VoIP Phones Make International Calling Affordable

by Administrator 12. January 2015 17:37

VoIP technology has revolutionized the way people communicate, especially on long distances. Due to its tremendous benefits, the VoIP system has become an integral part of businesses all over the world. Its ease to install and use, cheap international calls, various call features and low maintenance has increased the systems popularity manifolds.

Voice over Internet Protocol technology uses the Internet to make call rather than use the landline network. However VoIP needs the same dialing format as a landline phone. You can call PC to PC, PC to phone, and phone to phone either free or at a small fee. You can even make video calls and depending upon the VoIP service that you use, you can make calls directly through your computer or call by connecting your regular telephone to your system.

Benefits of VoIP

There are many benefits of using the VoIP system and the biggest benefit is that the technology is affordable. Whether you need to discuss your business matters or need to make personal calls to friends or family, you can always choose VoIP to make international calling. VoIP uses the Internet connection to make international calls, which is very economical. Local calls over VoIP are free and for international calls, you can make calls at reasonable prices. You can make calls using the existing broadband services at your enterprise. There are no overhead expenses involved such as high line rental, heavy bills, etc. and the VoIP system makes international calls affordable for all businesses.

Folkerson Communications, Ltd offer attractive plans, which allow businesses to make unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles. You can choose the plan according to your needs and country preferences. By signing up with the VoIP services provider, you can also get discounts on international calls. In case you need the facility to make phone-to-phone calls you can an adapter. By using the adapter, you can easily connect your phone hand set with modem. The service is highly useful for employees who travel frequently or stays in field for most part of the job. By using VoIP, all employees can remain connected with the office at affordable prices.

Other services offered by VoIP are voicemail, text messages, call forwarding, conference calls and call diverting services. The virtual extensions with the system help you convert voice commands into text messages as well. VoIP is an essential communication tool that is affordable for businesses dealing with international clients.

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