Security Tips To Protect Your VoIP Phone System

by Administrator 19. December 2014 21:04

It is a known fact that VoIP phone systems are fast gaining popularity among business owners. They are an efficient and cost-effective option over the traditional phone systems. However, most business owners might not be aware of the fact that frail VoIP security makes it susceptible to various threats from hackers. Cybercriminals exploit any loop hole in a VoIP network to use the business phone systems without authorization, infect the entire network with a virus or gain access to confidential data.If you have a VoIP phone system installed at your business, here are some important security tips to protect your network from malicious attacks.

  • Strengthen Password: Although this is not a new tip, yet many people fail to adhere to the simple password security guidelines. Always make sure that you change the default PIN or password provided by the VoIP service provider. Many phone systems do not allow small or simple passwords to be set. Also, there may be a feature to deny access if a user has entered the wrong password a certain number of times.
  • Encrypt Data: In VoIP phone systems, data travels over the network and is susceptible to attacks. Encrypting helps to increase its security by transforming the data into a format that cannot be deciphered easily. Thus, even if the data gets hijacked by a hacker, he won’t be able to decode it.
  • Install Firewall: Having a firewall will help you to establish a barrier between the impending threats and your network. You can even configure the firewall settings to increase or decrease your VoIP network’s security. Bear in mind that these settings must be altered from time to time to support the needs of your phone system.
  • Implement Authentication: This is also an important way to control calls made through VoIP phones. All the communicating VoIP devices need to authenticate one another before starting the conversation. This will minimize the chances that any unauthorized user will have access to the conversation.
  • Frequently Test and Update: Getting your VoIP phone’s security system verified by a professional can help you identity and fix the weaknesses before they are misused by a hacker.

For more tips about how to keep your VoIP phone system secure, you can contact Folkerson Communications, Ltd at (254) 698-0016. You can also visit our office at 701 Sun Meadows Dr, Harker Heights, TX 76548.

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Maximizing Your Business Benefits With VoIP Conferencing Suites

by Administrator 6. October 2014 15:22

With the new inventions happening every day it is becoming much easier businesses to keep up their operations even when all the employees are not at the same place. Most businesses today work with computer and their employees have laptops and cell phones to keep them linked to work at all times. However, if your company has not incorporated business VoIP conferencing solutions as yet then you are surely lagging behind in connectivity. There are numerous benefits with VoIP conferencing that can help your business and here are some of the main points.

  • Host meetings in any part of the world: A hosted video conference is the perfect solution if you want to host a meeting with your partners or employees who are in different locations. This way, you can make sure that everyone receives the same information without having to bear the travel costs.
  • Option between video and voice conferencing: With most business VoIP phones, you can have the option to choose from video and voice call conferencing. If you prefer a face to face conversation, you can select video conferencing. However, if you stress on online visual aids during your meetings, you can go in for voice conferencing.
  • Incorporate remote employees: Today, there are almost no physical boundaries for business and you don’t need an employee to come in to the office every day. Freelancing and working from home is cost effective and many businesses have employees doing the same. However, there are a few things that are urgent or cannot be efficiently communicated over email. VoIP conferencing can provide the perfect solution to keep all the employees updated, no matter where they are.
  • Improve your office hardware: You can implement latest hardware solutions for your office depending upon the size and scale of your VoIP solutions. You can have sophisticated phones for large conference rooms or simple VoIP phones for individual use. Based upon the needs and requirements of your business, you can also choose from a variety of conferencing plans available. Thus, VoIP is a very cost-effective means of communication. 

For businesses that have to make conference calls on a daily basis, VoIP phone system is definitely the best option for you. We, at Folkerson Communications, Ltd provide efficient VoIP solutions for the communication needs of your business.  For more information, you can contact us at (512) 977 – 0055.

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Never Miss A Call - Anywhere - With VoIP

by Administrator 11. September 2014 18:02

For most business owners finding an economical and feasible solution to any department is the first port of call. The main area where most businesses have significant room for improvement is communication. Spending a significant amount of money for internet, international and local calls highly impacts the revenue of a company.

You as a business owner should consider using VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol, to reduce expenses and save money. The benefits you get with VoIP calling are multi fold and because you use your internet connection to make calls you no longer have to pay the per pulse heavy regular carrier tariff charge. Business owners can save a lot of money by installing a VoIP system that is easy to install, maintain and use. The voice quality with VoIP, cost effectiveness and ease of use are making this system the most sought after by current businesses. 

Here are the some of the most important advantages that you get by installing a VoIP system.

Cost Effective

A VoIP system is very cost effective while installing and making calls. You can make international calls, conference calls, and local calls at fraction of costs without sacrificing on quality.

Easy to set up

A VoIP system is very easy to set up and doesn’t require heavy hardware unlike previous telephones. Folkerson Communications Ltd provides assistance whenever you need, both during set up and after setup should you require any help.

