Business Conference Calls With VoIP

by Administrator 3. April 2015 13:17

With the introduction of VoIP technology and feature loaded phone systems, it has become much easier to streamline business communications across the world. Regardless of the physical location of your clients or the size of your business, you can reap huge benefits from VoIP conference calls. It can help you increase efficiency as well as make huge savings on your phone bills.

Businesses conduct conference calls for important meetings, team consultations and employee training, performance reports, announcements and updates, project meeting, sales presentations and webinars. Integration with the World Wide Web and option for video conferencing also make VoIP a cost effective option for businesses that need to deal with people in various locations.

Here are some benefits that you can expect by switching to VoIP for your business conference call:

  • Cost Savings: VoIP conference calls provide you a great opportunity to save money on your international calling needs. Whether you need to contact the head office, a different branch or a client in some other country, you can do it a very affordable cost. In addition to helping you reduce the phone bill, VoIP can also cut down on the travel expenses that you might have to incur to meet the client in person.
  • Real-Time Collaboration: VoIP conference calls allow you to discuss business targets, conduct team meetings without requiring everyone to be present in the same room. Even if all the members are in different states or countries, you can still hold an interactive session with them through the audio/video conference calls.
  • Security: VoIP phone systems ensure your security while you conduct conference calls over the internet. It allows you to set passwords in order to restrict anyone from joining your business conference call.

VoIP Features Useful For Business Conference Calls

Most VoIP phone systems offer the following features in order to make your business conference calls more efficient and smooth:

  • Call Recording: The entire conversation in a conference call can be automatically or manually recorded. It can also be downloaded for later use.
  • Moderator Controls: The conference mediator has the control to add, mute or remove any member from the call.  
  • Question And Answer: The participants can raise their hands in a video conference call whenever they have any questions or want to speak anything. This will reduce chaos with several people speaking at the same time.

We, at Folkerson Communications, Ltd, offer cutting-edge VoIP phone systems for the businesses in Killeen, TX. For more information, you can call us at (254) 698 – 0016.

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VoIP: How It Can Help Your Call Center In Austin, TX

by Administrator 4. February 2015 15:15

VoIP systems have a spectrum of features that have the potential to offer a competitive edge to call centers. Some of the benefits that call centers can reap by installing a VoIP system are lower costs, increased flexibility, better control and enhanced integration with system and data.

VoIP system uses the Internet to transfer data and calls by digitalizing the data and splitting it into packets. These packets are sent to the destination over the Internet where they are reassembled.

Some of the benefits of using VoIP technology for call centers are:

Reduced Operation Costs

The biggest benefit that a call center can derive from using the VoIP system is reduction in the costs. The phone bills are much cheaper and the VoIP equipment is also more affordable than the conventional telephone gear such as PBX. By using VoIP, one can easily create a virtual call center where the services are offered from home or with the help of remote agents. This not only boosts the coverage, but also helps in improving the quality, productivity and reduces operational costs. VoIP system doesn’t burden the call center with infrastructure costs and high technology budget, which can be redirected towards expansion or other development purposes. It is also cheaper to re-install, maintain and repair the VoIP system.

Improved Efficiency

The next generations VoIP systems are loaded with unique features such as quick connect function, which helps the call center save money by connecting the call with the agent before connecting it with the customer. This reduces the long pauses that are a part of dialer-generated calls. Other important features include automatic call recording, which helps by automatically tagging and categorizing the calls to streamline business actions. VoIP system helps the companies automate their internal processes and use the customer intelligence to boost customer services. It becomes easy to supervise and thus, improves the quality of contact center services.

Increases Productivity

VoIP helps call centers boost customer satisfaction by decreasing or eliminating the hold time. The system allows the customers to have their calls received promptly. The system ensures the best coverage during the peak time as VoIP calls are easy to route. This technology is helpful in improving customer relationships as it also has features like call forwarding, voice mail and call recording.

We, at Folkerson Communications, Ltd. provide VoIP phones syste,s tp call centers and other busienss firms in Austin, TX.  For more information, call us at (512) 977-0055.

