VoIP Features That Can Benefit Your Small Business

by Administrator 18. June 2015 17:01

VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol system, offers various features for small businesses that can increase business efficiency. Implementing VoIP helps improve productivity and reduce overheads of your organization. It is easy to install, reduces costs, expandable and is manageable by the employees.

Here are some of the VoIP features that can significantly benefit your small business:

  • Find Me/ Follow Me Call Routing: This is a very beneficial feature for employees who are always on the go or on the field. With find me/follow me call routing, the user can specify a certain set of numbers where the office calls can be transferred, before being directed to the voicemail. For instance, if you are not available to attend the office phone, the call can be transmitted to your home phone on the third ring and your mobile phone on the fifth. This assures better customer service and increases productivity as you answer most calls.
  • Voicemail To Email Transcription: This feature converts your voicemail messages into text files and sends them directly to your registered Email-Id. It allows you to arrange, prioritize, search or delete any of your voicemails in a much easier and efficient way. Thus, you can access the important voicemails regardless of your physical location.
  • Music On Hold: If your company undertakes various customer or client calls and often needs to put them on hold, this VoIP feature is necessary for your business. The music on hold feature allows you to set a soothing tone that your callers can listen to as they await your response. This promotes a better relationship and gives a professional approach to your business.
  • Auto Attendant: This feature can help your business appear more professional and impressive to the clients. Having a preset menu can assist your callers in directing themselves to the concerned department, just by choosing the appropriate extension. This eliminates the need of a receptionist to be always present to attend incoming calls.
  • Call Conferencing: With VoIP phone systems, you can conduct interrupted conference calls with your clients across the globe. You can efficiently hold meetings, discuss targets, share reports and finalize deals from any location. This improves business relations and reduces costs in visiting the clients or customers in person.

For more information on how VoIP phone systems can benefit your small business, you can contact Folkerson Communications, Ltd at (254) 698 – 0016.

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