Hosted VoIP: Perfect For New And Growing Small Businesses

by Administrator 25. February 2013 16:47

As owner of a small business, you might be questioning whether making the leap from your traditional phone system to VoIP would be a smart move, and understandably so. Entrusting the voice of your business to the internet does take some deliberation, but most business owners have already made the switch, and VoIP is definitely here to stay. Voice Over Internet Protocol or VoIP is the new face of voice communication, and offers numerous advantages to small business enterprises that are looking for the perfect mix of reliability and affordability.

The top reason for small and medium business owners to consider VoIP for the business communication, is the significant reduction in cost that accompanies it. VoIP allows you to make extremely cheap calls to anyone across the globe (VoIP to VoIP) or voice calls at local rates despite the distance between the two callers (VoIP to other number). In whichever way you choose to use VoIP, you shall experience a reduction in your phone bill, which can range from 20% to as high as 80% depending on your usage.

However, that is not where the benefits of VoIP end. By choosing a hosted VoIP provider you can also save significantly on the infrastructure needed to setup voice calling for your business. This is an especially great advantage to new startups, that would otherwise have spent largely on investing in a conventional telephone network for the workplace. With hosted VoIP, the provider houses all the infrastructure, leading to a minimal upfront cost. Another major advantage of this is that it allows for easy upsizing or downsizing of the business in the future.

Along with reducing costs, hosted VoIP also boosts productivity in several ways. The major one of these is the increase in employee efficiency that accompanies the use of VoIP for calling. The additional features that accompany most VoIP systems, such as automated receiving and call transfer, call conferencing, call holding, voice mail-to-email transfer, call barring, etc. make the phone system a lot more interactive, allowing employees to make the most out of it. This increases in better customer satisfaction, which is the ultimate goal of any business.

In addition to this, VoIP also offers a great amount of flexibility, making it possible for business owners to make and receive calls from their office number on the go. This feature also improves connectivity with remote employees, which is an increasingly common trend among upcoming businesses nowadays.

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