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Never Miss A Call - Anywhere - With VoIP

by Administrator 11. September 2014 18:02

For most business owners finding an economical and feasible solution to any department is the first port of call. The main area where most businesses have significant room for improvement is communication. Spending a significant amount of money for internet, international and local calls highly impacts the revenue of a company.

You as a business owner should consider using VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol, to reduce expenses and save money. The benefits you get with VoIP calling are multi fold and because you use your internet connection to make calls you no longer have to pay the per pulse heavy regular carrier tariff charge. Business owners can save a lot of money by installing a VoIP system that is easy to install, maintain and use. The voice quality with VoIP, cost effectiveness and ease of use are making this system the most sought after by current businesses. 

Here are the some of the most important advantages that you get by installing a VoIP system.

Cost Effective

A VoIP system is very cost effective while installing and making calls. You can make international calls, conference calls, and local calls at fraction of costs without sacrificing on quality.

Easy to set up

A VoIP system is very easy to set up and doesn’t require heavy hardware unlike previous telephones. Folkerson Communications Ltd provides assistance whenever you need, both during set up and after setup should you require any help.

No limitations

There are no limitations with a VoIP in calling either. You get to make and receive calls as you want and use VoIP phones just like a typical phone. In addition, you can also set up conferences, make video calls, save messages, record them and take advantage of several other small and big features like caller ID, redial and so on. Moreover, the scale of your VoIP set up adjusts to your needs. You can expand it or contract it whenever you want and as and when your number of employees and calling needs increase or decrease. You can also move a particular instrument from one department, floor, and cabin to anther whilst retaining its identity that is caller ID.

To conclude, we can say that VoIP is a more economical, feasible, applicable and convenient way to make business calls compared to regular phones. It is flexible and offers many features at very less cost.

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Productivity Anywhere: Business Benefits Of VoIP Phones

by Administrator 19. August 2014 15:25

The business environment in the present times is becoming increasingly mobile and the companies are trying to find ways that provide for an efficient means of communication even in the remotest areas. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems have gained much popularity in this area as they are convenient to use and are cost effective. Apart from offering all-inclusive communication solutions, these phone systems can add significant value to your business. Here are a few benefits that will highlight the importance of VoIP phone systems for businesses.

  • Easy access to business tasks: Although it is quite common to find an office with a desktop computer, yet there are many offices that have adopted the usage of mobile phone technology as this trend is even expected to accelerate in the near future. VoIP phone systems provide the employees an easy access to their offices chores from a device that they prefer to use. When using a VoIP system there is no need to plug into another device.
  • Good Signal: Most office workers have to regularly deal with the frustration of making a call with a weak cellular signal. VoIP phone system enables you to stamp on a Wi-Fi hotspot to send across your call over a data network. This feature greatly enhances your scope of communication as you can place and receive calls from any and every place.
  • Incorporate with cohesive communication systems: These days a blend of options is used by business professionals to stay in touch with their employees and clients. If you are a business venture that uses IMs, screen sharing and video conferencing to communicate then a VoIP system is perfect for you. A VoIP system allows you to instantly switch from an instant messaging screen to a video call without even having to change the device.
  • Lower Costs: It can be a little tough to restrict the costs of telecommunication through mobile phones. International roaming, if not managed properly, can just make the bill touch the skies. However a VoIP system ensures that your work related calls go out using the nearest office circuit from your location and thus reduces the cost considerably.

Employing VoIP system in your workplace will certainly boost up the productivity levels of your employees and take your business to new heights. For any other information about the installation and usage of VoIP phone systems, please contact Folkerson Communications, Ltd at (512) 977-0055.

