Things To Consider When Installing A Cable Network

by Administrator 19. January 2015 13:23

Installing a cable network is not such an easy task as it seems to be. Lacking the required skills and knowledge can result in serious mistakes that have the potential to damage the entire system. With the constant advancement in technology, having efficiency in handling all of them is quite difficult. No matter if you have the most proficient team of technicians with you, it is highly possible they make some faulty connections and pairings that fail to deliver efficiency.

Given here are some of the things that you should keep in mind while installing a cable network:

  • Although it is a known fact that cost is an important factor while deciding on the cable options, however, you should not compromise on quality at all. Make sure you choose cables that are not below the quality of CAT5e or CAT6. Also consider and make provisions for the applications to be upgraded at a later time.
  • Try to use a single cable for your voice and data needs. Many telecommunication companies prefer installing a different cable for each system. In general, voice is given a cheaper cabling, whereas data cabling is superior and expensive. However, with the increasing popularity of VoIP, voice and data cabling can be integrated as a single unit. In fact, VoIP phone systems come with an in-built Ethernet switch which allows it to connect to the existing cables. Thus, it can save a lot on the installation costs.
  • Do not put electrical and data cables together. The low voltage running through the data cables generate a magnetic field to smoothly carry on the communication chain. However, when these exposed cables are placed along the electrical cables, the communication becomes garbled and noisy due to the disruption in magnetic field. If you have to place the cables near electrical lines, make sure you cross them at a perpendicular angle.
  • Once the network is installed, you must test each and every cable with the designated tools to ensure that they are in proper working order. This may include verifying the cable specifications and length matched to your requirements.

We, at Folkerson Communications, Ltd, offer cost effective and quality structured cabling solutions to businesses in Harker Heights, TX. For more information, you can call us at (254) 698 – 0016 or visit our office at 701 Sun Meadows Dr, Harker Heights, TX 76548.

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Reasons Why Structured Cabling Is Important For Your Business

by Administrator 18. November 2014 20:15

Structured cabling is a wired infrastructure, which transmits the data required for networking in the entire office building so that everyone can connect easily. The structured cabling system offers maximum return on the investment whereas poor cabling can cause network failures, which can prove to be harmful for the business. Therefore, it is crucial to have proper structured cabling in the company and many businesses are relying on structured cabling for frequent communication with customers and optimal functioning of the network.

Here are some reasons why structured cabling is important for your business:

Quick transmission

In order to offer satisfactory customer services and quickly open the record of a customer a business needs quick data transmission. Using cables that do not support the speed that you require can lead to losses and poor performance. A business ideally needs structured cabling to increase the data transmission for optimum performance.

Noise Resistance

Structured cabling is superior to other forms of cabling because of noise resistance and smooth operation. The fiber optic cables reduce noise to a large extent as noise in cables often leads to poor c

ommunications during phone calls and corrupts data. It also slows down the network as the corrupt data is resent repeatedly until it gets through. Hence structured cabling is essential as it reduces noise and improves the communication.

Longer Runs

By using high quality cables that offers longer runs you can support your business phone system in a better way. The fiber optic cables run longer without causing errors and offer superior noise resistance without any limitation due to the length of the fiber optic cable. As these cables support longer runs you need not install a number of repeaters or data hubs. This further makes the network more reliable and decreases the investment required for equipment.

Affordable Maintenance

Structured cabling does not need heavy maintenance if installed carefully and properly. It is easy to identify the problem and replace the cables which help in minimizing the downtime and increasi

ng the productivity of any business.

Leads to Business Growth

Installing structured cabling is an investment that helps one secure the future and improve the communication. By having a system that supports both the digital phone system and the data at the same time, you can have an error free and fast transmission of data, and voice. This helps you strengthen your position and have reliable infrastructure. With superior cabling systems and better voice qualities you can reduce expenses in the long run.

You can consult Folkerson Communications Ltd for installing the best-structured cabling infrastructure that support company’s current and future requirements.

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How to Select An Apt Structured Cabling?

by Administrator 19. March 2011 14:04

Structured cabling installation is meant to render commercial enterprises with a potent and dependable networking infrastructure. Not all business organizations have the identical demands as it pertains to networking and only customized solutions works the best for them. Following are the factors you must consider while choosing Right Structured Cabling Vendor:

Obtaining a Quote:

You need to search for a company that has been setting up cabling for quite some time and who have functioned with a broad range of businesses. Folkerson Communications, LTD is one such company that evaluates exactly what a business necessitates from its network and how the structured cabling set-up will fulfill the requirements of that particular business. When you would like to get a quote for installation, you need to let us know what kind of structured cabling you need to meet your business demands. Once these preliminaries are finished, our advisors will provide you with a quotation for the task. 

What is mentioned in Quotation?  

Our quotation for structured cabling installation includes a description of what the technicians intend to perform, a detailed description of the procedure, including an approximation of the time it's going to take, and the price of the installation. If you accept the quotation then it is the responsibility of our installers to go forward with the work as drafted and to the estimated standard, and render a complete documentation concerning the installation. 

Why You Need Structured Cabling? 

Structured cabling network allows several departments of a company to intercommunicate efficiently, and it is a cost effectual way to amend communications and to maintain a track of productivity. One of the most significant advantages that properly established cabling renders is to minimize the presence of any flaws in your networking system. 

Structured cabling yields your company greater flexibility in networking and this flexibility is a necessary constituent in the reduction of business troubles that are frequently complex. A structured cabling system acts as a platform, which is a starting point for info and the evolution of a system, admitting data, video recording and audio elements. It utilizes certain standard components to deliver a flexible interface for your business systems to function more comfortably and to unite your company's communication systems.

To obtain cost-effective solutions for all your telecommunications needs, contact Folkerson Communications, LTD at Austin: (512) 977-0055.

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