Why Businesses Are Switching To Hosted VoIP

by Administrator 11. November 2014 16:18

VoIP has enormously transformed the way businesses are communicating in the present times. Many medium to large businesses have switched their traditional phone systems with hosted VoIP due to the tremendous benefits that it offers. Besides empowering business to streamline their telecommunication system and reduce costs considerably, hosted VoIP offers a lot more benefits that are profitably manipulated by organizations. Some of these benefits are:

  • Work from anywhere: In contrast to the traditional phone systems, VoIP gives the employees mobility by allowing them to access the business phones from any place in the world. They just need an internet connection and a compatible device. With such efficient services, you can always stay connected to your office work, regardless of where you are.
  • Efficient client services: Hosted VoIP comes with numerous features that allow you to offer better services to your clients.  For instance, if you get a call from a customer, your phone system will immediately sort the client’s detailed information from your office records. Thus, you can answer their queries much quickly and efficiently.
  • Work together with your colleagues, from anywhere: Besides phone calls, VOIP also offers features such as IMs and video conferencing that helps you work in collaboration with other team members, even when you are thousand miles away. This is particularly helpful for businesses that have offices in different countries.
  • Never miss important phone calls: The features in VoIP phone systems such as caller ID and call waiting helps you to track every incoming call. If your company gets huge call traffic, you can re-route simultaneous calls to ring at different numbers at the same time.
  • Easy to modify: You can add or alter the features of your hosted VoIP phone system anytime without the need of having any IT skill or knowledge. Users have direct access to manage the phone features and service settings.
  • No hardware problems: Traditional phone systems are likely to get damaged in case of a crisis at your workplace.  However, the hardware for VoIP is stored securely in an offsite location. You just have to redirect the calls to an alternate location and employees can even take the calls from their home or another location.

If you also want your business to expand and flourish you should consider making the switch to hosted VoIP phone systems. For more information, feel free to contact Folkerson Communications, Ltd at (254) 698 – 0016.

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Hosted VoIP Solutions In Central Texas

by Administrator 4. November 2014 20:05

Voice over IP (VoIP) is being increasingly used by businesses as a method of communication. It is mainly used by the sales-oriented business firms and has proved to be an economical method of communication in Central Texas. Buying a Voice over IP (VoIP) phone system involves critical decisions to be taken which would affect the business in a positive way.

Tips for choosing a hosted VoIP Solution:

Choosing a hosted VoIP provider could also be a difficult task but a little planning can be very helpful for delivering a correct VoIP business phone system solution.

Here are a few considerations that can help:

  • Check the features:  A complete inspection of the features should be done before choosing a hosted VoIP solution. The business firms should try to compile the necessary features required by them and the compare them with the features available with the service provider.
  • Ask about the equipments required:  There are many hardware or network infrastructure equipments required in addition to the IP phones, which is dependent on the size of the company and the number of connections required. Confirming about these from the service provider is a must for an effective VoIP solution.
  • Enquire about cancellation policy: Confirm about the cancellation fees, in case of cancellation of the contract and also ask about the time taken to subject the termination procedure. Inquiring about the costs occurred while cancelling and the requirements can also be a part of decision taking.
  • How to change the number of phone lines: As the business keeps on growing, therefore there can be chances of an increase or decrease in the number of phone lines. The users should confirm about the procedure of the change and its effect on the contract. Some of the contractors charge a per line fee, therefore asking about these could be helpful in taking a decision.
  • Support provided:  A very important consideration for any customer is the support being provided to them by the service provided. Therefore a proper check of the support facilities should be done. The customers can confirm about these from the service providers and the market or by contacting the customers using the similar services. Support includes installation, complete set up of call treatments and support after the services.
  • Porting process: One of the most important business considerations is the porting process, as the business owners cannot change their numbers frequently. Therefore asking about the time required for the porting is also beneficial in estimating the completion time of the whole procedure.

VoIP’s are very beneficial for lowering the costs of the business as it offers toll-free calls, reduces the wiring costs, is easy to relocate and provides easy access facilities. We at Folkerson Communications Ltd. provide VoIP solutions to our clients in Central Texas. We provide the latest solutions and applications to you. For more information call us at (254) 662-2255.

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A VoIP Phone System For Business And Much More

by Administrator 20. October 2014 18:33

All businesses, irrespective of their size, rely on Voice over Internet Protocol for effective and cost effective communication. Communication is one of the most important factors that leads a business to success and helps in increasing their productivity and sales. Companies spend a huge amount of money on their phone and communication bills every year and they look for ways to cut the costs that they incur on communicating with their employees, clients and associates. VoIP helps in communicating over the Internet and has in fact opened new avenues for businesses as they can build up a client base or deal with suppliers and distributors from all over the world.