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Set Up Conference Calls With VoIP Technology

by Administrator 12. August 2014 20:20

With new telecom technologies replacing old ones all over the world, the focus is firmly on the optimum and effective use of these new technologies to best serve a business’s needs and interests. Audio visual communication is one of the most effective ways of business communication and companies are slowly getting used to the idea of using video calls and, audio and video conferencing as part of their business communication processes. With the gaining popularity of VoIP technology, companies can now use this advanced technology to make the most out of audio and video conferencing. With VoIP, setting up and carrying out conference calls is a breeze as the communication platform is perfectly in tune with handling multiple-person calls in an efficient and intuitive manner.

VoIP and its Advantages

VoIP is a modern and innovative communication medium which, instead of using hardware components and meters of cabling, uses specially made software and the powerful medium of the internet to connect calls. With VoIP you are not just restricted to voice calls but can make use of a plethora of other features like video calls, conference calls, electronic fax, email and data transfer. VoIP is extremely versatile, completely scalable and can also be accessed from remote locations or while on the go.

Conference Calls with VoIP

When it comes to conference calls, VoIP is particularly efficient. Conference calls are tricky because there are multiple callers involved and the sheer amount of voice or video data that needs to be transferred is significantly large. Fortunately, VoIP is tailor-made for this task and has the native feature of compressing audio and video data while making communication transmissions. The larger the number of callers in a conference the more this feature comes into play. By reducing the resolution of audio and video content and compressing the content according to the bandwidth requirements of the call, VoIP systems can successfully connect people in conference calls irrespective of their location and the number of people on the call at the same time. If you want to carry out large conference calls, such as carrying out board meetings from remote locations or team-wide conversation about a project in progress, VoIP can deliver without any issues.

For businesses that routinely have the need to make large amounts of conference calls, VoIP is definitely a better option that is cost effective too.

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Benefits Of Using A VoIP Phone System

by Administrator 5. August 2014 15:54

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP phone services are constantly advancing in the field of technology and are turning out to be highly popular and reliable form of communication in the present times. Making as well as receiving a phone call over the internet is often quite comfortable and cheaper than the traditional phone systems. No matter if you are a small, medium or a large business; VoIP phone systems have immense benefits that will be very valuable to your organization.

Here are some of the benefits of using VoIP phone systems in your business:

  • Single Wiring System: Instead of laying separate wiring for telephone and data connection, VoIP allows you to have all voice and data on the LAN. A well designed local area network usually has plenty of bandwidth.
  • Web based management: In a VoIP phone system, all the functions of system management are executed on the network, most commonly through a browser based program of administration.
  • Private IMs: instant Messages or IMs, if properly used, can be a great business tool. With a VoIP phone system, IMs can be limited to corporate matters removing some of the security issues related to public IM sites and gives absolute control to the management.
  • Cost Effective: VoIP systems are an economically sound choice for many businesses. These systems are extremely effective in reducing the expenditure of a company that they would have spent on traditional phone systems. VoIP is cheaper due to the fact that it utilizes a single corporal network.
  • Productivity: VoIP systems are easy to use and operate as it functions on a centralized network. Employees can merge internal communications and customer calls with the facility to get back all the important data.
  • Greater Access: VoIP provides a greater access to the employees to work from any part of the world, just by having an internet connection. This enables the workers to be more and more mobile without having to sit at a particular place to work. Apart from this, it also helps in cutting down the requirement of office space.
  • Multi Functional: Apart from making and receiving voice calls, VoIP systems also allow you to conduct video conference calls. This helps you to stay in touch with your employees and talk about important affairs, deals, meetings, documents, files and agenda regardless of how far they are.

No matter what is the size of your business, VoIP provides you a surprisingly flexible and affordable technology that will help you stay a step ahead of your competitors. If you also want to switch to VoIP phone systems for the communication needs of your business, please contact Folkerson Communications Ltd at (512) 977-0055.

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Digital Vs VoIP Phone Systems

by Administrator 11. July 2014 13:14

The world of telecommunication has gone through a number of important changes and technological advancements over the last few decades. Wired telephones have become feature rich and other important new technologies have also surfaced which have revolutionized the world of business telecommunications in many ways. The digital phone systems have slowly started giving way to bigger, better and more flexible technologies like VoIP. A comparison of digital phone systems and VoIP systems is enough to show why businesses are gradually moving towards new technologies and the advantages that they bring to the table.

