Quarterly Health Check UPs
The Quarterly Health Checkup is designed for the small business model where there is no IT presence on site.  This provides a pro-active approach to system health and maintenance.  Minor adjustments, requests and/or consultation of up to 1 hour per quarterly visit are included.  The cost depends on the number of servers, complexity of the network, and the initial health of the company’s systems.  The minimum cost of this service is $400 per quarter. 

Quarterly Network Health Checkup
·         Health Checkup: Onsite visit quarterly to check physical and operation of servers, computers, security audit, and overall network performance.
·         Report Card: You will receive a documented overview of the Health Checkup for your records so you can review history and changes to review and to help anticipate future needs.  Some example of the things reviewed are:
o   Internet connectivity up/down speeds.  Make sure that you are getting the Internet speeds that you are paying for.
o   Firewall review to be sure only the necessary ports and addresses are exposed to the Internet.
o   Security review of all domain user accounts, VPN accounts, password requirements, directory permissions, and user access. 
o   Hosted Services (such as websites and portals) that are exposed to the Internet will be checked for potential compromises and network load efficiency
o   Backups
·         On Demand Remote Review: Folkerson will conduct a remote network review if you suspect undesired activity on your systems.
·         Assessment fee

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