Realizing the benefits of communicating with broadband over analog phone systems, many companies are switching to VoIP systems. Broadband services are available at reasonable costs and thus, substantially reduce the costs of calling internationally. This has also made it possible for the employees to remain in touch with the office and the management while working in any part of the world. They can plug in their phones anywhere, as they need only high-speed broadband connection to remain connected to their office. The VoIP phone system, being flexible, helps businesses present themselves in a professional manner. The system maximizes the employees work ability and efficiency as it helps them stay linked with their co-workers and the customers.

With VoIP phone systems businesses enjoy more mobility and portability. The employees can log into their phone with a high-speed internet connection and they can even use their system through emails while traveling. VoIP system enables conducting video conferences and virtual meetings at the most affordable prices. The employees can easily share documents and discuss the deals in detail without bothering about the call charges. Conducting meetings irrespective of the location of the team is easy and manageable due to this advanced system.

Besides cutting-edge functionality and dependable customer support, VoIP comes with easy to use features. By using VoIP rather than landline system, company employees can make calls from computers or laptops and even forward calls to mobile phones. New features can be easily installed on VoIP system and it does not require any hardware installation. It is crucial to use the services of a VoIP phone system provider that has experience and offers the best solutions and customer support. It is important that you consider all the options available and choose the one that suits your business needs.

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Let Your Small Business Make Big Impression With VoIP

by Administrator 13. October 2014 14:56

First impression lasts a long time and it is extremely important for small businesses to leave a good imprint on the minds of their clients the moment they are approached by them. When a client calls a business their response should be prompt and the infrastructure should be functioning as professionally and efficiently as possible. One of the best ways to achieve this perfection is by switching from your traditional phones to the VoIP technology.  VoIP phone systems allow the users to receive and make phone calls through the internet, are much cheaper than the conventional phone call rates and offer many more useful features. Given here are some of the benefits of VoIP system that can help small businesses make a big impression in the market:

  • Cheap national and international calling: This is one of the biggest benefits of VoIP phone systems. It offers the convenience of making national and overseas calls at a much cheaper price. Thus it is absolutely perfect for the small businesses looking to expand their clientele as they can develop their relations with international business partners and vendors.
  • Accessible Extensions: A small or developing business is not capable enough to handle the complexities of an extension line. Also, a traditional PBX system requires a lot of investment and maintenance. Instead, a PBX hosted by VoIP is much more cost effective and reliable as VoIP phones are wireless their maintenance is also very easy and economical.
  • Additional Features: Besides offering calling facility, VoIP comes loaded with a lot of other features such as call forwarding, caller ID, call blocking, and voice mail and auto attendant. When a customer calls, the auto attendant feature will spontaneously direct them to the required extension. Such professionalism will enhance the credibility of your small business among the customers.
  • Increased Portability: One of the much known benefits of VoIP phone systems is that it offers convenience to the employees and management to work from any and every part of the world. If you have an internet connection, you can always stay connected to your work regardless of your location.
  • Multi-functional: Besides making calls, you can also conduct video calls using your VoIP phones. It allows to you to stay in touch with even the remotest of your clientele or business associates. You can conveniently hold important meetings or discuss targets without being physically present in the same room.

To have your small business switch to VoIP phone system and reap profits from its amazing features of, feel free to contact Folkerson Communications, Ltd at (512) 977 – 0055.

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Maximizing Your Business Benefits With VoIP Conferencing Suites

by Administrator 6. October 2014 15:22

With the new inventions happening every day it is becoming much easier businesses to keep up their operations even when all the employees are not at the same place. Most businesses today work with computer and their employees have laptops and cell phones to keep them linked to work at all times. However, if your company has not incorporated business VoIP conferencing solutions as yet then you are surely lagging behind in connectivity. There are numerous benefits with VoIP conferencing that can help your business and here are some of the main points.

  • Host meetings in any part of the world: A hosted video conference is the perfect solution if you want to host a meeting with your partners or employees who are in different locations. This way, you can make sure that everyone receives the same information without having to bear the travel costs.
  • Option between video and voice conferencing: With most business VoIP phones, you can have the option to choose from video and voice call conferencing. If you prefer a face to face conversation, you can select video conferencing. However, if you stress on online visual aids during your meetings, you can go in for voice conferencing.
  • Incorporate remote employees: Today, there are almost no physical boundaries for business and you don’t need an employee to come in to the office every day. Freelancing and working from home is cost effective and many businesses have employees doing the same. However, there are a few things that are urgent or cannot be efficiently communicated over email. VoIP conferencing can provide the perfect solution to keep all the employees updated, no matter where they are.
  • Improve your office hardware: You can implement latest hardware solutions for your office depending upon the size and scale of your VoIP solutions. You can have sophisticated phones for large conference rooms or simple VoIP phones for individual use. Based upon the needs and requirements of your business, you can also choose from a variety of conferencing plans available. Thus, VoIP is a very cost-effective means of communication. 