  • Ease of Setup and Use – Digital phones work the same way that they always have. They use hardwiring and utilize different cables for voice and data connections. They are managed by centralized hardware and every new unit that needs to be installed needs separate wiring to function properly. VoIP on the other hand, uses the power of the Internet for its connectivity and therefore needs minimal wiring to function. This makes it incredibly easy to setup and use, involving minimum wiring hassles and elaborate setup procedures.
  • Features and Flexibility – While digital phone systems have become better with time and now come with a number of nice features, the feature set that you can get with VoIP is unmatched. Since it uses the Internet for connectivity, you can have simultaneous voice and data connections, and can integrate modes of communication like file transfer, emails, teleconferencing, videoconferencing and electronic fax into your business or vacation model. Unlike digital phone systems, VoIP is also extremely flexible allowing you to add new units with ease and also gives you the ability to use VoIP features on the go.
  • Costs – In general, VoIP systems cost much less to install and maintain than digital phone systems. Due to the integrated nature and the fact that systems are managed by software, VoIP can provide your business with more features at a lesser cost than digital phone systems. Also, businesses which have the need to frequently make international calls can have major benefits with VoIP systems, as international call costs are remarkably cheaper than with digital phone systems.
  • Maintenance – Digital phone systems are more difficult to maintain and required the presence of professional technicians. VoIP systems are managed by software and can therefore be maintained, and repaired remotely. Also, without the hassles of elaborate wiring, VoIP connections are far less likely to face problems.

If you are looking for the right phone system for your business which gives you a bang for your buck, getting a VoIP system installed is the right way to go. We, at Folkerson Communications Ltd offer a wide range of VoIP phone systems for business firms across Central Texas. You can contact us at (512) 977-0055 for more information.

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Features Of Business Phone System

by Administrator 4. July 2014 19:53

In any business model, big or small, an efficient telephone system is required which helps organizations manage their day to day needs. Business phone systems have capabilities that extend far beyond than a traditional telephone. Even though technological advancements have made traditional telephones obsolete, business models prefer using phones for communicating with their clients. They are necessary as they connect employees, help serve customers, let employees collaborate, provide effective communication in real time and come loaded with many features which make them essential to be deployed.

Following are the key features of a business telephone system:

  • Auto Attendant - Auto attendant works like a receptionist for your company 24 hrs a day and directs the caller to the extension number of the recipient they wish to speak to.
  • Conferencing - To have a conversation with a number of people, business phones allow you to connect to more than two participants.
  • Call Forwarding – With this feature, calls can be easily forwarded or redirected to an alternative number or Voicemail in case an employee is not available on a particular number and this helps avoid missing out on important calls.
  • Call Hold – As the name suggests this feature can be used to discuss important matters in between a call.
  • Redial – It is the feature that enables to dial the previous number with a single button.
  • Paging – Paging helps to make important announcements in an organization and locate someone.
  • Speed Dial – For easy access to certain numbers, speed dial comes in handy where you can reach any number by dialing just one number.
  • Music on Hold – To keep users entertained while they are on hold some music or advertisement can be played.
  • Automated Directory – It helps to look up specific destination number of the person you are trying to call and routes calls to specific extension numbers.
  • Voicemail - In order to check on calls that could not be attended due to some reasons, Voicemail is a feature that records your messages and lets you follow up on those calls.
  • Call filtering - Phone systems display the number of the caller on the screen and let you identify who the caller is which in turn helps you save time by ignoring unwanted calls.

It is not necessary that all the features provided by a business phone system are seemingly relevant to every business environment. It depends on a company's needs and they can configure what features they need integrated to their phone systems to save costs and obtain high performance.