No limitations

There are no limitations with a VoIP in calling either. You get to make and receive calls as you want and use VoIP phones just like a typical phone. In addition, you can also set up conferences, make video calls, save messages, record them and take advantage of several other small and big features like caller ID, redial and so on. Moreover, the scale of your VoIP set up adjusts to your needs. You can expand it or contract it whenever you want and as and when your number of employees and calling needs increase or decrease. You can also move a particular instrument from one department, floor, and cabin to anther whilst retaining its identity that is caller ID.

To conclude, we can say that VoIP is a more economical, feasible, applicable and convenient way to make business calls compared to regular phones. It is flexible and offers many features at very less cost.

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Things To Consider While Selecting Your VOIP Service Provider

by Administrator 31. May 2011 02:56

VOIP services are fast replacing traditional landline and cellular phones due to the ease in usage and the reduced tariffs at which they are available. Every year, thousands of people switch to VOIP services while getting rid of their existing phone connections. One should not take the plunge without understanding the factors that help discern a competitive VOIP plan. You can consider the following points before you make a decision regarding the same:

  • All VOIP services providers are likely to charge a certain fixed rate irrespective of your usage. These tend to be quite nominal and can be different for different companies. You can make the best choice regarding this by scouting the market for good deals and then going in for one that best suits your budget the best.
  • Apart from the cost factor, you must also consider the kind of features that a particular company offers. Some companies may provide VOIP phone systems with a multitude of features that can be of great help especially for office purposes while others may only offer the most basic ones that are adequate for home use. You need to decide what kind of features you require and make a decision accordingly after much deliberation.
  • Apart from the charges for local calls, companies may have different pricing schemes when it comes to calling different nations. If you are purchasing a VOIP connection only to be able to talk to someone in a particular country at reduced rates, you can also look for country-specific or region-specific plans that will reduce your bills significantly.

We at Folkerson Communications Ltd provides cost effective VOIP solutions to individuals and corporate in and around Central Texas. For more information, contact us at Austin: (512) 977-0055, Temple: (254) 742-0064, Killeen: (254) 698-0016 and Waco (254) 662-2255.

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VOIP - Converse Easily, Without Worrying About Your Money

by Administrator 28. March 2011 21:44

Technology and people have come a long way with respect to communication. Earlier, the telephone was the only medium for two people to talk with each other when they were far off from one another. But the advancement of technology has brought forward many new changes in the manner with which people communicate and one of them is certainly VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP is an alternate mode of communication with which people talk to one other through the medium of internet. 

Today, VoIP has become just like an organic mass system of communication because many people prefer it over the basic telephone system. It would not be wrong if we say that it is now leading the digital communication market.

As we all know that VoIP refers to Voice over Internet Protocol. This technology transforms verbalized sounds into digital signaling. This permits the voice to be conveyed over a network which includes the internet. Your voice is aired as sound data packets over the internet to the receiver at the other terminal. The internet connection needs to be a broadband or high speed connection. Other than this, you will need a modem/ some other means of wireless services and a telephone suitable for this facility.

VOIP technology has revolutionized the manner in which the calls are being made and charged around the globe. It has made conversing with anyone around the globe as simple as browsing the internet. And this mode of telephony often costs you nothing more than the charge per unit of a localized call. For utilizing the VoIP, you can use your headset, which is going to function as your phone, and plug it into your laptop or computer and you can begin calling anyone all over the world. 

Some particular things are to be taken into account while utilizing this service- your service provider might bill you for the calls made outside your area, so make it a point to study the terms of service for the same. These services may be availed with either your conventional handset device or with a microphone over the internet. So, here is when Folkerson Communications, LTD comes to your aid. Contact us today at Austin: (512) 977-0055.

Affordable VoIP Phone Systems

by Administrator 12. March 2011 16:33

Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) phone systems are those which enable voice calls via internet. All communication requirements for businesses can now be fulfilled by these telephone systems at a very low cost. They do not need any phone line or costly equipment to be set up in your office. VoIP phone systems are fantabulous picks for business organizations that favor an exquisite phone system for appropriate communication and for effective manipulation of calls. 

VoIP phone systems are extremely advantageous for businesses that utilize international phone calls for their official activities. With these VoIP systems, you are able to make calls to any nation in the world at minimal and suitable payment rates. With VoIP, officials can even transmit data such as pictures and video footage among several users. 

Unlimited calling service served by hosted PBX system permits any number of phone calls at very affordable rates. This service is applied to both local and international calls. Communication employing this system is possible with the help of computers, traditional land phones, IP phones and laptops. Another benefit is that users can obtain access to the services of this phone system from any location in the world. Some of the primary functionalities rendered in this phone system are auto attendant, find me, voice mail, fax to email, call forwarding and follow me. Toll free numbers and local phone numbers are also provided by business VoIP phone service providers. This service guarantees data secrecy and high quality voice data. 

