of telecommunications that has reached immense heights of popularity over the last few years, owing to its simplicity, features and cost-effectiveness. With a number of marked advantages over standard means of telephone that has been in use for many decades, VoIP is a great alternative for businesses that can make the full use of its generous feature set and incredible cost-effectiveness. Overall, VoIP is a marked improvement upon older technologies like standard telephony, using the power of the internet to offer a flexible, scalable and efficient mode of communication for businesses. It is no wonder that several businesses are making an active effort to switch to VoIP from standard telephony, and here are a few important reasons why.

  • Easy to use – VoIP is extremely easy to set up and use. There is no need to install elaborate hardware or structured cabling systems. Anybody can set up a VoIP system, even with little or no technical knowhow. There is no scope for cable clutter, and adding further units to the system is a breeze. Maintenance is also easier, thanks to the fact that VoIP systems use software and not hardware for management.
  • Better Productivity – VoIP greatly increases the scope for productivity with its added range of features which cannot be found with standard telephony. Since it uses the internet to facilitate communication, instead of just sticking to voice calls, VoIP also offers features like video calls, conferencing, file and document sharing along with collaborative workspaces. This allow business employees more leeway to multitask and complete communication efforts, while cutting costs for the company.
  • More Flexibility – For business communications, VoIP brings a world of flexibility. Due to its rich feature set, employees can use VoIP for a number of different purposes. Features like remote conferencing, electronic fax and email integrated with the phone system really elevate its scope and reach. Also, VoIP can be used on the go, which means that employees who are on the move only need a place with internet connectivity to stay in touch.
  • Affordable – Compared to standard telephony, VoIP systems cost significantly less to set up and maintain. Without the need for expensive hardware and cabling, VoIP gives businesses the opportunity to revamp their communication system at a fraction of the cost. Also, calls to other countries through VoIP are much cheaper, which is a blessing for businesses which need frequent international communication.

We at Folkerson Communications Ltd provide VoIP phone systems for businesses all over Austin. Contact us at (512) 977-0055 for more details.

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Phone Systems Provided By Folkerson Communications

by Administrator 16. September 2013 16:09

Folkerson communications is a one-stop destination for all your office communication needs. No project is too small or too big for us. Right from small telephone systems consisting of 1-500 telephones, to large ones with over 1000 phones, we can cater to all your needs. Our specialties include single office, multi-location office, call centers, wireless phones, VoIP, etc. Our experience of over 30 years in the telecommunication industry helps us to deliver that competitive edge to your business. Our aim remains to offer reliable solutions within a budget.

If you are looking to switch to a VoIP phone system for your Waco business, we can help you to choose the right package to meet your business needs. We shall provide you with services

at every stage of the process, including the initial consultation, design specifications, peripherals, phone services, installation, implementation, and sales. The phone system brands that we deal in include:

  • NEC: An increasing number of Central Texas businesses are opting for NEC phone systems, which offer a wide range of cutting-edge applications. A branch of the UNIVERGE family of desktop phones, NEC’s office communication solutions include desktop phones, wireless LAN phones, DECT phones, and softphones. The advanced features and customizable options such as attendant consoles and voice conferencing, make them ideal for small and medium businesses.
  • ESI: When it comes to ESI, the name itself is enough to speak volumes of the quality that this brand offers. The easy-to-use features in our ESI integrated phone systems fulfill all the communication needs of your business, while saving both time and money. These phone systems deliver a wide range of advanced options, including video and call logging, access control, presence management, and unified communications.
  • MITEL: Folkerson communucations also deals in telephone systems from MITEL communications solutions. MITEL offers a high level of technology innovation in the world of business phone systems, with its interoperability giving you the freedom to choose the features that you want. This brand understands the changing needs of business communication, making it possible to overcome challenges like managing a remote workforce, or seamlessly shifting between mobile devices and desktop computers.

Contact our service representatives at Folkerson communications to know more about the phone systems that we provide, and to help us choose the best one for you. Our industry leading experience makes us a reliable provider for your communication needs, and a name that you can trust.

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Types Of VoIP Phones

by Administrator 20. May 2013 14:04

VoIP phones are a relatively new introduction to the world of business communication, which is why most business owners still are not quite sure about how to make the most of them. With the various types of VoIP phone systems available, it is important for business owners in Austin TX to understand the significance of each of these phones, and which one is the best one to meet their needs. The following list enumerates the various types of VoIP phones and their basic use-

