VoIP Features That Can Benefit Your Small Business In Austin TX

by Administrator 18. April 2014 15:21

VoIP or voice over Internet Protocol is a cost-effective and an efficient way of transmission of voice data over the internet. It eliminates the need for having the bulky hardware that is associated with a conventional analog telephone system. Read on to know how your business in Austin can benefit through implementation of a VoIP phone system.

  • VoIP systems allow you to set up conference calls within no time. The conference call features in a VoIP system ensures that you can call multiple people at once without wasting time in setting up a virtual meeting as is normally the case.
  • With a VoIP system in place, there is no way you will ever miss an important business call. Whether you are on the road travelling, or sitting inside your business cabin, VoIP makes sure that every call reaches to you. This goes a long way in making the best use of available business opportunities, without missing out on the important ones.
  • With so many business calls coming in, it might so happen that you forget certain important conversations or discussions. VoIP offers a solution for that as well through its voice transcription feature. This allows the transcription and delivery of your conversations in the form of voice mail so that you can keep a track of all important calls later on, even after the call has ended.
  • A relatively new feature in VoIP telephone systems in Austin is a setup for customer relationship management. Since business is all about serving your customers, the CRM feature of a VoIP system maintains a call history of consumers. So every time a particular customer makes a call, you can ensure continuity and answer him or her in the best possible manner by having a look at the recorded customer profile.
  • A feature that benefits small businesses that have to often put their callers on hold is ‘music on hold’. This feature allows you to choose the kind of music or information that you would want your customers to hear when you put their call on hold. Silence can be a deterrent at times, hence the importance of this feature.
  • Call screening is another feature that proves to be handy in business. If you are getting repeated calls from a number that serves no business purpose, you can easily disconnect the calls by looking at the caller ID. In case you receive a personal phone call from your home, you can easily redirect it to your cell phone.

Go in for VoIP systems for your business today and reap the benefits through the whole lot of features that these systems offer.

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