As far as a business organization is related, communication between the company officials and clients is a crucial point. VoIP phone systems in companies ensure efficient communication between clients and company spokespersons. Click-to-call is a significant characteristic supplied by VOIP phone systems. This service permits the customers to converse with customer care representatives of an organization by clicking a button on the company's internet site. 

Automatic redialing, call forwarding, caller ID facility, 3-way calling, call blocking and other advanced characteristics integrated in VoIP phone systems are perfect for corporate advancement. VoIP phone systems are hence within your budget business solutions, suitable for both small and medium scale businesses.

For more info on how we can help you in supplying unrivaled VoIP Phone Systems, please call Folkerson Communications, LTD at the following numbers: Austin: (512) 977-0055, Temple: (254) 742-0064, Killeen: (254) 698-0016 and Waco: (254) 662-2255.

Usage Of VoIP Business Phone Systems Results In Reduced Telecommunication Costs

by Administrator 26. February 2011 17:30

Business VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol, has totally altered business phone system technology. Companies are cutting down tolls using VoIP, amending customer support while acquiring access to characteristics and applications that amplify worker output. A legitimate business phone system can resist the test of time and it matures with your business demands. A business VoIP phone system is a long term plus that preferably should help your business for several years.

Buying the wrong business phone system can be a costly and deadly mistake. It can mean eminent grades of care, service calls, and hardware that turns outdated in a few years. Service interruption solely can cost a business that depends on client phone calls, an enormous sum of money. The majority of the businesses spend countless hours and money trying to drive people to call so it is very significant that those telephone calls are dealt with the extreme care. In case they are not, many potential customers are lost, gains are squandered, and the business will suffer. It is essential to possess a steady business phone system, expert receptionists, and a voice mail system that functions.

When a business settles to make the modification to VoIP, specialist is required right along the path from purchase to installation and governance to make sure a smooth changeover to a new phone system. Significant characteristics such as call recording, call surveillance, call transfer, conference, hold, and access to the voicemail system must be reckoned. The business VoIP phone system that you pick out requires to be manufactured for many years of quality service.

With VoIP service, the phone calls move around over the net as data just like e mail does. A VoIP Business phone system can dramatically reduce your telecom prices while enhancing worker efficiency.

VoIP technology also supplies useful characteristics and capabilities that a formal phone system cannot extend. VoIP service causes your phone system to be extremely flexible, so that you can utilize your VoIP phone system anywhere there is a broadband connection. Whatsoever size your business is, VoIP is a amazingly flexible, low priced technology.

Nationwide acknowledged as a leader in the arena of business VoIP phone systems, Folkerson Communications, LTD is specifically equipped to create your communications design from start to finish. The gifted team at Folkerson Communications, LTD will function with you to cope with your finite VoIP for business phone system needs favorably, efficaciously and successfully. Contact us now at Killeen: (254) 698-0016.

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What Is A Voip Connection?

by Administrator 11. January 2011 13:48

VOIP connection implies a Voice Over Internet Protocol connection. VOIP technology is a great mean to communicate at a very low cost. Voip phone systems enable such low costs as they just need a internet connection along with the basic equipment to transmit voice based communication over any distance.

There are many advantages of using Voip instead of the conventional phones. VOIP phone systems are extremely beneficial for those who wish to call overseas or within offices on a regular basis as it help bring down phone bills significantly. It results in huge savings in comparison to conventional phone systems for the users who want to communicate with each other. It has been estimated that VOIP phone systems normally reduces the cost of international phone calls to just 10% of cost through conventional phones.

Voip is increasingly being adapted to work with other devices like cell phones. This will enable people to avail Voip services even while commuting. It will still take a few more technological changes in order to make Voip widely accepted and easier to use for those on the go. Currently VOIP setups enable low cost communications through conventional phones using VOIP adapter, computer systems or special VOIP phones.

VOIP calls are classified into two types:

  1. PC to PC Calls – Here the VOIP communication is done between from one computer system (or VOIP phone) to another computer system (or VOIP phone).
  2. PC to Phone Calls – These calls are made through computer system or VOIP enabled phone system to another conventional phone equipment using PSTN (Packet Switched Telephone Network).

Advantages Of VOIP Phone Systems

  • VOIP phone systems are very effective in conference calls. More than two persons can be a part of a conversation easily through VOIP phone systems.
  • The Hardware and Software cost of VOIP phone system is quite low. Low set up cost makes VOIP phone systems a preferred business choice.
  • Flexible Network Layout is possible with VOIP phone systems. You can use VOIP on Ethernet, ATM, SONET etc. VOIP can also be used with wireless networks.
  • You can communicate with people across the globe with a VOIP phone at extremely low cost.

We at Folkerson Communications provide complete VOIP solutions for businesses. For VOIP phone systems in Austin and other Central Texas areas, please call us at Austin: (512) 977-0055, Temple: (254) 742-0064, Killeen: (254) 698-0016 and Waco (254) 662-2255.

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