For businesses that have to make conference calls on a daily basis, VoIP phone system is definitely the best option for you. We, at Folkerson Communications, Ltd provide efficient VoIP solutions for the communication needs of your business.  For more information, you can contact us at (512) 977 – 0055.

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Benefits Of Wireless Conference Phones

by Administrator 18. September 2014 15:15

Many businesses are using the VoIP system due to the immense benefits and great wealth of features provided by it. The VoIP system makes up for a really enticing choice for companies around the world. Many businesses, institutions and office complexes have successfully made the switch from wired phones to VoIP and have derived great advantages from it. One very important advantage that VoIP provides is the native support for Wi-Fi. Wireless communication is the next step in the chain of innovation and with VoIP and Wi-Fi, conference phones can now become wireless. The advantages of such a system are obvious and both communication and standard workflow can become smoother and intuitive with such a setup. If you are pondering about switching to a VoIP system here are a number of benefits you can get from wireless conference phones –

  • Features – Apart from the freedom of movement that wireless conference phones provide, you get a number of added features with VoIP. Since it uses the internet for communication you can extend the functionality of your wireless conference phones to include features like email, text messaging, electronic fax, video messaging and conferencing. This enables you to deal with different modes of communication on a single device while you are on the go.
  • Ease of Use – Wireless conference phones are easy to set up with VoIP and do not require structured cabling. These phones can be carried while on the move, replaced or repositioned without problems and used while moving within office areas. Wireless conference phones are also extremely easy to operate and can be used by anyone who has the proficiency to operate cell phones.
  • Savings – With wireless conference phones businesses can make major savings on their call costs, especially with international calls. With wired telephones, conference calls are usually an expensive affair whereas with VoIP, which uses SIP or Session Initiation Protocol standards, you can call anywhere in the world and that too for a very less fee.
  • Mobility – The greatest advantage that VoIP provides is support for wireless technology, which gives you unparalleled mobility within your office and outside, all the while being connected with your work via wireless conference phones. You can use your business phone from any location which has internet connectivity. Even if you relocate, you can still use your phone number without hassle.

There are numerous benefits associated with conference phones and shifting to a VoIP system and every business should consider making the switch.

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Never Miss A Call - Anywhere - With VoIP

by Administrator 11. September 2014 18:02

For most business owners finding an economical and feasible solution to any department is the first port of call. The main area where most businesses have significant room for improvement is communication. Spending a significant amount of money for internet, international and local calls highly impacts the revenue of a company.

You as a business owner should consider using VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol, to reduce expenses and save money. The benefits you get with VoIP calling are multi fold and because you use your internet connection to make calls you no longer have to pay the per pulse heavy regular carrier tariff charge. Business owners can save a lot of money by installing a VoIP system that is easy to install, maintain and use. The voice quality with VoIP, cost effectiveness and ease of use are making this system the most sought after by current businesses. 

Here are the some of the most important advantages that you get by installing a VoIP system.

Cost Effective

A VoIP system is very cost effective while installing and making calls. You can make international calls, conference calls, and local calls at fraction of costs without sacrificing on quality.

Easy to set up

A VoIP system is very easy to set up and doesn’t require heavy hardware unlike previous telephones. Folkerson Communications Ltd provides assistance whenever you need, both during set up and after setup should you require any help.

No limitations

There are no limitations with a VoIP in calling either. You get to make and receive calls as you want and use VoIP phones just like a typical phone. In addition, you can also set up conferences, make video calls, save messages, record them and take advantage of several other small and big features like caller ID, redial and so on. Moreover, the scale of your VoIP set up adjusts to your needs. You can expand it or contract it whenever you want and as and when your number of employees and calling needs increase or decrease. You can also move a particular instrument from one department, floor, and cabin to anther whilst retaining its identity that is caller ID.

To conclude, we can say that VoIP is a more economical, feasible, applicable and convenient way to make business calls compared to regular phones. It is flexible and offers many features at very less cost.

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Why A VoIP System Is Perfect For Medical Offices

by Administrator 4. September 2014 16:10

VoIP or Voice over IP has been providing companies with a better, cheaper and more flexible alternative to traditional wired telephones for quite a few years. Many businesses have benefited from the immense scope and scalability that VoIP brings to the table, and many have eagerly switched their phone systems and derived great business advantage. For medical offices, VoIP comes as a blessing with its superior features and easy management which adds to the efficiency and speedy operation of medical offices. The following benefits of a VoIP system make it perfect for every medical office.