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Why Should You Choose VoIP Over Standard Telephony

by Administrator 18. June 2014 18:43

VoIP is one of the decisive innovations in the field of telecommunications that has reached immense heights of popularity over the last few years, owing to its simplicity, features and cost-effectiveness. With a number of marked advantages over standard means of telephone that has been in use for many decades, VoIP is a great alternative for businesses that can make the full use of its generous feature set and incredible cost-effectiveness. Overall, VoIP is a marked improvement upon older technologies like standard telephony, using the power of the internet to offer a flexible, scalable and efficient mode of communication for businesses. It is no wonder that several businesses are making an active effort to switch to VoIP from standard telephony, and here are a few important reasons why.

  • Easy to use – VoIP is extremely easy to set up and use. There is no need to install elaborate hardware or structured cabling systems. Anybody can set up a VoIP system, even with little or no technical knowhow. There is no scope for cable clutter, and adding further units to the system is a breeze. Maintenance is also easier, thanks to the fact that VoIP systems use software and not hardware for management.
  • Better Productivity – VoIP greatly increases the scope for productivity with its added range of features which cannot be found with standard telephony. Since it uses the internet to facilitate communication, instead of just sticking to voice calls, VoIP also offers features like video calls, conferencing, file and document sharing along with collaborative workspaces. This allow business employees more leeway to multitask and complete communication efforts, while cutting costs for the company.
  • More Flexibility – For business communications, VoIP brings a world of flexibility. Due to its rich feature set, employees can use VoIP for a number of different purposes. Features like remote conferencing, electronic fax and email integrated with the phone system really elevate its scope and reach. Also, VoIP can be used on the go, which means that employees who are on the move only need a place with internet connectivity to stay in touch.
  • Affordable – Compared to standard telephony, VoIP systems cost significantly less to set up and maintain. Without the need for expensive hardware and cabling, VoIP gives businesses the opportunity to revamp their communication system at a fraction of the cost. Also, calls to other countries through VoIP are much cheaper, which is a blessing for businesses which need frequent international communication.

We at Folkerson Communications Ltd provide VoIP phone systems for businesses all over Austin. Contact us at (512) 977-0055 for more details.

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Who Can Make Best Use Of VoIP

by Administrator 11. June 2014 18:40

VoIP or Voice over IP is one of the most intriguing and popular telecommunication technologies of this day and age. It benefits thousands of businesses all over the world, enabling them to have a solid, reliable telecommunication solution which is rich with great features and is cost-effective. In principle, VoIP brings to the table the same functionality as wired telephones and PBX systems, with the difference that instead of relying on dedicated hardware and cables, VoIP takes advantage of the internet and its capabilities to facilitate communication. As a result, a number of different, exciting features can be used with VoIP, which makes it a great choice for many industries. There are some businesses which can make full use of the entire feature set a VoIP provides and these are the businesses that can best utilize the full potential of this technological marvel.


For retailers, VoIP presents a unique opportunity. It is a really affordable way to organize and execute all important communication within the company and externally, with clients and customers. Retailers usually experience heavy call volumes, handling product enquiries, business enquiries, customer calls and after-sales service calls. For such a large call volume, VoIP is the perfect mode of communication, as it takes away the need to install elaborate hardware and cabling, and presents the company with an easy to install and easy to use alternative that does not take much time or resources to set up. Also, retailers employ servicemen who are usually on the move, and VoIP makes it extremely easy for them to maintain communication while on the go, using internet connectivity and a device like a laptop or smartphone.


Hospitals usually consist of a lot of different sections and departments and seamless communication is a crucial requirement. VoIP can come in extremely handy in these situations as it provides a way for an extremely mobile hospital staff to communicate internally. Since VoIP does not depend on elaborate hardware and cabling, it is a much more reliable mode of communication and much needed in a place where any delay or disruption of communication might mean the difference between life and death.

Call Centers

Calls centers are also prime businesses for VoIP. VoIP features enable call center employees to route calls to assigned workers, and team leaders can use VoIP to listen in on conversations for performance assessment. Calls can also be recorded for further assessment, and senior managers have the power to take over a conversation at any time if the need be.

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