Benefits Of Wireless Conference Phones

by Administrator 18. September 2014 15:15

Many businesses are using the VoIP system due to the immense benefits and great wealth of features provided by it. The VoIP system makes up for a really enticing choice for companies around the world. Many businesses, institutions and office complexes have successfully made the switch from wired phones to VoIP and have derived great advantages from it. One very important advantage that VoIP provides is the native support for Wi-Fi. Wireless communication is the next step in the chain of innovation and with VoIP and Wi-Fi, conference phones can now become wireless. The advantages of such a system are obvious and both communication and standard workflow can become smoother and intuitive with such a setup. If you are pondering about switching to a VoIP system here are a number of benefits you can get from wireless conference phones –

  • Features – Apart from the freedom of movement that wireless conference phones provide, you get a number of added features with VoIP. Since it uses the internet for communication you can extend the functionality of your wireless conference phones to include features like email, text messaging, electronic fax, video messaging and conferencing. This enables you to deal with different modes of communication on a single device while you are on the go.
  • Ease of Use – Wireless conference phones are easy to set up with VoIP and do not require structured cabling. These phones can be carried while on the move, replaced or repositioned without problems and used while moving within office areas. Wireless conference phones are also extremely easy to operate and can be used by anyone who has the proficiency to operate cell phones.
  • Savings – With wireless conference phones businesses can make major savings on their call costs, especially with international calls. With wired telephones, conference calls are usually an expensive affair whereas with VoIP, which uses SIP or Session Initiation Protocol standards, you can call anywhere in the world and that too for a very less fee.
  • Mobility – The greatest advantage that VoIP provides is support for wireless technology, which gives you unparalleled mobility within your office and outside, all the while being connected with your work via wireless conference phones. You can use your business phone from any location which has internet connectivity. Even if you relocate, you can still use your phone number without hassle.

There are numerous benefits associated with conference phones and shifting to a VoIP system and every business should consider making the switch.

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