  • Do away with Fax – Fax machines are a relic of the past but medical offices still need them for communication and to transfer important documents. Fax machines contribute to clutter in the office and hard copy documents are easy to misplace. With VoIP, you can replace all your fax machines with electronic fax, a feature where all inbound fax messages are automatically converted to email and delivered to your inbox.
  • Better Call Response Times – VoIP comes with great features and one that is especially beneficial for bringing down call response times is called Caller ID Prefix. This feature enables workers in the call reception department to see the exact number people dial to reach your office, inclusive of extension numbers and prefix. They can easily transfer the call to the appropriate people in the concerned department quickly thus saving time and effort.
  • Better Call Routing – The extensive and flexible call routing features that VoIP provides is a really useful feature in the context of a medical office. You can set up multiple extensions or numbers to ring at the same time and route calls based on different factors like extension number, time of day, region or originating numbers. For example, when you receive a call on your office extension, you can also route it to your cell phone so that both ring simultaneously which is a great feature if you are always on the move.
  • Voicemail Handling – Voicemail processing on standard wired telephones leaves a lot to be desired. With VoIP, you can configure the system such that voicemail messages are converted into audio files and delivered via email. Not only are these easier to retrieve but you can also choose to keep a record of the messages for future reference, if needed.

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Productivity Anywhere: Business Benefits Of VoIP Phones

by Administrator 19. August 2014 15:25

The business environment in the present times is becoming increasingly mobile and the companies are trying to find ways that provide for an efficient means of communication even in the remotest areas. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems have gained much popularity in this area as they are convenient to use and are cost effective. Apart from offering all-inclusive communication solutions, these phone systems can add significant value to your business. Here are a few benefits that will highlight the importance of VoIP phone systems for businesses.

  • Easy access to business tasks: Although it is quite common to find an office with a desktop computer, yet there are many offices that have adopted the usage of mobile phone technology as this trend is even expected to accelerate in the near future. VoIP phone systems provide the employees an easy access to their offices chores from a device that they prefer to use. When using a VoIP system there is no need to plug into another device.
  • Good Signal: Most office workers have to regularly deal with the frustration of making a call with a weak cellular signal. VoIP phone system enables you to stamp on a Wi-Fi hotspot to send across your call over a data network. This feature greatly enhances your scope of communication as you can place and receive calls from any and every place.
  • Incorporate with cohesive communication systems: These days a blend of options is used by business professionals to stay in touch with their employees and clients. If you are a business venture that uses IMs, screen sharing and video conferencing to communicate then a VoIP system is perfect for you. A VoIP system allows you to instantly switch from an instant messaging screen to a video call without even having to change the device.
  • Lower Costs: It can be a little tough to restrict the costs of telecommunication through mobile phones. International roaming, if not managed properly, can just make the bill touch the skies. However a VoIP system ensures that your work related calls go out using the nearest office circuit from your location and thus reduces the cost considerably.

Employing VoIP system in your workplace will certainly boost up the productivity levels of your employees and take your business to new heights. For any other information about the installation and usage of VoIP phone systems, please contact Folkerson Communications, Ltd at (512) 977-0055.

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Set Up Conference Calls With VoIP Technology

by Administrator 12. August 2014 20:20

With new telecom technologies replacing old ones all over the world, the focus is firmly on the optimum and effective use of these new technologies to best serve a business’s needs and interests. Audio visual communication is one of the most effective ways of business communication and companies are slowly getting used to the idea of using video calls and, audio and video conferencing as part of their business communication processes. With the gaining popularity of VoIP technology, companies can now use this advanced technology to make the most out of audio and video conferencing. With VoIP, setting up and carrying out conference calls is a breeze as the communication platform is perfectly in tune with handling multiple-person calls in an efficient and intuitive manner.

VoIP and its Advantages

VoIP is a modern and innovative communication medium which, instead of using hardware components and meters of cabling, uses specially made software and the powerful medium of the internet to connect calls. With VoIP you are not just restricted to voice calls but can make use of a plethora of other features like video calls, conference calls, electronic fax, email and data transfer. VoIP is extremely versatile, completely scalable and can also be accessed from remote locations or while on the go.

Conference Calls with VoIP

When it comes to conference calls, VoIP is particularly efficient. Conference calls are tricky because there are multiple callers involved and the sheer amount of voice or video data that needs to be transferred is significantly large. Fortunately, VoIP is tailor-made for this task and has the native feature of compressing audio and video data while making communication transmissions. The larger the number of callers in a conference the more this feature comes into play. By reducing the resolution of audio and video content and compressing the content according to the bandwidth requirements of the call, VoIP systems can successfully connect people in conference calls irrespective of their location and the number of people on the call at the same time. If you want to carry out large conference calls, such as carrying out board meetings from remote locations or team-wide conversation about a project in progress, VoIP can deliver without any issues.

For businesses that routinely have the need to make large amounts of conference calls, VoIP is definitely a better option that is cost effective too.

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