  • Desktop phone- This is a standard business phone system, that looks just like a traditional landline telephone, but actually operates as a VoIP phone. This is great for making and receiving calls in a regular office environment. A regular phone handset can be converted into a desktop VoIP phone simply by using an ATA device that plugs the handset into the VoIP box.
  • USB- A USB phone is basically a small device that can be plugged into the USB jack of your computer, and is used to make VoIP calls over desktop or laptop computers. In general, such a phone is best used if calls are to be made via software applications.
  •  Soft phone- A soft phone basically refers to a software application installed in your computer for making VoIP phone calls. Such a phone does not have any physical extension, and is best used on the go or by business owners on a budget. A microphone is needed for input sound in such a system, while speakers are needed for output sound.
  • Conference phone- This is a VoIP phone system specially designed for making conference calls. It is much like a regular conference telephone, except it transmits digital signals and not analog ones. Business owners in Austin Texas can use such a phone to make phone calls all over the world at minimal costs.
  • Video phone- Video phones are rapidly gaining popularity as they enable video calling through a small camera attached to the phone. This a great option for business owners who need to hold video conferences on a regular basis.
  • Wireless phone- Such a VoIP phone is a lot like a regular cell phone, except it makes calls through VoIP. These phones have an in-build Wi-Fi or DECT transceiver unit, making it possible to make calls from your office number on the go, anywhere where there is a wireless internet connection.


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Tips To Use VoIP Services Efficiently

by Administrator 6. May 2013 13:47

VoIP, also commonly referred to as internet phoning is becoming increasingly popular among business owners as well as domestic users. The advantages of such a phone system over conventional landline telephony are undisputable. While most business owners in Austin now have VoIP installed at their work places, just a few of them actually utilize this modern telephone system to its maximum potential. The following tips guide you on how to make the most of VoIP for your business-

  • The first and most important requirement for efficient VoIP calling is a reliable internet connection. It is advisable to have a broadband connection. A slow internet connection could have a negative effect on even the best quality of VoIP calling, by affecting the voice quality of calls. Moreover, most VoIP providers do not even support slow internet connections.
  • It is advisable to invest in the basic equipment like headsets with microphones for all employees who shall be using the VoIP phone system. This greatly enhances voice quality and makes communication a lot easier by reducing echo and increasing privacy.
  • You can save a lot of money by choosing a hosted VoIP provider, who shall provide you with all the equipment you need for the initial set up of this phone system. You can simplify things greatly by choosing to get the VoIP adapter integrated into the internet modem.
  • With VoIP rapidly out-phasing traditional business phone systems, there is a bloom of providers in
    Phone System Waco
    Austin, making it important to shop around for the most affordable package. You can choose between flat rates and cost per minute depending on your expected usage. In addition, you also need to enquire whether you shall be charged extra for any additional features that you wish to use.
  • You might want to get a service that includes features like voicemail-email integration and call forwarding, which are useful from a business point of view.
  • It is advisable to turn off additional programs like email, messengers, radios, etc, while making VoIP calls, as these could slow down your internet connection, hence affecting voice quality.


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VoIP: Save Money When You Talk

by Administrator 17. April 2013 14:29

The two principal aims of any business should be- maximum efficiency and minimum cost. A VoIP phone system helps you achieve both these aims by not just streamlining the communication system at your workplace, but also cutting down on your phone bills. Most Austin-based businesses are opting for a VoIP phone system for the same reasons. With numerous hosted providers of this service in the region, VoIP services can be installed without the need for any major investment.

The most evident benefit of VoIP calling from the cost perspective is the economical long-distance calling. If your business involves making long-distance calls on a regular basis, you can achieve a reduction of up to 80% on your current monthly phone bill. This is because, as its name suggests, VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol makes use of the Internet for transmitting the analog signals of these phone calls in a digital format. These phone calls are then finally transmitted through a cable much like a conventional phone system. These business phone systems make it possible to make long-distance calls at the same rate as local phone calls.

By choosing an Austin-based hosted VoIP provider, companies enjoy the additional benefit of not having to spend money on the installation of the communication system. This is because the basic infrastructure that is needed is provided by the VoIP host, resulting in substantial saving for the company. In addition to this, these providers also offer the benefit of remote troubleshooting, which eliminates the need of having a full-time technician at the workplace. Such a system is also beneficial in case of up-scaling, as additional phone lines can be added to the existing system without adding any additional equipment.

VoIP phone systems also help cut down on costs and increase profit for your company by boosting employee efficiency as well as customer satisfaction. Employees are able to communicate more effectively within the company as well as with customers, thanks to the wide range of practical features that the system offers. Effective communication plays undeniably an important role in the functioning of any company and this contributes immensely to the improved functioning of the company as well as its reputation.  If you wish to see these changes in your company, you can take the first step right away by contacting a local hosted VoIP provider.

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Signs That Your Business Needs A VoIP Hosted Phone System

by Administrator 5. April 2013 17:53

To switch or not to switch to a VoIP phone system from a conventional one is a decision that most business owners are faced with. With all the evident benefits of VoIP calling, it is obvious why this breakthrough calling system is rapidly emerging as the most preferred form of calling for business owners in Austin. The best part about a hosted VoIP phone system is that it eliminates the need for a lofty initial investment, while also having several long-term benefits, such as scalability and remote troubleshooting to mention a few.

