Grow Your Company With Hosted Phone Systems

by Administrator 7. September 2015 18:31

A reliable communication system is the backbone of any successful business. Traditional phone systems pose many limitations as the scale of the business increases. In the age of Internet, when everything is becoming smarter, switching to hosted telephony brings in efficiency and speed which is required in a fast growing scenario. This system allows you to make calls via internet and thus doesn’t depend on the traditional telephone network lines, which when get faulty, can affect your business activities.

Listed below are some benefits of a hosted phone system:

  • Control: It provides for greater real time control over your telephony as it can be managed from your laptop or smart phone. This brings in efficiency and transparency.
  • Back up service: Companies that offer this service have well laid out service network systems which are a great relief as issues are resolved promptly.
  • Image builder: It is professional to avail hosted phone services as it uses latest technology to operate. For new businesses where first impressions are important, installation of this system may help a great deal.
  • Lower costs: There is no need for heavy investments to start telephony through this system. The rates are also competitive and there are many plans available from which one can choose the best suited to their budgets and requirements.
  • Better connects employees: Hosted telephone services allows for a distributed workforce. It is easy to stay connected for scattered employees, sales force or remote staff as they are virtually connected faster than traditional methods through features like call conferencing, video calls etc.
  • Scalable: As the need for more phone connections and extensions rises, upon growth in business, adding more lines is very simple. One can say that this system grows with your business.
  • Add on services: Other benefits like integration of voice mail with email, sync with mobile devices, call waiting, music on hold, call transferring etc. are some of the features which are must have for a business.
  • Business continuity: If the business changes location, like shifting to a new address or a city, this system can be easily shifted and installed in the new location.

Improved reliability and flexibility are definitely an added advantage for any business. Hosted phone system is a technology which smoothens out processes by keeping communication simple and productive. The best part is that it brings the costs down, which is beneficial for a growing business so it can allocate savings into improving other arms of the organisation.

Folkerson Communications, Ltd, provides efficient hosted phone systems for business firms in Central Texas. For more information, you can call us at (512) 977 – 0055.

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