Choosing The Best Phone Systems For Your Austin Business

by Administrator 21. December 2015 21:24

A stable and efficient communication system is the backbone of any business. As business grows, so does its needs. Depending upon the number of employees, areas of operation, nature of work and profile of clients, one must choose the most suitable phone system. Following are the various business phone system options, each with features, pros and cons, which will help you, match them to your needs and make the right choice:

Virtual Phone System

If your business has employees working remotely, a virtual phone system is apt for you. In this system a business phone line is connected to the cell phones of remote workers irrespective of the location they are in. When a client calls on the business phone number, the call is diverted to the worker’s cell phones. The phone system offers services like call forwarding, automated receptionist, online faxing, voice mail etc.

It is an affordable solution for small businesses that are in need of presenting a professional face to their clients and at the same time saving on costs of communicating with the employees.


The most traditional form of phone systems, landline phones are time tested and fairly reliable method of communication. Suited for large organisations that have designated teams to manage the equipment may opt for such systems and support the complex business arrangements.

Landlines also offer features like call forwarding, transferring, conference calls, fax etc. However, they need maintenance and often prove to be costlier than other advanced phone systems.

VoIP Systems

Best suited for businesses that wish to use sophisticated communication systems that project themselves as smart professionals, VoIP systems offer a wide range of services. In this system, the internet connection is used to convert even the computers and laptops into virtual phones. The installation costs of this system are reasonable.

There are two kinds of VOIP systems available:

Self Hosted VoIP

In this, the business buys, owns and maintains the equipment, mainly the Private Branch Exchange or PBX hardware to run the phone lines. PBX system allows for circuit switching within the organisation’s phone system. If a business has an IT team in place, this system works best as everything is under self control and can be configured as willed. It does have an upfront high cost as the entire equipment needs to be bought but a business that foresees growth and needs better accessibility to all functioning may opt for this service.

Cloud-based VoIP system

In this case the phone system company will provide the hardware and software related services and there is no hassle to manage anything internally. A monthly or quarterly payment is made to the vendor. Hence, for businesses that do not have many employees, this system is the most suitable.

Keeping in mind the budget and future plans, a business has many options to choose from when it comes to a phone system. Make sure you have done the research well as there are many vendors providing these services. Pick the best plan and best equipment to build a competent phone system for your business.

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