If you are debating over whether or not VoIP is right for your business, the following signs are worth looking out for-

  • Call dropping- Call dropping is a major problem faced by business owners relying on a traditional phone system. However, with reliable VoIP providers, this problem is taken care of by eliminating its two major causes- limited phone lines and disrupted connections. The result is that your business can handle an unlimited amount of calling without having to worry about dropped calls.
  • Limitation on remote calling- In the modern world of increased mobility, having a phone system that you can use on the go is a much-appreciated convenience. If you find your work coming to a halt when you are outside your office premise, VoIP is just what you need. With a VoIP phone system, you can use your office phone number and be available round the clock, much as if you were right there in your office. This is also an excellent option for business owners who have employees working remotely and would like to be connected with them.
  • Obsolete phone system- If the phone system that you are currently using for your office has been around for years, chances are that it does not offer many of the modern features that VoIP phone systems have to offer. Right from call transfer and video conferencing to call forwarding and voicemail-email integration, the options that can be explored with a VoIP phone system are countless. These features contribute greatly to the efficiency of your business, contributing to the bottom line in the long run. By sticking to such a phone system you risk decreased productivity as well as a poor impression of your business on potential clients and customers.

To purchase business VoIP phone system, don’t forget to choose only Folkerson Communications, LTD. Call us at Austin: (512) 977-0055.

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Maintaining Your Local Area Network

by Administrator 25. March 2013 21:51

Efficiently maintaining a local area network can be challenging for business owners, with the technicalities involved in the process needing a certain level of expertise. Before getting into how to maintain such a network, it is important to have a clear understanding of what a LAN actually is. To put it simply, a LAN is a group of computers or devices connected to each other with or without a cable, enabling an advanced level of connectivity for the business. As the name suggests, such a network is constrained to a limited geographical area like an office building.

The intricacies involved in maintaining a LAN for a business make it imperative for business owners to look deeper into how such a system functions. The following tips highlight the key pointers that need to be considered for effectively maintaining a Local Area Network-

  • The first step in LAN maintenance is careful inspection of the hardware involved, which shall in turn help in preventing future anomalies in the system. Right from the network cabling and equipment to the workstations, the importance of an initial inspection and assessment cannot be overlooked.
  • Cables are a critical component when it comes to maintaining a LAN. It is important to keep all the cables safe and out of any trouble like excessive force, tangling, etc. It is a good idea to use plastic cable ties for slack cables, and keep all clips and connectors in the lock position.
  • Labeling network cables also makes maintenance a lot easier and quicker, eliminating the need to identify the source of a defective cable each time there is a problem.
  • When it comes to software maintenance of a Local Area Network, the most important part of the upkeep is ensuring that the software is updated on a regular basis. The goal should be to install and configure the latest products on the network without interfering with the current use of the LAN.
  • It is also important to keep the entire network virus-free. This can be done by running software on each system in the network to ensure optimal protection from viruses, adware, spyware, etc., all of which might jeopardize the system’s functioning and security.

We, at Folkerson Communications, provide you with the LAN and WAN installations for your firms, buildings, schools and houses. You can stay connected with LAN-WAN connectivity, in and around your area and make the most of your business with our beneficial schemes for VoIP connectivity at the most competitive prices.

For more details contact us at Austin: (512) 977-0055, Temple: (254) 742-0064, Killeen: (254) 698-0016 and Waco: (254) 662-2255.

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VoIP Buying Guide For Small Business

by Administrator 11. March 2013 16:35

With most small and medium sized businesses opting for VoIP as the preferred mode of communication at the workplace, it is becoming important for entrepreneurs to understand how these phone systems work. If you own a small business and are ready to make the big switch, this buying guide tells you what to expect, and what to consider when stepping into the world of VoIP calling.

The first thing that you need to understand to switch to VoIP, is how this system works. It is pretty simple- instead of using the conventional cabled system to transfer telephone signals, you are simply using the internet to transfer analog signals into digital ones, and vice versa. By eliminating the need of cabled transmission, it is possible to make long-distance calls at the same cost as local ones, which explains the significant deduction in phone bills.

Once you have a clear understanding of what VoIP is, and how it works, the next important step is knowing what you need to implement this calling system in your office. If you are opting for a hosted VoIP system, you shall not need to invest in the initial set up for VoIP calling, since your provider shall provide you with this basic infrastructure. This is a great option to go with, since along with helping you to save on the initial cost involved, it also helps if you need to upsize or downsize your business at later stages.

No matter what the type of VoIP that you are opting for, the most important thing that you shall need is a broadband internet connection, which is a basic requirement for making VoIP calls. You can further optimize the quality of VoIP calls made from your office by ensuring that the routers and switches being used are capable of handling the load. You also need to ensure that the bandwidth cap of the internet connection you are using does not come in the way of making calls.

Depending on the type of VoIP phone system you shall be using, you might also need additional requirements like a SIP-enabled phone and an ATA (Analog Telephone Adaptor). It is a good idea to discuss these options with your provider for a better understanding of the VoIP system best suited to the needs and budget of your business.

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